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  1. 2nd Edition dosent really do "Sorcerer's" does it ?
  2. Just getting into 2nd edition from a long 1st edition campaign and wondering how to convert a character. Most of them will be easy, the scum dual wielding gun-bunny, the ex imperial guard chain sword maniac, no problems. However, the Fallen Priest turned Sorcerer, not sure how to handle this one.
  3. Bear in mind I am still new to this system so everything below should have a pinch of salt added just in case. With that being said, as far as I understand. RAW, an attachment does not require any sort of roll to install, you pay credits to buy it, slap it on your weapon and boom, away you go. My question involves the lightsaber and certain attachments, eg; Curved Hilt, Superior Hilt Customization etc etc. By the RAW you pay credits and no roll needed. However, would you think that as a GM i would be correct in making my PC's do some sort of roll for such attachments being installed, even just a simple difficulty one ? my reasoning being that you are rather drastically changing the whole weapon and not just bolting on something. Cheers in advance
  4. OK, new character time. Quick back story. Will be playing a Sienar Fleet Systems sales rep, who flies around in a re-purposed Lambda shuttle selling Seinar ships of various makes and models to Imperial friendly/authorized governments and corporate bodies. In reality he is a rebel sympathizer who smuggles rebels onto planets, sometimes off the planet, sometimes gets items onto or again off the planets. Mainly provides intelligence. At first I thought about going Fringer/Trader. As trader is obvious and the Fringer has everything else. But I could also go Charmer/Pilot ? I will by default be the face man, and looks like the secondary pilot as well. Even so I do have to be able to sell start ships so being able to actually fly them would be a must. Would be nice to be able to handle myself in a fight but if I am fighting then something has gone very wrong and I should be running instead. I also need to be good at my job, I am a sales rep after all and the bigger promotion I get, the bigger customers I will get access to and better opportunities for better intelligence. Other PC's will be a rebel pilot, who will be the main pilot and adviser to me as the sales rep, a rebel tech who will maintain the shuttle and provide technical advice and advise as well as some type of sneaky bugger. Last PC will be a Diplomat type but disguised as a junior sales rep. The question, Fringer/Trader or Charmer/Pilot or other/other ?
  5. Quick opinions please, on the first ability of Sculpt Flame, that is the Double Area of flame (assuming combustibles available) [page 175 core book] Does this mean that the existing flame can be doubled onto an area that may not be combustible (eg concrete) as long as the existing flame has sufficient fuel ? of does both the existing flame and the area it is to be doubled to must both have sufficient fuel ? (eg; burning car in a Forrest) The exact situation is a Sorcerer using this power wanted to double the flame on a burning vehicle to the surrounding area which was 100% all concrete. Thanks in Advance
  6. Well that upgrade to W10 took a while ! Dosen't stack ? didn't see that one, do you have the page reference handy ?
  7. Does the benefits of the curved lightsaber hilt only apply to Makashi style users or can any style gain the benefits ?
  8. There were some old 2e house rules, but the site links are down, did anyone save them and could upload a copy somewhere ? http://wfrp2.blogspot.co.nz/
  9. Is there any way to hide the fact you are a psyker (or sorcerer)
  10. Just needing some specific fluff advise for psykers. 1. Can a Psyker detect other psykers, ones that are not currently using any powers ? 2. If a Psyker can detect another psyker who is curently not using any powers, can he tell the difference between a psyker and sorcerer ? 3. Can a psyker tell the difference between a psyker and a sorcerer using the same power ? (for arguments sake assume the sorcerer is using sublime arts and is not waving his hands around talking strange) 4. Is there any way to hide the fact you are a psyker and/or sorcerer ?
  11. Well, not really FFG's problem to be honest, but shipping to this hemisphere kills any savings i would make on the Xmas sale. If shipping didnt factor in I would buy nearly everything. My little tanty over now. Sorry.
  12. This relates to any upgradable power, but it was specifically for move. When you spend a force point to upgrade a power, do you need to spend a force point per ranked upgrade, or do you spend one force point for a number of upgrades up to your rank ?
  13. Have only just encountered this stituation. When purchasing a ranked talent for the second time, does the second purchase have to be a different and higher point cost ? EG; Talent "A" is purchased for 5 points on the chargen specialisation, later PC buys second specialisation, which also has talent "A" and also at a 5 point cost and wants to buy this, what happens? [1] PC buys talent "A" for a second time at 5 point cost, now has 2 ranks in talent "A" [2] PC is not allowed to buy talent "A" but counts have already having it for purposes of connecting talent trees, must wait till a Talent "A" worth at least 10 points comes up to increase ranks. Cheers
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