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  1. I don't think that is true. People are not going to go out of their way to buy cards for a one day event. So many games have been killed even though they had better game mechanics then games like Magic because no one would set up league or weekly events for them. I only have cards because my wife will play a card game based on disney but I really only have base set because buying new cards is pointless till someone starts holding events. There is a place in LI that i think would let us play if we meet up there and play some games and other card players may start to get interested. Games are not build into hugh events over night they need exposure and people playing them.
  2. I have noticed that there is no events in NY or NJ area. I have been looking since the first set came out i can't even find a place that carries the cards. I noticed that a place in brooklyn tried to have one events but in order to have a good event you need to let it build and they are not trying to have weekly events. I think we should set something up to meet somewhere in the city and play. If anyone has any ideas please post here.
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