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  1. Definitely. Yep. One can achieve a very similar effect by simply treating dice as success-based: 5-9 = success, 10= explosive success. Or, add raises, and go 1-2 null, 3-5 raise, 6-8 success, 9-10 explosive. Strife would be harder to deal with in Old-5R...
  2. It doesn't slow down the rate of acquiring techniques - it merely changes which ones are available.
  3. Also, there's the situation that any school with access to Kata can function as a bushi any school with access to Shūji can function as a courtier So, the lack of a bushi school isn't that big a deal. The only issues of note: Functioning outside the school curriculum may require skills and techniques outside the curriculum this slows school rank advancement down. this does not slow down increases to skills, rings, nor techniques. The school may not provide access to the relevant skills in character generation. You can get a rank in a relevant skill in CGen by correct choices. The skills can be bought later anyway.
  4. Some guidelines should one do this - I've done it this way: Listed TN's : use the associated ring as the optimal ring, TN is divide by 5, round down then subtract 1. Any other ring should be at least one higher. Converting Characters: use the listed ring, at 1 level lower. Use the closest skill; Sincerity is about the only one that isn't self-explanatory - It's the ability to appear sincere, no matter what you're saying. It can be used to lie, to convince people you're being truthful, or even to hide your enthusiasm, as needed. In short, it's a tie to Sentiment and/or Culture, as situationally appropriate. Damages, just look up. School abilities? fake them as best you can - many are now Kata or Shuji. Pick one that sounds close; for the schools that exist in 5E, you have the rank 1 already. Replacing Characters: it is oft just as good to simply swap out for a suitable template and specialty package, possibly changing the demeanor, and maybe adding a key Kata or Shūji, and/or replacing the existing one.
  5. Coming up with adventures isn't that hard... Really. The first two will give a good feel: The Beginner game is a guided adventure; The downloadable follow-on, in the Palace of the Emerald Champion, is also really good, and well guided. Another is available free - albeit with different pregens - Wedding at Kyotei Castle. Knowledge of the card game is not needed nor overly helpful. So don't sweat it.
  6. Which is why the Beginner game exists. It's an excellent introduction. Both to the mechanics and the pillars of the setting: Honor, Duty, Social Conflict, and Martial Conflict. It also helps to remember John Wick's favorite quote about L5R: "Rokugan is not Japan." Rokugan is exactly as much japan as the group wants to make it so. (barring obstinate fools of GM's).
  7. I find the game excellent. Strife management has worked well for us, the advantage mechanic is great, and the few issues I have are clear typos. Strife has been central to many scenes; ninjō, anxiety, and passion have driven RP and been driven by RP. The duel system has worked quite well for us - the very things Avatar111 has claimed don't work have been used by my players and I to great effect. The mass combat is a weak spot for me, because I would rather have had a damage to cohort rather than damage to army, but it plays fine as is - which brings up an issue: It works just fine if one changes one's playstyle to what is written, rather than trying to force the game to support an incompatible playstyle. There is little support for non-clan characters, but already it has support for two minor clans... which is better in terms of stage of product-line than 3E or 4E was... I seriously think 90% of Avatar111 and Nameless Ronin's "issues" with the game are due to it not being suitable for their playstyles, and an unwillingness to change their playstyle to fit what's there, rather than it being a game riddled with errors.
  8. AK_Aramis

    RPG Playmat

    On this, we agree. It's not even well designed - only one ring rosette, rather than 1 per seat (noting that the number of seats is implied by the number of VP spaces).
  9. AK_Aramis

    Spending Void point and critical strike

    It's pretty much the same concept as Original D&D, except D&D was only one crit to kill...
  10. AK_Aramis

    NPCs and Void Points

    rule trump statements other than errata, IMO, especially unsourced statements quoth by non-staff.
  11. Combinations: 3 of 2 dice, 3 of 1 die. Let's tackle the 1 die kept possibilities: explosive & two non success Explosive on black 1/6 × 1/2 × 5/12 = 5/144 then x 1/2 = 5/288 Explosive on White 1/2 × 1/2 ×1/6 = 1/24 then × 7/12 = 7/288 It's 2 on black plus 1 on white: (5+5+7)/288=17/288 on to the 2 dice... non-success on black: 1/2 × 1/2 × 7/12 = 7/48 non-success on white: 1/2 × 1/2 × 5/12 = 5/48 So, 2 on black, one on white: (7+7+5)/48 = 19/48. to make it in 288, it's ×6/6 = 114/48 1 case of all three. 1/2 × 1/2 × 5/12 = 5/48 Into 288: × 6/6 = 30/288. Adding them, (114+17+30)/288 = 161/288 = 0.559 = about 56%
  12. AK_Aramis

    NPCs and Void Points

    It means I find your conclusion inconsonant with what evidence has presented, and expected better. Either going with the preponderance or making a stronger case against it.
  13. AK_Aramis

    NPCs and Void Points

    Given that the text on void points (p 36) says character - and page 22 notes that there are multiple kinds of character. It doesn't specify PC. page 309 gives this: I'd submit that NPCs can and should have and use Void Points - but the only way they're earning them is by using their adversity, as their player always knows the TN, and they don't have anxieties (so far; later might).
  14. AK_Aramis

    Secrets on the Wind invocation range

    It's "Drop a bug and go, the battery dies in 24 hours."
  15. Casual groups wouldn't notice the supposed issues you perseverate on.