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  1. AK_Aramis


    adding my voice to the chorus: this ability is very much "player reveals to players & GM" instead of "character says something"... but it doesn't preclude that, either. EG: Party faces down oni, at great cost... "HA! Gotcha! Now that I know we can beat it..." Corpse of oni vanishes, as do the wounds... "we go find the real one. Thank you, Sama, for the illusion."
  2. AK_Aramis


    The rules aren't hard. Grab the SW or Genesys stats, use the listed damage, and the severity should be bout 10-(2 x crit rating) (min 0). They always take the reload quality. Advantage spends all come straight across. A despair trigger should become a 3 kept strife trigger. A triumph should be changed to 3 opportunity.
  3. AK_Aramis


    Uh, have you actually READ the setting? Or any of the various scholarly works about the samurai caste? If their's one thing they consistently do, it's brag about killing. Even the harmless town samurai bragged of his hunting skills by listing his recent kills. They're a murder cult wrapped tightly in an elite caste, with a healthy dose of suicidal conditioning. By modern standards, almost all samurai were insane. (that's half the fun!) And a whole lot of "love whom you will, but sire children only with your wife...<nudge, nudge, wink, wink>" and romanticizing forbidden love.
  4. There are a broad mix of pre-Tokugawa elements, a few korean and chinese elements that didn't make it into Japan, and the Unicorn have a pre-Chengis Khan Mongolian influence. Garments in the illos generally run all the way through the pre-meiji era (1860's)! Crab are prone to a later, "Town Samurai" look - the poor warrior-in-name-only samurai of the towns that were Meiji-heika's exemplar of why Nippon needed to modernize, and abolish the samurai caste. There are lots of good photos of the pre- and circum-Meiji period samurai, in a variety of modes of dress, including some in their jammies...
  5. Corebook, p 328, Table 8-1, subtable martial opportunities, fire, one-opportunity "Choose another character in the scene; increase the TN of the next check they made before the start of their next turn by 1 if it does not include you as a target." As worded, it's almost impossible, and without talents involved, is impossible, for this to have any effect outside of rolled resistances. I believe it should read, ""Choose another character in the scene; increase the TN of the next check they made before the start of their your next turn by 1 if it does not include you as a target."
  6. AK_Aramis


    Someone steals something, and you (retroactively) cast the illusion of the object (and define that the real one is hidden elsewhere, say, under the floor or in the rafters). Or that daredareoni who just killed yamada taro was actually an illusion, not the real daredareoni, and so yamadasei is not dead, sei just fainted. Or that the Amaterasu that Bayushisan just stabbed in the back is just an image of her, and so he's NOT the new Lord Moon... (yeah, my other players would have killed for this one in my last L5R 3E game... Bayushi Saburo got a couple really hot rolls, and Amaterasu, 10's in everything, rolled squat... not a single damage die above 3.) Or even that sochi-sei is not in fact even in the scene, for sei actually cast an illusion and left...
  7. AK_Aramis

    GM and Player Resources

    It's worth noting that Shinseism is surprisingly close to Shugendō. https://theculturetrip.com/asia/japan/articles/what-is-the-ancient-religion-of-shugendo/ http://www.shugendo.fr/en/intro http://www.onmarkproductions.com/html/shugendou.html
  8. The term does not a true synonym nor subset, and the western practice of the words is not true to Japanese history. Here, have a reference that mentions this: https://www.rekihaku.ac.jp/english/exhibitions/project/old/101026/index.html Certain budoka (usually the NCO equivalents, nikutai/corporal & gunso/sergeant) were considered bushi but not samurai - essentially, jisamurai in all but social rank. Able to wear the katana, but not the wakizashi if of Heimin birth, while samurai of even hohei (private rank) wore both, even when wielding a naginata as a footman... A heimin Gunso could, and historically did, give orders to samurai hohei. Politely, but still... Also, the jizamurai are not technically samurai, not peasants, but fall between two of the heavenly mandated groups. And amongst them, we have Rōnin who are called bushi, no matter their original status at birth... and who, legally, aren't even consistently jizamurai historically, ranging from Jizamurai through bonge to eta... by local lord's temperment (and often, finances), and the pressing need for skilled soldiers.
  9. AK_Aramis


    Yep. But the safest is to buy your ring at 1 up to a 2... and then the exception talents for the current rank — because you cannot buy them otherwise — and then anything else you want. Also note: XP spends alone doth not a new rank enable. You have to return to the dōjo to train.
  10. So far, the list is short, and amounts to, "What's the template have?" Most of the NPC's in the BG and the DLC adventure don't even get a template reference. (only 2 of the fellow contestants do, and they both use the thug one... Even Hitoshi, the Grand MacGuffin hisself, doesn't even get a template.) I've not even gotten to the adventure in the corebook.
  11. Mantis Clan DLC: p6, invocations: "Bo of Water" instead of "Bō of Water" (Note that the corebook has the macron, the DLC doesn't.)
  12. Not necessarily... it's more likely a template for indesign.
  13. Mantis Clan DLC: page 2: header has "Title of Chapter" which looks to be a template element left unfilled and undeleted.
  14. The Infiltrator is a bushi in all but name (and free armor). Daishō is the indicator of "Looks like a bushi to me". The language of swords is key in historical Japan, and in Rokugan as presented as well. Samurai generally have a wakizashi. Bushi a katana and/or a bow. Samurai Bushi a daishō (or rarely, especially ji-samurai, a wakizashi and a bow). Monks a bō (staff). (Keep in mind: not all bushi are samurai - non-samurai Bushi are the bulk of the clan troops.)
  15. I will be, but first I need to finish my "player references" for character generation. I know better than to let certain ones near the actual book.