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  1. From our understanding, yes to replace. You succeed in the requirements to place the token, then you spend the token, you can now go through the requirements again. We had an Arab culture builder and a trade heavy India setup some nice long term investment turns doing that.
  2. We usually don't run into this situation too often, but when we have we solved it the same way you did. FIRST thing is the passing of the first player token, then other things go on as the player order goes. Not sure if it is in the rulebook, but everything else leans towards player order so it stands to reason.
  3. I think there has only been two or three games of our 20+ that the Modern wonders have even come into play. If someone focuses on culture then they usually get the Great People and Temple/Colosseum around their city and don't worry about spending the time on production instead of gathering for the arts. If someone focuses on Tech, then their city is covered in trade buildings, more scouts out to gather with and defending against our warmongering players. If someone focuses on Economic, their city is balanced with buildings to be able to get every coin on the technologies. If someone focused on Military, well it's all about the production and some trade. Wonders are just nuisances that take away from the blood. We have started to work on ideas to get the wonders in play more. Since at best we get two ancient wonders bought (Free Trade and Culture per turn ones) and the rest just sit there.
  4. In our three player game with them we had two players that were able to accurately guess correctly and force him to spend his trade on about half the turns. Although we did alter the researching to everyone reveal at once not giving him a chance to hesitate, see what everyone else was learning and then pick his. We thought it worked better with the mechanics that way. Arabs were against them, and were able to culturally dominate and win via Technology before the Greeks. Although it might have been possible that limiting the Greeks to the Capital city with some luck of available city placing tiles and bad playing by the Greeks had something to do with it. For others, see my post about the Spanish and give me your feedback.
  5. We thought that Spain and Egypt would be an interesting contest as well. We played a game with Spain vs Egypt (with a side of Indians) and Spain cooked Egypt. Spain had three buildings on the second turn (none of which they had to spend research or a city management turn to get the buildings - our player spent his turns getting a third scout out and rushing for cities.), Egypt had to not only research the tech to unlock the building, but to spend it's action to still build it. That's four turns (with research every turn) ahead of ANY other civilization's possibility to build the same power base. I agree they do not have a benefit in the late game, however they reach their "late game" power base while most civs are just getting started on the mid game. Greece is great, but in our three player game with them we had two players that were able to accurately guess correctly and force him to spend his trade. Although we did alter the researching to everyone reveal at once not giving him a chance to hesitate, see what everyone else was learning and then pick his. We thought it worked better with the mechanics that way.
  6. Good day, We have played two games with the Spanish and finding that they have an insane power off the start. On the fourth turn, our spanish player got his second city, was getting 16 trade per turn and the other players were still two turns away from their second city. (Part of this was the luck of huts vs village placement but we figure a turn or two to remove villages for the non-Spanish players still gave the Spanish the run) Has anyone else had this discovery too or are we playing it wrong? In any map they have three explorations of tiles if not more depending on how slow the opponents explore. With their movement they might even get four tiles, and four buildings. Let's leave it at three for the evaluation and this gives them three buildings (Barracks, mine, Harbor for example - by turn two they have 7 production and 6 Trade with a basic city. With Metropolis - 9 trade and 5 production) in the first two turns. With their capital guaranteed three buildings, their production is free for figures to fly out, and their tech is free to streamline for whatever they like. We are considering that their explore/build power should be only "once per turn" which would limit them a little more. Or remove their extra movement.
  7. I always describe the game as a multi-facet chess game. It has conquering aspects like Risk, but it is ultimately up to the maneuvering of the armies that wins the game. If you like tactical, multi-turn building plans then this game is one of the best.
  8. Ditto... Maybe we should start one? That's three people already, might be able to get my roomate in for a fourth.
  9. Greetings Toonu, I have spent many a dollar on sending some FFG employee's child to college... Smirk I don't own Tann, so I can't say anything about that game... However in relation to the other games, Descent is one of my favorites - especially with the new campaign expansions which allow you to really get into a quick theme game instead of just a ritual massive dungeon crawl. Thus if you only play for a few hours, the vanilla Descent might take too long. Runewars is decent... But I have found that it becomes pretty repetative quickly. The board is modular but not nearly as dynamic as say Twilight Imperium which is unfortunate. I've played it about 6 times, and have pushed it on the "sometimes" shelf when we get too bored with other games. Do you own Runebound already? If you are not into adversarial games, I highly recommend it. My GF and I frequently sit down to play this game sometimes just to see what happens against the NPC cards. There is a considerable amount of expansions for it, some of them are quite cheap ways to change the focus of the map and the storylines so for the same price of Descent or Horus Heresy, you have a board game that has 4 different scenerios with different game dynamics each time.
  10. I concure that these are some great reading materials, even if you are not an avid fan of the game. There are some well written scenes that I can't write about without getting the books as it simply wouldn't do them justice. You will understand when you get to the part where a Sons of Horus Marine enters the fighting arena with that pompous Emperor's Children slash-face, or the last paragraph to the Legion Novel I think it was. As an aside though. Did anyone else feel cheaped out on the corruption of Horus? I mean he gets diseased, has a fever dream and then he's chaotic. It seemed a little too simple for me. I envisioned a long convoluted teasing of the man... I understand the Chaos Gods are powerful, but I thought there should have been a much more elaborate sequence of corrupting the Emperor's favoured son.
  11. Excellent... Thank you kindly.
  12. Greetings all, I was recently going through all my expansions to try to seperate them and catalogue which ones I have. I know each of the cards have an icon to show which expansion they are but I don't see any way of determining which expansion is which once you've had them mixed in for a year and can't remember. Does anyone know where we could find a picture relation to the expansion cards? Example which one is Beasts and Bandits and which one is Shadows of Margath? Most of them I've been able to guess but it would be nice to have a definitive reference. Thank you kindly.
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