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  1. Roll20 occasionally has a game hosted. Sadly, the last game I tried to join the GM disappeared the day the game was supposed to start, and the other GM that I apped to abruptly pulled the game without a word as well. I don;t know what it is about BC that causes GM's to just pull a Houdini at the last minute.
  2. When you are forced to use Delude combined with your Charm and Deceive to convince the rest of the party that you didn't lie (you did) to cover up your busted plot to kill another party member and they are still side-eyeing you months and months afterward even though you made to rolls fair and square and they all failed because no one but the psyker thought to put points in scrutiny and besides it wasn't my fault the GM totally hosed me anyway not like this really happened in an actual game I really am just making it up because it sounds funny right?
  3. My Pirate Prince has a light cruiser called "Rum, Sodomy and the Lash". Good ole Winston Churchill...
  4. Interesting theory, but buying Phantom Parry seems like a fun way to mess up an enemy psyker. Favoured by the Warp is a good defense against unwanted SDS (Sudden Death Syndrome) due to Perils Gong the route of Bastion of Iron Will is good for resisting those petulant novices who do not rightly respect your POWAH! (Watch out for this, it can get very expensive xp-wise.) I disagree with Talon regarding Psychic Scream. I like it but mostly for SM-types. Mind over Matter is extraordinarily useful. Why fight the critter or SM or whatever when you can push them off the edge of a cliff/hive balcony/ etc. Falling damage should be rightly feared. (Except in cases where jump packs/flying mounts/winged mutations are present) I do agree with Talon's advice about thinking you might be a combat monster. I have a Slaaneshi Psyker who uses Compel and Delude to full effect. I even defended against a party member who accused me of lying (I totally did) and trying to get him killed (that was my intention) by deluding the rest of the party into agreeing with me. LOLOLOL Already had a nice Charm and Deceive percentage (and who really thinks to sink points into Scrutiny except the Social guy LOLOL), which went into the stratosphere with Delude. Good times!
  5. I like all of this! Thanks! Note that I included the vid to display the disjointed effect of existing both in he Warp and in reality at the same time. Carriage and blocking would exhibit what was said above.
  6. Hi all! So my psyker, "Bob" rolled for mutation, and (fortunately?) got Pseudo-Daemonhood. He/she/it is devoted to Slaanesh, so I got a nice upgrade to Agility (YAY!) and a HUGE Fear rating; but I'm a bit worried about the Warp Instability. How does that work in Narrative Time? Does he/she/it constantly "wink" in and out of existence (No in-game benefit or penalty) kinda like how the ghost from The Grudge looked when walking down the hall toward the security camera? I understand how the trait works for any given combat encounter, but how does it relate to everything else?
  7. or stillborn babies with wings delivering messages.....
  8. I guess that might work. It's not really "reversing" the mutation, just adding to it...
  9. Is that possible? Wouldn't Bob have to be "Devoted" to Unaligned to get the benefit? (have five more unaligned points than any other?)
  10. Wish I could like this ten more times. Misery's Lash
  11. I like the idea of the Obliterator virus being playable
  12. Hi guys! I'm not sure if this was covered. Let's say we have a psyker. Named Bob. Bob has 9 corruption and really likes the roleplay for Slaanesh. Bob has three points to Slaanesh, but one point to Tzeentch (stupid Warp Sense...blah! I bought them backwards at character creation). So Bob needs at least three more points to be Devoted to Slaanesh (and gain all the goodies inherent). But he only needs one more point to trip a mutation. Let's say Bob goes to 12 Corruption before he is able to buy the skills/talents/characteristics needed to earn the three points for Devotion. So Bob rolls on the table, adjusts as best he can and winds up with Slayer Limb. Sweet! A short time later, he is able to buy the skills necessary to shift to Devoted. Does Bob's Slayer Limb now pick up the traits to Slaanesh as well (Crippling (1D5) Quality)? Or does it remain a plain 'ole Slayer Limb?
  13. I'm sorry but I disagree with this. I will agree that the psyker is using a power. But that power is creating a weapon. The only difference between TK-weapon and a normal one is that the TK weapon will go away if the user is denied the opportunity to sustain it (unconscious, stunned, etc). Otherwise, the TK weapon uses the WS characteristic to determine hitting or missing, it can be parried, and uses the Strength characteristic to determine additional damage. Legacy weapons are meant to be the one-and-only weapon and presents a very limiting effect for all the extras (additional traits, damage and pen grow with the wielder, etc) that are afforded to it. Hence the penalties for using a different weapon while possessing a Legacy weapon. Unless circumstances dictate that the Legacy weapon has ZERO chance of being useful, then using a different weapon will cause the Legacy item to revert to a normal weapon. This is not to say that a psyker cannot use any other damaging psychic powers (Doombolt, Force Bolt, Force Storm, etc) while also wielding the Legacy weapon, as the mechanic for determining success is different.
  14. I can see how it's a totally cool ritual, but you were tasked at taking over the planet. Maybe I'm missing something here, but wont Exterminatus cause you to lose all the resources of said planet once the virus bombs/nukes/planet-busting lazor beams make your mission a failure?
  15. My BC and DH binding are becoming, or have already come, undone. Shoddy craftsmanship.
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