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  1. Trothael said: Marluxia said: But Ansem is alreadya magic value of 3 and a lvl of 10 so what does that mean. That he gets shafted by Kingdom Key and can play all the -ra magic straight off the bat. Otherwise, it's pretty meaningless. It also means that he'll always go second unless it's Ansem vs. Ansem. Since higher levels go last, and all that.
  2. So in other words the IDT trick I noticed is now worthless. Don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining. I was about 98% sure that something like this would eventually happen. It was only a matter of time before people realized that they could just go full Wishing Lamp or full Pegasus and own like crazy. Guess I just couldn't get my point across since I generally fail at the rest of the game, but this is pretty much what I was trying to get people to notice. But that's the thing about the hardcore crowd. You don't really have to tell them anything, they can figure it out on their own. With this ruling reversed, at least we wont get the crazy draw ownage anymore. But it still seems like this game needs much better direction. I really don't know what the designers are thinking when they make (or made I guess, since FFG is only translating) set after set with wonky mechanics and unclear text that don't add much to the game besides confusion. I guess it's a futile effort to try to fix someone else's broken game though.
  3. Mr. Incredible said: WayToTheDawn said: Roxas said: Truffles, simmer down a bit. We may have excessive records, but still acting extremely in unextreme circumstances doesn't look well for the team man. TheChampIsHere said: ...I don't believe you have to have a big resume to be an 'ass-hat'...why...look at DW....jkjkjk...I had to go there....somewhat..... I'll give you credit for that cause it was funny. C'mon on though...I'm all for simmering down around here...but this guy is an EXTREMELY big ******...who likes to insult all of us, you included. I adapt to my surrondings and here it seems popular to be an ass-hat. After all these are forums which is a license to be a ******. So first you say it's wrong to be a ****** and then you decide that you're gonna go ahead and do it?
  4. Mr. Incredible said: Roxas said: Mr. Incredible said: Fairbanks said: nice arrogant posturing. maybe if any of you had shown up, it wouldn't be a hypothetical top 4, but you didn't, and you've managed to insult me doubly so, as I played and did well both years. As to a lot of people not knowing how to play the game, look at the rules forum. There are people arguing that a card doesn't work a certain way because it "shouldn't," even though the card text and/or the rulebook contradict their "correct" meaning. But above all, you managed to make the most volatile post in the **** thread. Good job, I'm sure dutpot really needed the white knighting buddy. Couldnt the people posting in the rules forum about the simple stuff they do not understand be kid's? I don't see how he insulted you at allbut you take what you want to hear out of it. But he sure tore into Dawn which should be quoted for truth. Even though he left out that the same goes for Trotheal and Mr. Yogami they always seem to post as a team. If you are not going to contribute to the thread, dont post. Next one gets taken to the mods, I'm sure they can sort this out. Same goes for you Roughneck. WtD stated his opinion, and quite frankly I'm of the same opinion, there is a lot of set up required and while I don't find it impossible, I find it impractical, especially for a Roxas deck that has not way to play a Level 6 spell. Excuse me while i quiver in my boots. I replied to a statement made by Fairbanks where as your reply to me looks for trouble so i'd appreciate it if you pester some other soul about your non-sense. And when you bother the Mods about this make sure they know this isnt the first time Dawn has been involved in such internet shenanigans with several other people but im sure they won't care because they have more important aspects to there jobs. Mr. Incredible said: Excuse me while i quiver in my boots. This isn't called "looking for trouble" to you? Wow... Roxas is right. Cut it out. What you pointed out, about WttD's "internet shenanigans" would hold some water EXCEPT for the fact that the ones you've mentioned are always around and alwways posting. Meanwhile you guys come out of the blue and start trolling in a group. Sounds to me like hypocrisy. Roxas tries to stop this fighting as he always does. As it is in his personality to do. But you accuse him of "looking for trouble" when he is in fact "looking for peace". Meanwhile, you and your friends on the other hand are posting just to look for trouble. What, you think it doesn't look suspicious that all three of you have showed up all at once? All at the same time? Sounds to me like shenanigans. Oh, and hypocrisy. And you guys ARE on a high horse. Both Dut and Roughneck came around saying "We are the Great" when quite frankly you talk nonsense. And you accuse WttD for being on a high horse when really he was just debating with you. Sounds to me like hypocrisy. That's three counts of hypocrisy. And I didn't even have to look very hard. Look to your own faults before you start projecting your own flaws on others.
  5. Fairbanks said: Beast costs you a high lvl friend I wouldn't quite think about it that way. I'd see it like... Beast can either provide a reasonably large amount of Support or he can be used to get rid of the odd stall card like Sneak. If you're WR you don't have much use for 7 support power that you can't use to clear Dark Cards. Granted there could also be other dark cards on your world card, but that's what you have to deal with if you go WR.
  6. Spirit of Xehanort said: Something has just come to mind. Here is the text on the Soul Eater card: [This card can only be played by “Riku.” If this card participates in a victorious challenge, your opponent loses one additional HP. Note: This effect cannot come into play more than once per turn.] The part that gets me is the last line. Does it only apply to the effect of multiple Soul Eaters used? Or can you not use Soul Eater's effect in addition to the effect of Way to the Dawn? (I figured this was on topic, even though it probably belongs in the Rulings Forum.) I'm fairly certain "this effect" applies to the effect of the Soul Eater card, and has nothing to do with other cards that have similar or even the same effects.
  7. First off: I've never heard of you. Now WttD I've seen on three seperate KH forums, and those are the only 3 I've found. This one, another one, and the Universal TCGs one. Not saying there aren't more. Not saying I've found them all. Not even saying I've searched very hard. But I've found him in at least 3 different places and I don't think I've found you in even one. Roughneck, it's not that I disagree with a competitive spirit. Not at all. Competition brings out the true nature of the game, and takes play to a whole new level. But that's beside the point. Stopga is actually less useful than Stopra and Stop for what it does, and is much harder to cast. In fact, it's only just barely above Blizzaga/Firaga/Thundaga, which are pretty useless cards all around. Stopga doesn't ensure a win in a challenge like Stop does, and it doesn't let you draw without your opponent interfering like Stopra does. All it does is stop them from drawing cards unless they have a Selphie Kairi combo going. They'll still have their friends and whatever they had in their hand. Speculating on what WttD does or does not do with his own money is just retarded, not your business, and beside the point. Not to mention: running a tournament for a game at a major con = advertising for the game at a major con = supporting the game in ways a few dollars just wont. Speaking of which, YOU did not attend. I guess having some guy over the internet challenge your ego is enough to make you stop supporting a game. And quite frankly, what I suggested was not pointless. If people think Stopga is worthwhile, let them actually try to prove it. Theorycrafting never has and never will prove anything. Practice is the only way to provide any sort of supporting evidence. Hence the competition. In case you've ever heard of David Sirlin, he said it like this: "A competitive game, to me, is a debate. You argue your points with your opponent, and he argues his. “I think this series of moves is optimal,” you say, and he retorts, “Not when you take this into account.” Debates in real life are highly subjective, but in games we can be absolutely sure who the winner is." And quite honestly, I've seen WttD construct nice decks, so if nothing else that proves he kinda knows what he's doing with this game. You on the other hand haven't proven anything about yourself except that you think Magic cards are still useful. Which really just tells me you don't have enough people running Phil in your meta. Or they aren't running him correctly. Honestly, you and Dut remind me of some of my friends, who think they're the greatest Smash Bros. Melee players in the world. Thing is, they don't even know how to Wavedash, they barely understand positioning, and the best of them all just item spams really well. I know I'm hardly the best Melee player in the world, but I know what good looks like and it's not them. There are WAY better players than them, but they just don't know any better because they have never had a chance to face anyone better. Besides, about the tourny well... you DIDN'T show up. So there's no point saying anything about what would've happened. You'd never be able to prove it unless you actually DID show up. Which you didn't. Also, you ARE acting all high and mighty like you know some secret knowledge of the game. And your secret knowledge isn't worth much. I personally admit that I don't even know what "looping a magic card" means, though I have some theories. But I'm pretty sure I could wipe out your whole friend zone with a single Simba level 1 card or, better yet, Event card all of your HP away in a single turn. If you don't even know these game-ending tactics, don't come here with these silly little weak tricks thinking they're made of solid gold. See what I did there? I hinted at something without telling you about it. And most of the betterr people here know I can do it to, and even know how it can be done, so don't try to act like I'm making up crap unless you want them to laugh.
  8. Fairbanks said: didn't think I'd reference Mindless Self Indulgence here, but it seems right: You're telling me that fifty million screaming fans are never wrong I'm telling you that fifty million screaming fans are ****ing morons Stopga is an amazing ability with a ton of restrictions on it. That said, just over a year ago, I was running Stopra in an aggro deck, and everyone kept telling me that it was horrible and had no place. Then everyone started running it. So, Sluppie, dutpot, simmer down. Ain't mad, just saying.
  9. Anarchy_In_The_Galaxy said: you only wish itd be that east to get rid of me I guess we'll have to go west to get rid of you then. Sorry man. At first I kinda (only kinda) agreed with you on the cussing thing, but then this IS a forum that little kids can potentially and easily find themselves going to and cussing should be kept to a reasonable minimum. But now you're getting out of control. The Mods own this place. It is their property. You gotta learn to respect the property of other people. They call the shots here, and if you don't like those shots you can either learn to put up with it or just leave. Those are your options. They have that button for a reason. People like YOU are that reason. YOU are getting out of control and you need to calm down. Besides, I haven't heard the "Don't tell the teacher" line since like the first grade. I guess that reveals what age you're at. Let me guess, you still think cussing makes you cool, right?
  10. We've gone from people not reading rulebooks to Australian accents. God I love these boards. Or maybe I hate them. I haven't decided.
  11. dutpotd said: I'm not trying to argue, just saying I understand why you'd stand by what you said - i.e. I understand our differences. Keeping something unsaid isn't me trying to win more games, I don't care if I win/lose/tie, I never have. The point is that by alluding to people needing to figure it out I am driving everyone to think about the new possibilities the latest set provided us with, becuase I haven't seen anyone loop spells yet, nor have I seen it talked about on the forums yet. So please forgive me for trying to have others push their own envelopes. I didn't call you a fool, you aren't a fool. I said that by you telling everyone I 'rely' on something that you are essentially calling me a fool, to which I take no offense but still need to point out that I know what you are trying to tell people. Stopga is not garbage, anyone who's played me will attest to that, and since I've travelled beyond my hometown to play, and frequently, I have played many more people than you (in person and probably online as well). In fact, for everyone person you can find to come in here and say stopga is garbage I can probably find 2-3 more who would attest to it not being garbage. Wager? - dut This kind of bet is pointless, based upon false premises, and any point you could make with it would be ultimately invalid. You're assuming that a noob's uneducated opinion is just as valid as an expert's educated opinion. Now get 2-3 people saying "StopGa rocks" for every one person saying "Stopga is Garbage" and have a KH tournament to see who wins. Whoever reaches the top, that's who we'll listen too.
  12. Darkwing Duck said: WayToTheDawn said: I agree with Troth and Sora here. You have to admit you take things too personally sometimes...I believe it's what's launched us into many a flamewar with one another DW. It's incredibly hard to have civil discussions about this card game anymore as we're all so touchy, I'll admit I am at times...but I'm gettin' better. My point is, ignore what you'd consider "insults" and continue the discussion, it's not that hard, not everyone is out to get you. i take things said to me over the internet very personally because these are things that would never be said to my face so the littlest poke at me while one is behind their computer in the somfort of their own home bothers me. so now i will no longer give any of you the oppurtunity of being cowards towards me on these forums again so im going to remove myself from the situation so you guys can find someone else to "gang up" on with you little KH "gang"... Everyone says this, but I never hesitate to say whatever I think to someone's face. In fact, if it's over the internet I'd probably add a little BS to it.
  13. comdieguy said: im assuming neither of you have real freinds. if you did then i doubt you be a troll. unless there is a secert meeting spot where internet trolls get together with there computers and disrupt forums. Rules 1 & 2.
  14. WayToTheDawn said: First off, I'd like to officially state that I don't think you suck anymore. You've come a long way sir and your current IDT deck is impressive imo...if it really works as well as you say remains to be seen, but it's definitey a good idea. I appreciate that. And about the IDT, well, I don't really know if it's the best deck ever, but it still seems like a good idea to me. The meta is still young I guess.
  15. WayToTheDawn said: Highjack said: I'm almost certainly missing something, but I don't see how winnie would help things. That would just make then a base 0 attack and me a base 7 (assuming I have both pieces of equipment out). Don't worry...I don't see it either...dut lives in his own little world of Kingdom Hearts and doesn't really KNOW what works and what doesn't...he thinks Stopga is good for gosh sakes...when will you learn? I've tested Winnie the Pooh in a Valor deck...aaand...it doesn't help all that much, sure it'll slow down a WR a bit by making them use more resources...but there's better cards that do that and in the aggro matchup, especially the mirror, your base attack stats are going to be the same most of the time anyway making it come down to equipment...which it would have anyway...there's better cards to put in that slot...like Alice for example. And don't act like it was some big secret tech that no one knew about...we're not idiots here Garrett and your not the high and mightiest player who knows all these secret awesome strategies. and for the millionth time....STOPGA....IS.....GARBAGE. Kinda reminds me of me when I first came here. The way I interpreted the cards went way against whatever the rulings were, and plus I actually misread a few of the cards and rules or forgot what they did over time or something. I was actually playing a completely different game than anyone else.
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