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  1. You are making the same error Avatar111 did in reading my post. I never claimed momentum was to be used. I stated fire ring social rolls. Those aren't for the momentum - they are for the access to the inflict strife opportunity spend. So swhile you're both right about the rule, you're both attempting to refute a claim that exists only in your delusion.
  2. It doesn't block strife, increased critical severity spends (if the hit would do a crit anyway), nor penalties to hit next turn. Note also: it doesn't prevent crits by hitting you while incapacitated, nor those specified in the core success of the technique, such as Jade Strike. (but if a PC is subject to Jade Strike working on them, something has gone seriously wrong... )
  3. SOmeone asked during the beta, and the response was that LBS was not part of the sale.
  4. I never said it did. Is English not your native tongue? You sure seem to have a hard time deciphering it. The discredit action tells you to use momentum to inflict strife. And it isn't based upon momentum, but forcing them into compromised. Since the only way to do that unskilled is by making rolls in fire stance, and social conflict is about the social rolls, you make other social rolls in fire stance, and keep for opportunity.
  5. Several people in this discussion probably should think about how one sets the momentum targets for social conflict... page 255. As for Discredit... the explicit text tells to use momentum to inflict strife. So, the attempt to discredit is going to be done with a lot of Fire based social rolls, unless one has better strife options. It's also quite plausible to expose their anxiety, by having someone they're obliged to answer ask them something covered by their anxiety. Another fun way is to force them to confront their Ninjô and not pursue it... 3 strife. Which can be done by lying to them, if need be. (p. 38) Or, for players to present evidence of failure at the target's Giri... possibly by deception. Failing in one's Giri defnintely meets the "... character’s ninjō and giri can cause turmoil whenever GM and player see fit." (p. 39) Such evidence should be good for some strife, even if faked, especially given the weight of written testimony in the Rokugani legal system.
  6. A lot depends upon scene lengths - the reset to half is much more generous when the scenes are shorter. Composure of 6 SHOULD be twitchy. They should also be spending opp to reduce strife taken. It's 1:1 on strife on the same roll. Or, they should be predictable - using one good stat - often void - so they can avoid taking strife.
  7. IMGroups, Predict has turned several duels in play as it triggered finishing strikes.
  8. There's no such thing as a technique you can never use... Open ending allows (at really long odds) even a ring 1 to trigger a TN 6... unlikely, but doable.
  9. The term with that same meaning is used as such in most Burning Wheel games. I've seen it in a couple other Forge games. It's a great idea, one I use, as well...
  10. There are several attack cases where the TN might be other than the expected 2. When using certain kata, the TN is their vigilance. When they are in Air, the GM might decide not to reveal their Conflict rank; if they're CR 4+, it's TN+2... Sometimes, it's fun to not give them the missing values... not always.
  11. Skill 3 isn't abusive in the least - and it's doable for almost any school skill without the heritage. As for "lack of flavor" (re @Longes)- I'm happy the super-specific mechanics are way down the line. It was a nightmare for me to keep track under 2E/3E of who had what without keeping a copy of the schools to hand. I'm quite happy the bespoke abilities each rank are gone. D&D 5E also suffers badly IMO from bespoke abilities most levels.
  12. Shadowlands has more... and the hooks are a little stronger. I expect each other regional sourcebook will likewise have more. The two strongest are, IMO: Glorious Sacrifice, for the heirloom, Which need not actually be a nemurani - tho if it is, it's the GM's call on it, and Stolen Knowledge... but all the options seem to be 2 to 6 XP worth (since the skills don't allow violating the level 3 starting limit). The corebook ones are intentionally a bit vague, I suspect. This is a standard design pattern for FFG (and the industry as a whole). Still, they are interesting enough to work from. At least, if one bothers to make note of column 2. I would have liked each to have a corresponding disad, too... pick between one embracing it and one rejecting it... but my players don't mind at all playing it. Like the Kuni with Skullduggery...
  13. Kitsune are also in Emerald Empire. p. 211. And as PC's later in the book.
  14. If you find them boring, it's because you're not working the background into play. Someone who picks "Ruthless Victor" as an ancestor should be reacting to it - either embracing it, or explicitly rejecting it, or possibly in-play struggling over it. NPCs should, if they know the lineage, make reference to it. Elevated for service means expectations will either be higher (Following the footsteps) or lower (You always fail to live up to your ancestors). Each of them has RP potential. If anything, Imperial Lineage is the LEAST interesting of the bunch. And the least powerful. It prevents outright attempts to kill you by anyone who isn't higher status. Killing PC's is itself a boring option, so it's usually irrelevant. Unless the party is, like one of my groups, pursuing a course of autocracide to clean out the Kolat... (Following on from the BB and the DLC follow-on... they realized the Ruby Champion was Kolat, and publicly accuser her, with testimony against her in writing, causing her to publicly flee... and they cut her down as she did. They're now negotiating with Winter Court to not be terminated themselves... They also ended the BB Adventure with a capture of the bad-guy, and the Bayushi PC becoming the Topaz Champion. When the corebook came out, they regenerated the folio characters as full corebook characters. Funny, but an adventure you claim was boring and unmemmorable has been for 2 different groups, very different and rather memorable... as was the 1E version the once I've run it. Totally different every time.) The 2nd collumn of the table isn't surplus material. It is RP Hooks and backstory inspiration. Every bit as important as the 3rd and 4th columns.
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