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  1. @ Bogi_Khaosa: My knowledge is limited only to Catolic Church clergy - yes, they drink a lot, in fact many of them can outdrink a soldier, lawyer or actor and those are really heavy drinking proffesions (at least in Poland). @Shadowkat: Weak willed? Certainy not, but You would think that a person (nevermind of what gender) that comes out of secluded monastery for the first time in her/his into a place that (compared to that monastery) is full of fleshy temptations will, at least, have a couple of restless nights? As far as SMs and sex is concerned, Icame to conclusion (fluffwise) that genetic modification that transform them makes more alike their primarchs in certain aspects and that also mean they have some distance, genetical kinship with the Emperor himself. I mean, look at the way chaos SM are tempted, even those that came to worshipping Slanesh were not persueaded by simple "Join me and You can !@#$# like crazy".They had to be tempted with something personal and intimate that couldbe turne into an excess. Another thing: SM are, in a way, living a life not so different than millitant AS (train, pray, fight) and there is no SM Diologous or Hospitalliers that could tempted in a way I have described.In fact, situation described in second part of "Space Wolves" series (don't recall the title) shows a situation when a SM have a personal contact (starts seeing her as a person) with a woman and grows attracted to her - this situation makes perfect sence to me, only this something really rare. P.S. If You are reffering to my remark from "derailling" part of discussion - I thought that was evidently tongue-in-cheek - my apologies if You took that seriously.
  2. I think some of fellow forumites forget that there is a tangible difference in way of life of Ordos Militant and members of other Ordos. While the former are either training in secluded monasteries, meeting almost no one but other militant AS or are fighting enemies of Emperor,the latter (both Hospitallers and Diologous) will be, by very nature of their work, envolved in affairs of non-AS people, quite often humans that don't hold any respect for ecclesiarchy, AS faith (eg. nobles, IG troopers, AdMech, ), or even the Big E himself (pennal legionaires, human pagans outside of IoM space, possibly castaways from Imperial society that are seen as a veluable resource for some reason). Both H and D branches of AS will be exposed to behaviour different, possibly more self-indulging, than anything they've seen in monasteries, not to mention plausible chance for work romance with someone they can't stop working with out of necessity (devout cleric, perceptive arbitrator, smart adept etc.).
  3. Yes, You have pinned it, kind sir and better then I could, probably. The problem occured to me when I was reading Your post: every person with even medieval type education (and a Schola Progenium should be better) would realise that need for sexual intercourse (without procreation) is not so different than need for rest, food etc and denial of the former can cause psychological traumas.Mind You, SP is working quite well for over 5 thousands years so the teachers must have come up with some effective modus opperandi in this matter long ago, or it's brittish private schools for boys (or girls) in space - somebody mentioned S&M in this discussion before...
  4. There have been some interesting discussion concerning trouble men-GMs may have with portraying psychologically credible NPCs in 40k universe. Since some forumites do not like derailing a tread (unlike Yours truly) I start new tread in GM zone. @Bogi_Khaosa and Shadowkat: the problem with my girtl-only-gang is that they are mostly refugees from temporal war zone between 2 hive-cities and many of those girls experienced violence from soldiers from one or other side of conflict (I do not have meddle in details anymore, do I?).That also creates question - wouldn't that specific gang (they're called Rhizans) be reluctant toward some ganger-typicall income and focus on some work not typical for hive-scum? Another problem I have is how to create AS Diologous that is not only devoted preacher but a woman with her needs (I don't think that so valuable DNA set could be thrown away for celibacy with all that mumbling about sancity of human form) and a social creature (with any other personality she propably wouldn't got assigned to praeching nobility).In other words - pious woman to the core but not dull! @Varnias_Tybalt: challenges modern neurology have is one thing, conclusion that something so important as Your sex (no matter witch) must have comlex and deep influence over most of Your life is something different.
  5. Although I'm aware of the general conclusion of gender studies - that most of gender associated characteristics are only socially engraved - I have to dissagre with that concept. Unless I'm mistaken, women and men are different on many levels: influence of diifferent hormone setup on behaviour, brain chemistry (influenced by different hormones opperating) and brain hemisferes activity differences (right hemisfere responsible for emotions and creativity, left for logic and space orientation) evolutionally induced sociall development (eg. women tends to be more socialable then men, are better in creating compromises and in social skills men are more inclined to monastery type of life and have a tendecy to be an alfa type male), men are more likely to have sex with many partners to sperad their DNA wherever and whenever they can, while women have to search for mate cappable of sustainig them and their offspring (selfish gene theory) to mention but a few. I asked my question because it's difficult for me to create sensible behaviour patterns for women characters in setting so different then ours: there is no chivarely toward women, no gender studies/feminism - it's not important what's your gender is - IoM Adeptas despices such petty devisions in face of so many dangers, and yet still, women are different from men in so many ways (fortunately).
  6. @ Shadowkat: We're not just pieces of meat, woman! We have feelings to! @ Varnias Tybalt: I think that it's hard to create credible characters (of opposite sex than the writer) that have both indepth, developped character and are really kickass, plot changing and have credible power of personality - even in "Game of trones" series by G.R.R. Martin any of the female characters don't fulfill all those recuirements so far.By the way I'd like to state that the whole cycle is - by my standards - one of the best books I've ever read. @ all female forumites(this time seriously) as a male GM I would like you all to give some guidelines as to what kind of behaviour I could expect from female NPCs in 40k universe that 21st century mind wouldn't thik off of top ones head. I mean it's totally different world and I'd like to create psychologically credible only-girl-gangs, joygirls/courtesans, nobles, misterious psychers, AS from all tree branches of organisation etc that are not walking stereotipes and do move my plot at the same time.
  7. So far my PCs are not familiar with inquisition (and they're happy about it). They "work" for some Adepta Sororitas fighting off heresy and that only because they fear retaliation from Temple Tendency (they managed to stop TT assault on AdMech sea cruiser/destroyer and assasination on local Ecclesiarchy official). I recon that keeping them from the big ][ for a while and allowing them some free space will allow them to find more of who's who in 40k galaxy more by themselves, as they not so familiar with the setting. Besides, I consider the whole idea of "O'kay, you work for Inquisitor What-his-name from now on because he says so" quite unrealistic.There should be some reason for PCs to do so and not every Player creates a pious Cleric/Adepta Sororitas/Imperial Creed zealot - Character.
  8. Unfortunatelly, I do not have Apocrypha.Is it some sourcebook?
  9. My question was about vechicles soon-to-be-looted by my PCs, they propably try to sell at least some of them. World is Vaxanide in peryphery subsector, hive resembles the one in Gaunt's Ghost story "Necropolis" so it is not average spire-city and requires transport other than railroad/maglev, especially that most of supplies come from the same continent. STC of bikes and SUV are kept on other continent in Vaxanidehive - the capitol of planet, as my hive is more focused on heavy industry.
  10. At the moment they're not accolytes yet, they have to prove they worth before that.They haven't even got themselves hive ID yet, they must make a living (not legally) and chase some heretics at the same time so I know they won't leave such a bounty on street. As for availability of ground vechicles, I disagree - it would be difficult to keep hive functional without private transport for blue and white collar level citinzenry. Even more important: all those small but necessary enterprises that fill economic niches to small for big companies to bother.
  11. Since I'm new at this forum, at the beginning I'd like to say hello to all forumites. Now, on topic: I GM campaign on street/gang level in hive, so looting enemies after combat is common practice for my PCs.After next session they will probably have 1 car (roughly SUV equivalent) and 2 motorbikes (type of machine ganger would drive - fast and loud).The question is: what free market prices for those machines should be?Yes, I know it's a big Galaxy, prices may vary and I, as a GM will make final decision but I would be gratefull If anyone could give me any hints on this. P.S. English is not my native language so sorry if I made any mistakes.
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