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  1. Oh yeees! That helps a ton, and is much better then what I was doing. It ended up just being a bunch of roll-offs that wasn't very entertaining. Thanks for all the help! I think I'm good for now!
  2. Hey Erathia, Thanks for the speedy and helpful response! The vehicle bit is great. Apologies on having missed it, I was looking through the Battlefleet book but managed to miss it. For the Armsmen, would you allow your players to instead raise/purchase a few Units using the acquisition rules instead of having them take a hit on the population? This would likely require a Barracks to properly house them though, I'd think. I'm going to write down that rule of yours and use it either way. I like those ideas. The situation at the moment without going into too much detail is an infestation of orks on their ship (via a Krooza crashing into it). I've houseruled the scenario so that while the orks are attacking two locations at a time they have the opportunity to go and repel one themselves, and to send a "unit" to try and repel the other. The unit then does pretty well a skill challenge against the orks to see how well it did. Everyone was having fun, even with my shoddy house rule, however, I just wanted something we could all look at and say "Okay, you've got 3 Companies here, what do you do?" Kind of thing, if that makes sense.
  3. Howdy!, I bugged all you fine fellows about a year ago with some questions for running my first games. Sadly, that was also the last time we played. However!, we recently did get a session down and now that the mad Navigator is locked up (player also hasn't gotten back to me about returning…), the players can pick up from where the Navigator left them (Lost In Space), and continue to try and make money. My current worries right now are getting some numbers down. I think it works best for the group and myself included to know what they have. With that said, I vaguely remember asking atleast one of my questions before but I can't seem to access the old post, maybe it got deleted? Anyway, if a ship doesn't have any of the Hangar Bay components, how many craft are they assumed to own? I seem to remember being told it was like 6, I assume a few would be haulers and perhaps one or two would be guncutters? Looking at the Rules of War section in the Battlefleet Koronus book, I'm trying to get some numbers down for their military. I remember seeing in a few places where people don't like these rules, but for the time being I'm thinking it'd be best to use something concrete-ish. I also remember being told that a vessel had about 10% of its crew as combatants. Is this correct? I've gone through the books but can't seem to find a source for this either. Their ship is an Endeavour class, which puts their population at 67,500 which would make their armed forces 6750. This seems a bit much to me, so does anyone have any better information or ideas? I'm thinking I now take this number and divvy it up into Units? I'm also thinking at the moment their poor household can't afford much more then conscripts and the such, so my idea was to just make several Units of Medium Infantry. Still, the numbers seem like a lot. Any clarificaiton here would be awesome!
  4. An update from Chapters.ca! Originally preordered and it was to be released in May. Then July. Checked this morning and its now January 2013. I have no idea if this is only for Chapters orders or a ballpark for everywhere, but thought I'd let you know anyway. Enjoy!
  5. That was part of my annoyance with him deciding it was the pyschic worm that caused all of this. I had planned to keep Dark Frontier in my back pocket for a time when I was feeling lazy. They had secured the worm in a strong box and kept it aboard. His character wasn't there, and the player wasn't playing yet, when they had done the Forsaken Bounty endeavour, he had just heard an off hand comment about it halfway through the dramatics he imposed on everyone. It was a nice save, I suppose, but now that kind of pushed the action. I haven't read Dark Frontier, but my plan is likely he was controlled briefly by the worm to try to get it closer to the big bad, and the astrotelepath was temporarily controlld to send a message to the big bad. This should hopefully keep things interesting while at the same time reducing the role that his 'space disease' played in his going crazy. I'm also thinking a few d10s worth of corruption and insanity. Not quite sure how many, as I don't want to let him go insane and give him more of a reason to do some crazy junk! Maybe 2d5 of each? Thanks again for the responses, you guys are most swell!
  6. Dulahan said: Goodwin said: I can never remember, how long after Free RPG Day do they put the adventure up for download? The "FLGS" here makes you buy a book or something before they give you any of the booklets, they won't give them for free and just buying a set of dice isn't enough. T_T Plus, they aren't big on the "friendly" part of the title and I'd rather not give them any business if I have to…but I want to play! Report them to the FRPG day people. they WILL come down on them for doing that. As they sign in the contract they will give them away for free to anyone who asks. I thought I read something on the FRPG website that said they have no control over how the stuff is given out. That's why I haven't bothered. It was wierd, I had called to see what time they were starting all of the games and things and the guy was really rude asking why I, some other people, thought we could just walk in and take free things without buying some merchandise. He was awfuly rude, all I had wanted at the time was to actually play there! I cried. That's enough from me though. Thanks Gaire for the answer.
  7. I can never remember, how long after Free RPG Day do they put the adventure up for download? The "FLGS" here makes you buy a book or something before they give you any of the booklets, they won't give them for free and just buying a set of dice isn't enough. T_T Plus, they aren't big on the "friendly" part of the title and I'd rather not give them any business if I have to…but I want to play!
  8. Hey guys, Thanks a ton for the thoughts. Definatly not new to bad players, but this player was new so I was trying to say "sure, you can do that," as much as possible. However, when questioned why he'd do that, his explaination was always "I'm just playing my character!" Which again is something I"ve encountered before where that's the reason the player can have their character do whatever they want to ruin everyone else's day. I'm not sure why I didn't just say no, but I think its mainly I didn't want to make him not want to play, though by not being more stern my other players weren't very happy (luckily not at me). I think I can salvage the situation though, but to be honest they are debating whether they'd kill him or not. Which awkward for anyone to say to another player "well, I kill your character," even if they are proclaiming that its totally okay because they are playing their character. At least for my players, I know its not something they'd like to just do (at least one of the two having suffered random killings of his characters by fickle DMs or players in the past). Know what I mean? The navigator was shot in th earm suffering -3 critical to his weapon hand. His guards held off the security team for awhile with good command rolls until a chunk were killed, and a few security were killed as well. So the spire's now under control of the Rogue Trader's forces. My thoughts on fixing the issue with the character are: Have the Astrotelepathic have had a similar encounter. Maybe he was stronger and fought off the temporary possession/crazyness. He can explain to the Rogue Trader that he felt something. I think I may even have him admit sadly that he's sent a message into the void. A message he doesn't remember to where, or containing what. Maybe the worm was calling daddy? He didn't have the episode that the navigator had but something bad happened as well. Now that they are very far from the warp rift, maybe the character can 'snap out of it,' with a stern look across the table. The trip out of the warp is a bump one. The vessel is being torn right and left as it wiggles into real space. The junior navigator is barely hanging on. If the navigator can get his wits together he might be able to save the ship from going completely into the center of this field. I may give them a second roll at Exiting the Warp. They've failed horribly once, so they will still end up IN the field, but maybe they won't enter real space infront of a half a moon hurtling towards them. They are then going to need someone to get them back to Port Wander. The Rogue Trader can maybe hire a second, better trained navigator. This wouldn't be at the same scope as the character, but maybe someone who can check over the start charts and the plotted course and make sure he doesn't shoot them into the moon again? This seems possible, they may even get a discount since sir crazy is from one of the big powerful houses, and they'd likely want to keep their reputation in order. The other big idea floating between the other players is actually killing him. I'm torn whether this is a good idea or not. The player is apparently totally fine if he gets killed. He did cause a huge problem on the ship and several dead bodies now, and that's not counting what's about to happen when they exit the warp. We're looking at the potential for a lot of damage from the huge asteroid field and that's an even higher kill ratio! The other players are kind of thinking they may have to. What do you think? Do I let this happen, convince them out of character not to, or let them decide themselves? I'm not sure I like this idea but how can a powerful figure like a rogue trader spend time out of his day wondering if his ship is going to be launched purposely off course again?
  9. You guys are great. These are awesome things to think about and consider for my game, which is actually going more strongly then anything I've put together in years! We've made it three sessions! *Rubs eyes* And now… I present to you the horror laid upon me last session. Our newest player and the action that made everyone else at the table say wth? The ship had just faced down its first enemy, an intimidating ork krooza that ripped through the Battlefield and flew straight for the Asao (the player's ship), while it was salvaging the ship from the Free RPG Day adventure, Forsaken Bounty? Trigger finger had them sending two volleys of plasma and one volley of meltas at the krooza. It was obliterated, with 3% population but managed to ram the Asao in the flank (causing itself to lose another 2% population). There were five fires at the start of the turn on the krooza and these all spread. One of which was on the warp drive. I mentioned in another, or maybe this thread that I wasn't sure what to do as a Damaged result didn't seem like it would rules-wise cause the drive to explode. However, for some interest I decided once the fire Damaged the warp drive component I'd have someone make a d10 roll, on a 1 or 2 bad things happen. They roll a 2. Warp Drive Explosion, which they ended up hugely lucking out on and it didn't manage to suck the Asao and Bounty up (sucks!). With the damage taken from the ramming, the crew had lost some population. The navigator decided he was going to "console some of the widows in the lower decks.' Ofcourse, someone makes a joke of a space…disease. The player decides his navigator has obviously caught this and is now mad with grief because his fourth eye is apparently destroyed. Then comes our first warp jump back to Port Wander. What does the Navigator do? Well, he's now crazy so he decides to fire the ship off in a random direction. Silence around the table. After checking in at four different times if he was sure this is what he wanted to do, he makes the rolls. Not only does he send them off in a random direction but he also fails his tests so now the course isn't just purposely off, its even off of the off-course he put them in. Oh my. Long story short, the Junior Navigator has to pull them out of the warp so they can decide how they're going to fix this situation. Its a Hard test anyway, and he's a junior, and ofcourse I roll 97 for his Exiting the Warp test, giving him at least like 4-5 degrees of failure. At the end of the session the player of the navigator (whom halfway through this madness had heard me remind the other players of the events of the Forsaken Bounty adventure, it had been awhile, and he was not there either). So the closing scene was of the navigator drawing a picture of the pyschic worm on his cell in blood. It gives me a way to fix this, but needless to say, out of character the other players weren't very impressed (partially becasue they've had to deal with this kind of stuff from previous players, and are abit short on patience when it comes to player sabateurs). My thought is to have had the worm active again when the krooza caused the ripple in the warp. It lashed out and tried mind controlling whatever it could. I'm going to have the NPC astrotelepath have suffered an attack but beat it off, I suppose the navigator wasn't so lucky. I'm going to try to downplay the "space disease" angle as much as possible…. My plan was to have the ship enter real space in the middle of a system who's orbits are all whacky. I think I'ma have the planets all heading towards the sun, and some of these planets have struck eachother and exploded, creating a massive asteroid field and maybe one or two planets that are still 'alive,' but are definatly heading to the hot place. I'm not sure if there is an actual phenomena that would have planets sink towards the sun, but I'm going to call it Special Effect 8, and that is why this is happening. The Asao is going to enter real space in the middle of the asteroid field and have to try and get out. Pilot and Augury skills will be needed to travel and find their way out of this. Neither of which any players have (we've lost our voidsmaster, so I'm thinking after this event those involved can take some necessary skills as elite advances). In the begining this post was just going to ask a simple question, I suppose I went a bit far on that but hope it was atleast an interesting, if not horrifying, read. My question; the Asteroid Field states it does 1d5+1 damage per DoF. Does armour still reduce this? If so, it seems like they aren't that scarey. The light-cruiser has Armour 20, so they'd have to massively fail and then roll high on damage to even dent the ship, is this correct? If so, or either way, do you think it'd be appropriate to increase the danger here by either a higher difficulty or more damage? I do want there to be some real danger here, and in an asteroid field made up of smashed planets I'd think we're looking at some big hunks of rock. I'm wondering if one of these surviving planets could be made of minimal use to the Rogue Trader at this point. If they survive the field, I'm wondering if maybe they should find survivors or city ruins and maybe something worthwhile down there. I don't want to hand over a bunch of loot for this side travesty, because I think it might promote this thinking in the future where "see my crazy ass decision totally was worth it," do you know what I mean? There's also the chance that maybe they could find a civilization out there that is about to get vaporized and could find some loyal potential crew (either forcibly, or for saving them). With only three (and maybe four, but rarely it seems) players they are lacking in the skills department so this could be a way to let them have a few competent NPCs. Was this post too long? What do you guys think about the Asteroid Field? What do you think would be cool to find in this selfdestructing system? Any thoughts would be much appreciated! You've been so helpful already!
  10. Not sure how much it helps, but Chapters.ca says the release is July 10. However, I placed my preorder in April and it said the release date was May 28th or something, so not sure how much stock should be put into that. >.<
  11. Phew, that's awesome. That puts it into a better perspective for me. They should send a book on tape for astronomy when you get the game, at the very least when you get the collector's edition! Maybe I'll go take that exploring the planets course as an elective. >.> Thanks a ton guys!
  12. Oh! Now I get it! For some reason I thought those planets shown on the map were the only planets in those subsectors. So really, there can be many many many planets in any of those subsectors shown (Winterscale's Realm, Unbeholden Reaches, and such). That solves a lot of confusion. Thanks guys!
  13. Oh man, thanks for the lesson. I'm terrible with this. :/ Most of that makes sense except I have two more big questions to astronomy of 40k! Using the Unbeholden Reaches as an example. Is there one star in there and the planets on the map are orbiting it? Or are there many solar systems in there and those planets are just some that stand out. Or somewhere in between? So if I'm making a new solar system for the ship to explore, do I make it somewhere in one of those sections on the map, like Winterscale's Realm or Unbeholden Reaches. Or is it a whole new section, like, say 'south' of the Unbeholden Reaches on the map. Does that make sense?
  14. Sorry to double post but I realized I had another pretty huge question that's more along the lines of the galaxy itself. Does each sector have its own sun? I'm trying to wrap my head around the geography of these bodies but maybe I'm space-illiterate. Further, when people are sending their characters to unexplored regions, are these regions outside of the map in the book, or are these new systems they are finding within the outlined sectors in the book? I apologize if this is an awful question, but I think once I understand this I won't be so afraid of running. >.>
  15. Consumed, yeeees. I can't decide if I should make that mean destroyed. It could be funny to have the first ship battle end in an unscheduled trip through the warp; with the windows still rolled down. They are new to the setting though, so I'm not sure if I want to take their green characters through hell and back (if they survive). I hate making decisions!
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