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  1. Bring on the bans! as someone else has said, its only a few days early!
  2. I'm really glad some of this has happened, one set per release makes its leaps and bounds easier to keep up with the current environment (especially if your a student) The lack of foilies upsets me, but i guess i understand the reasons why, its just a sacrifice. Maybe we can get foily promos still?? The bans......YAY!!!!!!!!! owlface gone.....thank god/buddha/any other religious figure. Overall.......i approve=]
  3. haha oh yes i see =] i'll throw u an email now=]
  4. Homme Chapeau said: Chris-Cymru said: Anyone know the characters that are being released for tekken? All i have found out is Nina and that's only if I'm trusting wiki. Nope. It's being kept under tight lock and key until they reveal to us who it is. ahh that sucks. Although most people can probably make an intelligent guess as to who is going to be in the set, otherwise it would be like having SF01 without chun li
  5. Oh I have really missed this drama DIGITAL GEEK WARS And shinji........your posts make my visits to this forum deeply entertaining, i am very concerned thought about the male stripper comment........I assume that was a short lived career choice? anyways......... I'm really hoping for some tekken previews, other than that i can't really comment on the meta, I haven't played competitively in a while. Anyone know the characters that are being released for tekken? All i have found out is Nina and that's only if I'm trusting wiki.
  6. haha sounds good then=] you can email me or something with more details if u want to get this a bit more organised=]
  7. Tallgeese said: COME TO ALTON FOR THE REGIONAL!!! You know you want to ............... Fineeeeee haha
  8. haha oh! sorry that would be me being impatient, sorry.haha well i have been considering alton but i am very out of practice and the train journey from bridgend is like 5 hours! eek maybe we could arrange a group thing?? I am definately up for going and getting my game on XD What decks you currently playing?
  9. i think i could definately take a trip to swindon, when do you guys do your tourneys?? whats weird?haha
  10. Hay i have just come back to the game, some of you guys may remember me from showing up to a few tourneys, i'm one of the cardiff players. sadly i think i'm the only one left, so there isn'y a scene down here that i know about. Can anyone point me in the direction of anywhere close i can get back into tourneys and all that?
  11. That's great thanks=] I think i'm going to check out all the cards in the new sets and see what's going on, i'll probably buy a box or something. Yer cutting edge and domination are the sets i went out on=]
  12. Um I'm not sure, me and my mates used to play in cardiff games, did you guys come down from swindon once???? Ahh that's good=] From what i have been reading not alot has changed from when i properly packed in the game, which is kind of good to hear as i don't have to buy crazy new cards=]
  13. Hay I'm chris, I'm from the UK and have recently made the decision to come back to playing UFS after almost a year I was once fairly active, playing in the patch tournaments and UK national events=] sadly exams and a new job got in my way but now college is done with and work is balanced i thought I would come back. I noticed block rotation happened in April so it seems like a good time to start fresh, what i would really like is for someone to direct me to an article or fill me in with information about what major things have happened in the last 10 months or so, what new play styles are around, what major deck types are causing trouble=] I used to play damage reduction/ sort of GOOD control. thanks guys, i hope not alot has changed because i remember this community being a good one=]
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