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  1. I don't think you can see divine magic with magic sight, and greenskin shamans draw their power from their deities. (According to the fluff.) There's a section on 'Magic, Religion & Chaos' that touches on the, perhaps circumstantial, similarities between these magics, and they mention Dhar again; as well as there being other possible colours of magic that cannot be sensed. Deific magic could be the opposite of Dhar, and is one of those magics that can't be sensed. You simply see the green fire shooting from the goblin's hand and his head explodes.
  2. High Magic: "It involved channelling all eight Winds into magic's most potent form - she gave the analogy of a prism refracting the colours of the rainbow into a ray of brilliant light." Dark Magic: "Those with magical sight can perceive the choking shadows that cling… brings joy to to the withered soul of the necromancer, who can mould this black mass of magical power… Where the eight Winds of Magic blow free in the air, Dark Magic is heavy, and sinks to the ground, and after many centuries can congeal into a solid malignant mass… This black substance, streaked with lurid green, glows with unearthly energy… Known as warpstone" From reading, it looks like hedge casters, necromancers and Chaos casters use Dhar: heavy, black, tinged with sickly green.. oily, creeping close to the ground, etc. when viewed with magic sight. It mentions that sometimes, even users of the Winds sometimes unintentionally pull on some Dhar, since it is magic in its raw form drawing power directly from the Realm of Chaos.
  3. Just played a session with the updated ruleset. Just wanted to say thanks again to Neil for the hard work. The action card dice pool creation and the ability to remove single dice are wonderful.
  4. Being able to vote can be game changing. If you are a politically minded player, then depending on your representatives you would choose this action to try and assassinate the powerful reps belonging to the other players and thus limit, or eliminate, their ability to vote at all.
  5. cd8dman said: To be honest, I like that the ratio doesn't really change. Just because one guy has a severe head wound doesn't mean I don't want another guy to get one. More blood for the blood god. True. But there's always a 1-in-100+ chance that a particular crit will be "drawn" with a virtual deck. Depending on how many cards you entered. I think it matters for crits like Concussion and Flesh Wound. With the real deck, the chance will fluctuate. But hey, it's probably just me.
  6. Ah, thanks. I assume it's the same for the insanities, etc. I guess I'll use the actual decks while running, then, and just drag the necessary effects from the library as they are applied to the PCs. e- Oh, I also noticed that there were no tags for talent slots in the Nemesis definition, but my cards have slots on them. I'm not entering them into the library, but thought I'd mention it.
  7. Hi, Neil, When playing face-to-face (or just using the actual wound deck) each wound suffered by a player or monster (if you use the suggestion of drawing one card and using tokens for monster health) changes the possibilities of which critical hits can be applied as the wound cards are depleted. Does your ruleset in FG take this into account at all? Or does it treat possible crits as being completely separate from wounds being doled out?
  8. When Triex speaks I can't help but think it's Chris O'Dowd.
  9. k7e9 said: Furthermore I believe that the lack of careers with Weapon Skill or Balistic Skill also added to my group's grim struggles. Also, all characters in my current group has one (or more) physical attributes below 3, initially only the minstrel had 2 active defences avaliable, while the barber surgeon had none (due to the lack of a shield and Str 2, Ag 2). I believe the Barber Surgeon and the Minstrel have suffered from one ailment or another since the first session we ran. The Zelot has had less problems, probably due to her resilience training and high Toughness value. The story so far is far more grim, dangerous and the players in my current group "feel" the pain of their characters and are far more afraid of critical/severe wounds. In the previous group a couple of criticals/severe weren't that much of a problem, since the shallyan would heal them quite efficiently. So to put more grim into the game, random careers can make a huge difference. That's great! Exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to hear. Thanks.
  10. Troll-slayer, Pit fighter and Waywatcher. It's the kind of starting group I am becoming accustomed to seeing in WFRP3 campaign write-ups. Don't you think the game would be a bit more grim and perilous with a starting group that was like this -> Bailiff, Forger and Agitator? Has anyone tried using the option of drawing a single career card for PCs and what you get is what you get? I think it would make for a great story to start as a Commoner, or Boatman.
  11. Cabello said: Shouldn't dodge be tied to Coordination? I don't think so. Isn't Coordination "fine motor skills"? Like juggling knives and playing Jenga. I'd tie dodge to Athletics. However, from the description, I see it includes acrobatics and balance and "Dodge" is listed as a specialisation. I suppose both can be effective, but the coordinated dodge would be an impressive Jackie Chan move and the athletics dodge would be me just trying to throw myself out of the way.
  12. Totally agree, Boehm. Reward, instead of penalise.
  13. I think it helps to keep in mind that the length of a round is abstract in WFRP3. When a beastman is attacking a character, I don't see it as just one swing. It's a shifting, swirling melee and the roll is the result of the whole exchange. If the character has decided to Parry that attack, they don't simply try to block one swing from that opponent. They are focusing their ability to parry attacks on the flurry of blows incoming from that one attacker. It's easy for me to see why you can only choose a defense against one attacker, but much harder for me to rationalize the recharge in-character. I understand game balance and the OOC reasons.
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