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  1. i have sr behemoth from set 4 im intrested in your flag sora. let know thanks
  2. i have captain pete. i am only looking for ultima weapon out of the things you have. my trade list is on my sig let me know if you would like to do business. thanks
  3. Saturn2

    Death to Wr

    So it seems everyone is focusing around aggro with the new set and even myself who has always run wr has switched to a joat varient, does anyone still believe in a classic wr that will survive?
  4. Hey Mr. Way to the Dawn im intrested in your flag sora promo. I have cerebrus and cave of wonder gaurdian is there anything else on my list you may want? i do not care about rarity with the promo. get back to me when you can. Thanks
  5. Hey Roxas i have wisdom form sora I know that u have been looking for the one thing i need from u is your king. Let me know. Thanks. My trade link is on my signature.
  6. Haves: Older Set SR: Behemoth *2 Donald lvl 4 (Halloween Town) *2 Oogie Boogie Leon lvl 4 Hercules lvl 1 Dumbo lvl 4 Beast lvl 1 Captain Hook Ursula Riku lvl 3 Hercules lvl 2 Queen of Hearts Disney Castle Haves from Set 4: Diz lvl 1 Jasmine lvl 1 Minnie Mouse lvl 1 Roxas lvl 1 Sora lvl 3 Destiny Island lvl 2 Alice lvl 0 Jafar-Genie Ansem lvl 10 Jack Skellington lvl 4 Pete lvl 2 Phantom Hades Sora Wisdom Form lvl 3 End of the World lvl 2 Captain Pete lvl 0 Promos: Riku lvl 2 rare Sora lvl 1 (Mermaid) SR Event SR Wants: Twilight Town Friends (All) King Cloud Olymipa Kingdom Key Tinkerbell lvl 2 (Set 4) Jack Sparrow If you want to just post your list I will look through that and let you know if there is anything that I want and I will let you know. Thanks -Saturn Please post only serious offers on this
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