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  1. What does: Hosted agenda counter: End the run. Mean?
  2. Can players go to town and drink potions? If so how many potions can they drink? Right now I only let players shop in town and rest. Thanks for the help.
  3. Beat Dunwich last night, my wife and I. It was tough.
  4. Thank you. Whats the next expansion I should buy?
  5. My wife and I played are first game of Dunwich and got are butts kicked. Makes the game alot better. Any one out there thinking of getting it, do it.
  6. What is better Tide of Iron or Memrior 44?
  7. Should I buy this game? Is it fun? Strategic? On a scale from 1 - 10, 1 being the worst game ever and 10 being the best game ever what would you rate this game?
  8. I'm thinking about buying this game. What is this game like? Is it fun? Worth the money? Is it like any other game? I have Game o thrones, warrior knight is it like these? On a scale from 1-10 10 being the best game ever, 1 being the worst game ever. Rank this game. Thanks for your help
  9. I've been thinking of buying this game for a long time. The $80 price is making it tough. Is it a great game for the $$$, great replay value? Whats the best thing about the game? I've played TI2. Thanks.
  10. How about this. I can only put a gate on a charactor if the Mythos card places it on a charactor. If the gate does not open on a charactor from the mythos card then I can not put a gate on a charactor.
  11. I think I'm going to run a game were 1. AO can put gates were he wants 2. Control all the monsters on the board. Still randomly draw monsters from cups. 3. AO must always put clue on board/non-gate area. I'll start here and see what happens. I'll keep you all posted on the outcome.
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