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  1. Has Dark Reign experienced an Exterminatus or what? Been about a week and my system keeps giving me page not found.
  2. I am interested. pop me a friend request and I'll sign on. What careers are you looking for as players?
  3. Okay...that was a painful read. Only because I am a GM from way back when D&D was a boxed set and all you had was a "Sword" as a choice of type of swords. I have lived thru things like this and you will too. Though you may wish you hadn't. I have an interest in your online game, would a Metallican Gunslinger be okay?
  4. egalor said: How many servitors does it take to screw in a light bulb? As many as the Omnissiah requires of his most humble and quiescent followers.
  5. So many cinematic moments open up with this simple concept.
  6. Dark Reign has a great Adeptus Astartes sourcebook. I don't have the link right now, but I am sure one of our fellow whackos do. Still, here are a few points you can consider. Start them out as Neophytes as the sourcebook says. Let them earn their black carapace and power armour. Maybe they end up wearing the armour of one of their brethren that died heroicly, or end up carrying their chainsword or bolter. Which chapter is dependent upon the pace you want the game to go at. If you make them Blood Angels then they will eventually succumb to the Black Rage. Ultramarines would be stable, but very vanilla. If you make your own then you will need to come up with a philosophy and ethic. What Legion were they founded from? Which founding did the chapter originate from? How are they organised? Not all chapters follow the Codex Astartes, just look at the iron Hands and the Spacewolves. You may want them all to come from the same world. This is a normal practice in Space Marine Chapters. At the very least from the same sector. How are the players being moved about? Will they be fighting in a crusade of some sort? You could have an entire campaign on a single planet if fighting the Orks or even renegade Imperials. Let them decide what path they take as far as being Assault, or Devestators. They can easily work together as a special team put together by their company commander. And remember, noone gets to be Chapter Master until they earn it. And considering the exploits of most Space Marines, you better be on your game to just make Sergeant.
  7. I would say to really develop the method of their corruption. It should probably be similar, or at the least related(ie. exposed to the warp in transit, had contact with a tome of Chaos knowledge, had contact with an apostle of the dark gods in some lower hive area and convinced of the "truth", that sorta stuff) . Also I would develop the power that they worship, usually best to use a lesser power with possible affiliation to the big boys, rather than going for a cult of one of the big four, that gets cliche. Perhaps the Crow Father has corrupted them with visions of the saints or the Emperor and now they serve the "True purpose of the Imperium". That would give you some interesting fodder to play with as it pits acolytes against acolytes basically. Perhaps even a Shadow Inquisition...oOoOooo....the Tyrant Star could have influenced them into being harbingers by performing sacrifices and rites to call it forth into a system and create havoc. Yesss, I like that....
  8. So I am thinking to make this a House Rule, but I wanted to see if anyone may have seen something in the book that I may have missed. Essentially what I am gonna say is that if you have two melee weapons in hand, have ambidexterity and two weapon wielder (Melee) then you may parry twice if you forego attacks. What say you all?
  9. Thanks folks. I remembered the Coblast, I just wanted to gather data on other companies that I might use for them, and let them encounter during their escapades. I think I can use this info and develop it from there.
  10. There have to be some, will I be making one or are there any in the fluff that i have yet to learn about? I have no problem doing this, but if the names and affiliations are out there then I would prefer to use canon information when at all possible.
  11. CoyDK said: Year I know, my english spelling sucks but when iem done with this it should be fixed I understand completely. And it was no dig at your English skills mate. I have run forum RPs with far, far, far, far...FAR worse. But the testes was just funny and one that any of us would make, and laugh at. Please give us more on this, I am really looking forward to it.
  12. You could try what I am planning. Have an outside group become aware of their activities and decide to offer them a patronage. The sub-plots alone could fuel months of RPing.
  13. Looking good so far, kinda interesting. Spelling errors...Testes, I am fairly certain you mean tests. but the idea is intriguing, please carry on...without the testes
  14. Damien8


    Let us not stick ourselves in the rut of thinking in a strictly 40K set. The ruleset is a sound one, and it could easily be used to run super hero types, especially of the pulp or low powered types. In fact it lends itself to steam punk style heroes very well. But interjecting a hero type into 40K? I must say that to do so would mean you are not really in the 40K reality anymore. That would be more akin to an alternate reality.
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