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  1. Thanks. I hear what you are saying... I must admit I am more of a miniature gamer ( www.scottswargaming.blogspot.com), but am also a complete LOTR nut so had to buy this and give it a try... I quite like it as its rather like a self contained Roleplay game of LOTR without the need for a GM... And its easy to set up and play in a short period. I guess I am just not used to the deck building side of things, and had thought I 'd get perhaps a little more from the CORE set... We had two more games last night using Tactics and Spirit spheres. First replayed Passage through Mirkwood just to reaquaint the rules and cards better. All went fine, its an easy mission. The only odd was we killed Ungoliants spawn half way through game, then came to last mission, to find we had to kill her to win. Since we already had we assumed we won by default... or were we supposed to dig her out of discard pile and fight her again? Anyway we then went on to Anduin again, and were just making a plan of sorts when two cards in succession on turn 2, were another cave troll and Ufthak (or whatever he was called). This was impossible to deal with at this stage of the game, and we died quickly and gave it up. The trick with this one seems to be using Spirit and Tactics and hoping you get the 2 trolls and uthack spaced out enough to have a chance dealing with them one at a a time, get more than one on the table at once and its just about game over... so this seems to come down to the luck of the deck shuffle... No matter we'll keep trying and see if we can get lucky... will probably also grab some of the expansion packs in order and see how we go. I love the artwork, and setting and the game play and rules have grown on me, I guess I just have to figure out customising it... Thanks again Scott
  2. OK, my son and I got this for Xmas together but didn't round to playing it till this weekend... We just have the Core set. Were just playing the coloured themed 'decks' with matching heroes... essentially to learn the base game and tactics... We fumbled through the first scenario OK, using Leadership and Tactics, though wasnt till afterwards we realised we werent supposed to play with the whole encounter card deck... still we made it through though... We then tried the 2nd mission Journey down the Anduin... and got spanked, twice, using same themes. We seemed able to contain the monsters just about, but couldnt make any headway against quest getting out of hand... We then tried Tactics with Spirit, which made better progress with the Quest, and we just about managed the monsters (those hill trolls are are 'tough as', and just as you have one just about down, when another shows up...) things seemed to going a little better , until a couple of quick one two blows in the way encounter cards came up just did for us again... So two more games, and two more spankings... So is it just luck? Some cards are just going to come up at a bad time and you're basically toast... I am fairly sure we have it right in terms of initial set up and ongoing game play... The tough bit seems to be right from the start - you have two encounter cards then add the hill troll for the start, and then the first turn deals 2 more encounter cards... you are really on the back foot from word go... Can a two player game work just using the themed decks and heroes... I am not sure I like the idea of having to build decks, especially when I am just trying to learn the game and its basic tactics... Nor do I wish to feel I have to invest in more packs, supplements just to be able to win! So whats the tips and trick you old hands know? Care to help a newbie out? Cheers Scott PS if it helps your response, yes we've watched the video tutorials...
  3. Folks I am having difficulty understanding this part of the Finale as the way the rule is written, and then the Finale Example given seem to differ in the outcome: 4. Adjust Difficulty "Heroes Dominant: The Ringwraiths health and fortitude is reduced by the lower of the following numbers..." I am wondering if this should actually read: " Heroes Dominant: The Ringwraiths health and fortitude is reduced to the lower of the following numbers..." ... as this is how the Finale example, appears to be working things out...? I appreciate any clarifications Cheers Scott
  4. Ah I get it now, So an army die (banner) lets you move/attack-with an army which may or may not contain a leader/character A character die (sword) also allows you option of moving/attacking-with an army with a leader/character. thanks also for clarification on event cards Cheers Scott
  5. Thanks for your prompt and helpful reply, So I can recruit armies even though not "at war" - yippee :-) 2nd question, sorry my bad in typing 2nd part of question - but you have effectively confirmed that an army including a leader, can ONLY be moved Or attack with an army including a leader, by using the sword icon on dice. (Or its equivalent like Will of the West) Thank You Cheers Scott
  6. Hi Guys, I own this game and love the idea of the game, being a huge Tolkien fan, but I am not a regular boardgame player (more a miniatures wargamer) and having only played the game a couple of time widely apart in time, and not to conclusion, I am still struggling to get to grips with it, and the complexity of the rules and all the cards... Couple of questions - Event cards - can event cards overule the normal rules restrictions? I ask as being the good player in the recent game, I found that I had a great many event cards in the early part of the game I simply could not play - lots of cards that would give me reinforcements, but since my nations were not at war I was unable to use them. Is this correct or does the power of the event card override the normal rules and allow reinforcements, even though nations not at war? I found it very frustrating to be drawing cards each turn I could not use and having to dump them as I exceeded six cards in my hand... second question: Moving armies - just to clarify, a swords icon on the dice allows an army with an attached leader to move and/or attack a plain banner icon on dice allows armies without leaders to move and/or attack. My mate thought you could move and attack with an army with a leader, by using a army banner icon on dice aswell. Is this right or wrong? Thanks for any help Regards Scott
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