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  1. Pretend (or maybe even it is, hard to tell from the graphic) that the elevation change is DOWN instead of UP. If that is the case it makes perfect sense you can shoot across it. Its how I justify it to myself.
  2. I think Reanimates are hugely important throughout the game. But I do not think they are overpowered. First you need to have them in your discard pile and your hand or their ability is useless. Many times throughout a game, you'll have reanimates semi worthless with a light to empty discard pile. Also of course, a reanimated reanimate can't reanimate. Yeah, I said it. So at best you can only double the number of reanimates in your hand. I just won a nail biter last night solo against the Dragonlards scenario. My Home World had 1 damage left to give. I had 3 Reanimates, with a fat healthy discard pile, so got to use all of them, for a total of six Reanimates. Combined with a Battle Cry and a Dark Knight I had 21 strength, 18 after attrition, to beat the boss. It was a lot of fun.
  3. Shelfwear said: Does anyone know how FFG handled card errata in their other LCGs? Have they reprinted the corrected cards and made them available via proof or purchase or included them in future boxed expansions? With Descent the first expansion (I believe it was the first) included replacement cards to swap out in the original game. I suspect they would of liked/wished to update these cards but the demand was so high and so sudden for the reprint they decided to get it out as fast as possible. Which is fine with me, I didn't want to wait any longer after missing the boat on the first printing! I didnt' preorder and figured "plenty of these will show up at my FLGSs..." not!
  4. What about Brok Ironfist? He seems like a decent singleton card that I am missing... although I've only played once so far so not much for me to base that on yet.
  5. Thanks I did not think of including that originally, but I have sent it off as well. Looks like this set was manufactured in May, if I am reading the proof of purchase correctly, so I am guessing this confirms the second printing.
  6. Hi all - I just purchased this game and discovered my set is missing some cards and contains extras of other. I send an email to customer service. Would this be the best way to hopefully resolve the problem? Thanks for any help. I assume this is from the new printing as I have been waiting for my FLGS to get them in stock and it finally arrived to them this week. Below is the info in case other discover similar issues with the new printing. Gloin #3 -1 card (no copies in set) Gimli #4 +1 card (1 extra copy) this pattern continues Dunhere #9 -1 card (no copies) Denethor #10 +1 card (1 extra) Guard of the Citadel #13 -1 copy Faramir #14 +1 copy Brok Ironfist #19 -1 copy (no copies) Ever Vigilant #20 +1 copy For Gondor #22 -1 copy Sneak Attack #23 +1 copy Feint #34 -1 copy Quick Strike #35 +1 copy Stand Together -1 copy (no copies) Blade of Gondolin +1 copy Dwarven Axe #41 -1 copy Horn of Gondor #42 +1 copy
  7. I believe you can't play a crushing block next to other movement blocking obtacles. The intent is to not allow the OL to trap heros in or out of an area where the heros should have in and out access. We allow a block next to a wall provided there is still space to pass. i.e. a common 2 square width hall, we allow the OL to drop blocks in the hall, just not two blocks next to each other.
  8. Can a hero declare a battle action, use hustle to move 3 spaces, and then make two attacks? My wife has been holding onto this card for days waiting for me to find out!
  9. Funny you bring up Secret Garden. Last night, my wife and I had our collective butts handed to us in Secret Garden. It came up as the 2nd level of our dngeon, we are in copper campaign, OL (my son) has upgraded his eldritch to silver. When we started and saw all the eldritch we knew is was going to be tough. We were doing ok, although was slow going actually getting to the garden. We get to the garden,still doing ok, although we did lose at least one or two heros making it there (shades and he spawned dark priests). Not too bad yet though. A couple guys head to the treasure on the left, one hero jumps into the trees (taking the 2 wounds) and is planning on heading around to the right to get the glyph and try to cover our bases more and cover more space in the garden. The level leader (master shade) is jumping in and out of trees and picking us off and we can't get to him. OL, leaves an opening for archer to get to level leader through whole on the left side. Archer moves.... CRUSHING BLOCK. OL (my 9yr old son!) drop blocks on one of only two holes through the trees on the outer edge od garden. Moves archer outside of course and still no attack on level leader. Now we are bit separated, stuck to either going all the way back around to the right, or trying to force our way through the trees in strategic places. So we chug along trying to position ourselves to at least make an attack on level leader. We get around to glyph, sundered glyph, no ticket to town for you! BAM! Here comes the master skeleton treachery card. 2 silver master skellies, 4 silver white skellies against our copper level heros (we do have decent upgrades though). Anyway, we started the dungeon more or less tied in conquest (+/- 5 or so). We finished dungeon and did make it to the third level, but had to run from the skelies because they were obliterating us, so couldn't even loot the bodies. End of dungeon. OL 96, Heros 69! Ouch! Love this game.
  10. I didn't realize it was a house rule, but I let my son use his dark glyphs on each level of the dungeon in RTL. Otherwise they become fairly inneffective comparaed to treachery in RTL. We love RTL, we want more parts of ALL expansions in RTL, not less. Our wishlist for the Quest Compendium would be for it to come with some dungeon/rumour cards and suggestions/rules on how we could use the new quests as dungeon levels in RTL. I know it won't happen, but if I had any complaint with FFG is they don't use enough of every thing in each new expansion that comes out. It was stil worth every penny, but I was pretty bummed when I realize Tomb of Ice only came with 1 new rumour and 4 dungeons.. come on! Give us more!
  11. That's is pretty much exactly how we ruled it. The question came up because both crushing blow and riposte said "after successful attack".
  12. Big Remy said: DaveHorn said: On topic side question. Do dark glyphs give feat cards? If not, that would seem to make them slightly more useful/fun to use in the game. Just wondering if there was an official ruling in them since feat cards came later. Yeah, it buried in the FAQ Q: Does the activation of a Dark Glyph (especially the green Sundered glyphs, which negate most glyph benefits) trigger the drawing of a Feat card? A: Yes. Thank you! I thought I read it once but couldn't find it when it came up. What I need to do is take all these PDFs put them together in one large PDF and then have it handy on the laptop so I can search everything at the same time.
  13. On topic side question. Do dark glyphs give feat cards? If not, that would seem to make them slightly more useful/fun to use in the game. Just wondering if there was an official ruling in them since feat cards came later.
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