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  1. Thanks! I just tried to join. In the future, I will post there as well.
  2. We're having our Store Championship this Saturday at Meeple Madness in Braselton, GA. We love the game, and are hoping to grow our group of players so we can have more organized play events.
  3. I am back in China for another year and had no room to pack a giant board game in my luggage without tossing all my clothes, a solution no Chinese person would appreciate. Instead, I brought Elder Sign and bought every new expansion for LOTR LCG. Now I must have Descent. I can't take it anymore. Any other expats that struggle to find FFG games here? I am thinking about robbing the factory where they are made. It just seems dumb to pay for shipping to China.
  4. I think we all want a game different enough from Defenders of the Realm so we don't feel bad for playing a dressed up clone. From the description and what we can see of the board and the pieces it does look like Fantasy Pandemic with Defenders addition of a central city for forces to converge on and more complicated mechanics for curing diseases/boss battles. The novelty of LoA seems to be an increase in narrative. Instead of just spreading darkness or having an epidemic we also get more story at the end of every turn.
  5. I think the complaint here is not that the OL is being too treacherous or devious. It is that he has taken meta-gaming to an extreme. The OL's actual goal is to "don't care… whatever" but instead he is ignoring that goal to screw the players for the next encounter as well. I think it is inevitable that this is going to happen. The heroes should definitely be able to strategically withdraw in these situations.
  6. @Terah: Even if you couldn't it would not matter. You can spend the fatigue for points while you are moving. You don't have to wait till after.
  7. Don't worry WittyDroog and don't go back to read about sandwiches. No one besides the game designer and his posse has any special knowledge or understanding of the rules that you don't have. Until there is an errata that says otherwise the guy's turn ends when he flips his card. Now it seems to me that you can activate a familiar without using an action before your hero stands up which ends his turn. Problem solved. Just don't try to activate after you stand up. Now, I think this means that you can't burn fatigue to move even though it does not require an action because to move and to have fatigue to move with you have to stand up at which point your turn is over. This is a more than reasonable way to play until someone comes out and says: stand up is all you can do on your turn, again and in bold italics. Just ignore Antistone. That guy has a serious social disorder.
  8. The only deeply confused person is the guy playing a game that tells him to tell someone that some other chimp is making a sandwich when he thought he was playing a board game.
  9. It makes sense to say that if you don't have LOS to the front of your target you don't have LOS to anything behind it either. That seems pretty consistent.
  10. To be honest, that just sounds annoying by design and not a "rules" problem at all. Still don't have the game. Can't wait to play it.
  11. Sausageman said: Blimey, got a bit frosty in here… Lighten up chaps, yeesh. It seems that the lava point is theoretically true, but until we've seen the map layouts with lava on them, and seen the volume of creatures needed for such a broken mess to happen, this may well be a moot point, who knows. Gotta say though, for an overlord to pull such a move, you'd have to label him a bit of a ****. Just saying. This. And I'll lighten up, I said what I felt needed to be said but I am done.
  12. Ok, see your point to number 12 finally. How come you couldn't figure out one through eleven? in any case the fix is simple. Rule that a space with lava is not an empty space. already said this. making a joke about a **** reading of a rule does not mean that a game is broken. it just means you are a …major rules lawyer intent on bending the wording of things until no one is having any fun.
  13. @thiesmagle: i edited my post just for number 12 almost immediately to answer the infinite loop problem. there is no infinite loop problem for the following reasons: if you die in lava it doesn't matter where the overlords monsters are because you only have to place the hero in the nearest non-lava tile. if in the the weird event the overlord has managed to completely surround the lava terrain with monsters you would put the hero behind the wall of monsters because adjacency to the lava or to where the hero died is not a restriction at all. might be weird but not a mechanical problem here. what antistone is actually suggesting is that there may be a problem if the overlord knocks out a hero who is standing next to lava terrain then moves all his monsters in the nearest tiles to where the hero was knocked out so that when the player stands up the nearest empty space is a lava tile from which he can't move away from. a fiendish move which would certainly get you punched in the face and never get invited back, but clever. two solutions: a) you can reasonably rule that a space filled with molten rock that will sear the flesh off of anything in it is not an empty space and thus does not fulfill the requirement of being the nearest empty space. b) you can be a **** and rule that the hero wakes up in lava and then next next turn he wakes up in the nearest empty non-lava space because of point one above. Still no loop. Dying in the lava ends the dying in the lava. we can imagine a scenario in which we forget about lava completely. a completley surrounded hero is knocked out. the OL moves a monster onto the hero token and moves another monster into the gap so that we now have a solid nine square block of monsters. where do we put the hero? no biggie right. we just put him outside the block. all i am adding to this is: "in a space without lava" which you can ignore. but there is no loop. can't say this enough. no loop, no loop, no loop. by which i mean both no loop and no loop and no loop, and no loop or no loop or no loop. No one is against asking questions or discussing ones understanding of the rules, but most of the things i addressed were not posed as questions but as facts many of which i felt had no relation to what was written in any rulebook that I have seen so far.
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