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  1. Ok now I'm understanding and thank you for all the input.
  2. Nothing of that is correct. First thing you do is you take the Edge Of Empire core rules to page 210 and read the two-weapon combat section, because I strongly suspect you have never done so before and somebody explained it to you incorrectly, and you're just going off that. A paired attack means you hit your target one time, and you can spend two Advantage to hit that same target again. The paired attack part I believe I know I've read it multiple time unless your saying I add them together before soak. ok I guess I didn't make it sound correct. I have 2 blasters that deal 5 damage each, I roll my attack with corresponding dice which nets me 1 success. and 6 Advantage. the hit target for 6 damage with primary weapon, then spend 2 of the five advantage to activate paired to hit with second weapon for another 6 damage. if they have a soak of 3 I would subtract 3 from each damage which would leave the target receiving only 6 damage total. After the Spitfire is activated by successfully using paired I should be able to use 1 of the advantages to target a different target and deal 6 damage to them since only one gun can be used for ability. If I spend another advantage with I should be able to target a new target for 6 damage also and so on for any other advantage I have left. The full ability of spitfire should be usable with any basic range (light) weapon. Passive = Spitfire - After the character makes a successful combined check with two ranged (Light) weapons, each additional hit generated as part of the attack can be allotted to any other target within range of weapon. The bold area is where my issue is that I cant figure out. I read as I can spend the extra advantage to target someone new but. If the limit is just one than this is mostly useless except after mods and item qualities. I'm going to go with that is what everyone is trying to tell me. I basically was not understanding additional hit generated part. I just was reading it as I wrote above (in red). Sorry I was not understanding that. So if I'm correct now the ability works this way without mods or item quality's: I have 2 blaster that deal 5 damage each, I roll my attack with corresponding dice which nets me 1 success and 6 advantage, I hit main target for 6 damage with primary weapon, then spend 2 advantage activate two weapon combat which then activate Spitfire. spend 1 advantage to use Spitfire which allows me to target another enemy with secondary for 6 damage also. The other advantage is used for whatever else either before or after or during the combat. I was thinking more like a western gunslinger which can shoot multiple people before they can shoot back. Doing low damage to basically disable them and lower there life slowly down.
  3. I get what your saying. I guess I interpret it differently since I now know it has to do with advantage. I read it as the paired attack hits the main opponent and any added advantage allows you to shoot more enemies around you once but cant hit them again until next turn. meaning I have got 5 advantage and 1 success I activate paired and shoot main target twice and then spend the other advantage to shoot 3 more targets once. The talent overrides normal rules that why gunslinger can shoot multiple target. if I'm correct the talent basically lets you use weaker version of weapon qualities without requiring the quality. you have a weaker version of auto-fire where you can only shoot additional targets once but not allowed to hit them again. so damage could be spread like two 6 damage blasts to main and 6 damage dealt to three other opponent. So if enemies have 3 soak each main would take 6 and other only 3. modded guns defiantly would make this powerful. yea linked 1 would make it stronger if you can activate it each time. I just figured with gunslinger your so fast with guns you can grab any two range (Light) weapons and use this Talent without the item qualities. The Adversary part, I will have to bring up to my GM about. The only thing that suck is the Adversary special power to transfer damage to their allies. I'm understanding what everyone is saying. I just cant understand why I'm told I need specific item qualities to use the full potential of this Talent. When the talent is just modified version of the item qualities. some of them would really improve its abilities but not required I probably repeated myself a little. Sorry I'm probably annoying everyone. But everyone is helping explain a lot. This info will probably help my GM also.
  4. Ok I see why I was confusing myself. So if I'm understanding now it would be like this maybe: two blasters 7 damage with paired weapons and I shoot and get 2 successes and 5 advantage I spend 2 advantage to kick off paired, hitting first target for 9 damage twice then use one of the 3 advantages to activated Spitfire to hit a new target for 9 damage. I still have two advantage left but not sure how to use them with Spitfire since it says you can spend for each additional hit generated. Can you spitfire the same target 2 more times since a lot of the individuals say it can be only be one additional target? (If only one additional target, can you use all 3 advantage to shoot them 3 times or are the other two advantaged basically wasted for spitfire) I do know advantage isn't wasted: but just for spitfire was wondering, since it says "each additional hit generated as part of attack can be allocated to any other target within range of the weapon". ( I would like to think it this way I hit main target with paired and still have 3 advantage left so I spend one advantage to hit a new target since ability says other target, I spend another advantage to hit a new target because spitfire will not let you target same target and so on for the final advantage.) In this example I have shot 4 targets first with two blast and three other target for one blast each. (If I used the only one additial target then I would shoot first target with two blasts and other individual with three Blast.) I'm slowly learning
  5. Yea sorry I'm bad at that. Yea sorry i know with linked and auto-fire advantage is required. Spitfire, advantage is not required by how it is written since it is an ability that is yours. Just an extra success to target other enemy. If that is correct. Ability activation replaces rules in book since to activate you are only required to succeed in paired attack and have at minimum 1 extra successes. Hopefully I'm not thinking still too hard
  6. By the ability the only expenditure of Advantage is for the two weapon fighting. The ability only requires you to get one extra success to use the ability. The problem is: the part that says each additional hit generated as part of attack can be allocated to any other target (what I thought means more than one). which I believe refers to successes not advantage. One extra success with attack lets you target another opponent. The first part misleads you thinking each extra success is an additional target, but the ability is changed when other target is added since it means singular which voids the first part out mostly. Unless there saying I can fire my blaster at someone and just use the success to hit and then I can choose to use extra successes to target second enemy. Like: 2 blasters 7 damage each with paired. I attack and get 5 success and two advantage, activate the advantage so I can hit with both guns use 1 success to shoot main target so 8 damage twice with blasters and then secondary target I deal 11 damage because I transferred 4 successes to second target. I find it weird how many ways I can translate Spitfire by how they wrote it. The ability about being able to hit nemesis easier would make this more powerful. The wording is what really kills this ability. my GM really hates the wording. How I wrote it above is how me and my GM's figured it worked. We will probably discuss it and figure out how we prefer it. I know what I'm writing is weird its just wanting to get a better understanding of how to properly use this ability since it should be The Gunslingers big things they are known for.
  7. I might be bad at explaining my groups interpretation of this ability. I read Spitfire a lot differently then most or my book is misprint. full text for Spitfire - After the character makes a successful combined check with two range (light) weapons, each additional hit generated as part of the attack can be allocated to any other target within range of the weapon. So I read it as after both weapons hit, instead of adding successes to damage except for the initial successes for first target. All successes after the first can be allocated to target other enemies. So if I get 4 successes total the first one is for the initial target with both your guns and then you can spend the other 3 success to target 3 other enemies. The damage would be with two 7 damage blasters would be 8 (or 11) twice to main target then 8 to three other targets from the other 3 success you used to hit the other targets with. Basically your burning successes away from the attack to target more enemies in one turn so gunslinger version of Auto-fire. This is how me and from gaming group translated it. just the damage part is kind of confusing. A different interpretation I just now thought of this while typing other stuff, I get 4 successes and hit main target with both blaster for 11 damage twice and then with the three additional successes I target 3 other opponents for 11 damage each. This one makes the most since to me for how this works, but the word other target (wording is referring to just one additional target) contradicts the each additional hit generated part. The dice setup would probably be whoever is hardest to target as dice pool. This is how I believe the power should work but if it only hits 2 targets it is really a weak ability and not worth 25 xp. maybe 15 xp.
  8. A couple questions for Star Wars RPG. 1. Is there any new source books being released in the future? 2. If there are, is there plans for a source book for the force awakens trilogy? 3. Also any other source book's, like the old republic or information made in the book's, comics or games? Thank You for all the good work you do!
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