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  1. So I guess that Ascension will bring us a new charactersheet as well? Maybe with enough space for all entries? Not like RT or DH -.-
  2. Disciples of the Dark Gods without doubt, closely followed by the Radicals Handbook DotDG has sooo many cool details, storys, plothooks,... And it's fun to read!
  3. Hmm, I think that Sandy Michell is a better writer then Abnett... I read Eisenhorn and Ravenor, but I don't lile the way Abnett builds his plots. All books where kind of boring in the beginn, very good in the mid and at the end he ran out if pages... Michells style is, IMHO, more steady and the books lead to the end, and don't feel aborted at the end. AND it's great für Dark Heresy
  4. And for enemys, where it would be a little strange that everybody has hightech blades, you could try to disarm the characters and turn their toys against them
  5. Ok, when the Astropath dies, it's not good, but you can easily operate the ship without him... And for the Navigator: There are 2-4 lesser Navigators on board, which can bring the ship back to Footfall or any other big port, where they can find another Navigator. In both cases, the exploration is done for the next time
  6. The map looks nice, but i don´t like it anyway In my eyes the map is way to technical for 40k. The maps on the first pages of the Ravenor novel with it´s medieval touch and the "spacedragons" warning signs are bringing much more 40k Feeling than the maps of the calixis sector and the koronus expanse. It would be great if you could make a map in that medieval style too. And second, for an new and uncartographed/unexplored region of space, there are many named planets But ok, i can understand, that a large sector with just a dozen or so named planets would hardly fit into the book.
  7. The character sheet looks way better than it's inquisitorial brother. Lets hope that the few empty lines are enough for all standard characters. Anyway, I can't wait to get my hands on my copy.
  8. @FFG Ross Watson: I'm using Evince for Linux, maybe this is the source of the error I hope I can read it when its printed.
  9. Hi, First Question: I already have a copy of the Midnight Chronicles Movie (Looks like that). Isn't that the same movie? Second Question: The D&D4 Adventure: Will it be only available on the DVD? Or is there any other possibility the get a copy of that? Thanks, Odium
  10. The adventure looks good, indeed. But the layouter should get punished in the name of the god-emperor! Black Print on a darkblue aquilla is barely readable in good light, but shure unreadable in the dim light at an rpg-table... Lets hope that this is a one time error, and not the look of the core book.
  11. I liked the MC movie. Ok, it's low budget film, but I liked the characters and the spirit of the world. After watching the movie I searched for the RPG and found a free site with the core rules, all sourcebooks an many adventures. And the adventures are fitting perfectly for Warhammer 40k RPG atm I prepare the "Venusian Apocalypse" for my players ]
  12. Depends on the characters If the DH character has only the equip he can afford with his regular money, than the RT has a good chance, unless the DH isn't a psionic If you play Dark Heresy only with the monthly income of the acolyths, the Rogue Trader has a good chance. If you play it not with the idiotic income rules from the core book, the RT got a problem. As I said before: We will the see it when the book is released. I hope that the Rogue Traders will be much much more powerful than the "weaker than every good heretic" acolyths. (So it seems to me with the DH Corebook, where the PCs have no money and no power).
  13. I think rules for playing an DH character in RT are either given in "Ascension", where the Akolyths can get interrogators and maybe inquisitors, or directly in the RT Corebook. Or as a downloadable supplement. We will knw it when Rogue Trader is in stores
  14. Isn't it enougt that the Tech Priest is on the Ship to use him as a PC? Why should i think about reasons why i can do something? If there are no obvious reasons why I can't do it, i can do it. Thats at least my opinion. @Rogue Star Anybody here knows where i can get this book in europe for under 20€? I only have the second book "Star of Damokles", is it understandable if I haven't read the first?
  15. Rogue Traders are more or less resepected members of the Imperial Society, and their ships are full of ancient technology. I think this is more than enough reason for a Tech Priest to accompany a Rogue Trader, or not? I'm curious about how the "special bonus" traits will be (like the +10% to a Shooting Roll for the Arch Militant) and how they will develop in the higher levels. More special traits? Or will the given bonuses rise?
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