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  1. We used to play each scenario immediately when it came out for the Dunwich and Carcosa campaign. But we didn't like the waiting time between the releases as we lost track of the story. So starting with the Forgotten Age, we decided to wait for each campaign to be fully released, and then play one scenario each week.
  2. Faranim is correct. You do not need to have the level 0 version of a card in order to get to it's higher level version. You can immediately purchase any card (in this case Lucky lvl 2) by spending the appropriate amount of XP (2 XP), and then remove any other card from your deck in order to maintain your deck size (this can be the Lucky lvl 0 card, but it does not have to be that specific card). Upgrading is optional, not mandatory. See the Rules Reference, p. 5, "Campaign Play":
  3. Yeah, the inconsistency in the rules update schedule is indeed a bit annoying. Almost a month has passed since the release of the last Mythos pack, and still no update in sight.
  4. • There seem to be quite a few people who didn't like the supplies system in the "The Forgotten Age" campaign (or at least a vocal minority). Are there any plans of modifying or adding some variability to the supplies system with the (hopefully upcoming) "Return to..." box? • Is there a particular scenario which you weren't fully happy with, but couldn't find a better design solution? If so, which one? • Will the still missing side-stories be added to cardgameDB at some point? (Curse of the Rougarou, Carnivale of Horrors, Murder at the Excelsior Hotel)
  5. They seem to have solved the problem. The Search for Kadath images have now been added to cardgameDB.
  6. Actually, cardgamedb has been bought by FFG in 2013 or 2014, and is therefor officially supported by FFG. During the live play through for Murder at the Excelsior Hotel (26.11.2020), someone asked a question regarding the updates on cardgameDB, and the official answer was that they seem to be experiencing some kind of technical problems at the moment. Seems to be some bigger issue since they still don't seem to have been able to resolve it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DICVDVAWpK8 (around the 25:00 minutes mark) Isabelle Silvestre: question : this scenario and the "search kadath" pack are not on cardgamedb... this is the end of the card database ?? Fantasy Flight Games: Give me a second to get back to you @Isabelle Silvestre ! Isabelle Silvestre: thanks sorry for the repeating, that was just in case the tchat goes too fast for reading the first one. Fantasy Flight Games:For sure! It seems like we're having some technical problems in uploading them, but it should be resolved within the next few weeks! Fantasy Flight Games:So they WILL be up at some point!
  7. According to their website, based on the recommended packs of sleeves, the box will contain 201-250 cards. The cards spoiled so far range from 001 - 211, so the box will contain at least 211 different cards. This makes it "very unlikely" that the Core Set will contain 3 copies of each card, more likely the exact opposite. My guess, based on the informations we have, is that the box will have 223 cards total, with 211 different cards, and 12 duplicates (2 plots, 2 neutral, 1 per faction). This would allow the creation of 4 (reduced) out-of-the box melee decks containing 45 cards, by combining all the cards of any 2 factions (20 cards each) with 5 neutral cards, and a plot deck of 7 cards for each player.
  8. 13 for "Heads on Spikes" is correct. 16 is my guess for "Marched to the Wall" as well. Summons has nbr 22.
  9. Creating one stack for each type of condition should indeed not cause any problems. At the moment I've split the condition deck into two piles: - Physical & mental afflictions (Illness, Exposure, Injury, Madness) - Deals & states (Deal, Boon, Bane, Restriction, Pursuit) Each stack contains exactly 46 cards.
  10. The card itself indicates that there will be 3 Data Ravens inside the Core Set. But we don't know yet how many Scorched Earth cards there will be. They didn't update the image.
  11. I always tell my opponent what card I'm resourcing (and give them the time to inspect the card if he/she doesn't know it). And I also always try to see what he's resourcing. If I don't manage to get a good enough look at the card (and know the card), I simply ask to see what card he just resourced. I place my domains of to one side too, like Hellfury. More space for the other cards. Domains on the left side, deck and discard pile on the right side.
  12. I'm extremely excited. Always wanted to try this game. The original rules have always been quite promising, and the theme was just icing on the cake. Though I have to admit that I probably would've bought only a simple start-kit (if I would've finally found one), because the unlimited cardpool and the CCG modell was/is a big no-go in my book. The art wasn't very appealing either, but that's another topic altogether… So far the news are very positiv for me. The art for this version so far looks good. The cards look a bit overloaded though. And there is one point that also already bothered me with LotR: Inconsitent layout for the different card types (or at least it seems that way), especially the fact that the name of the cards are in different places. Try to stack cards (in order to save some space) whose names are in the middle of the card instead of the top. The colors are ok. Wished they would have used colors for each sides factions that fit better together, for example staying in the black/blue/purple spectrum for corp, and green/yellow spectrum for the runner.
  13. Making the 1x card Core Sets for CoC and AGoT were quite easy to do and less costly for FFG due to the fact that they simply could reused the old cards (and especially the old artwork) to create these sets. The could choose the cards from quite a big existing card pool and simply add a white border to them and be done with it. For WH:I, LotR and for A:N they had/have to create all new cards (artwork) for the whole box, which not only takes time, but also increases the initial costs for the game. I wouldn't really be surprised if they reused the 3x2x1x system like they used for WH:I and LotR, although I definately would prefer a 1x type of core set, of course.
  14. I guess the fact that the Khopesh-"problem" reappears with quite a frequency on this forum already shows us that people seem to have certain difficulties to handle the card, which should be a good indication that it may be a bit too powerful. From the more recent packs cards like "Mask of Sthenelus" and the "Disk of Itzamna" are my top cards for combo decks to protect my key-characters from the Khopesh (but unfortunately not from the Temple and other sacrifice effects). Of course playing Snow Graves helps against the reshuffling of the Kopesh (and other Relics), but the damage has been done. Another quite interessting card to handle the Kopesh and the Temple is the Yog support "Breaking the Ward", which allows you to copy triggered effects of opponent's support cards without paying the costs (you simply discard the top card of your deck). So if your opponent triggers the Kopesh or Temple, you get to wound/destroy one of his characters too, effectively eliminating the use of the Temple (he sacrifices 2 characters against my 1 character and 1 card from my deck). Of course, most of the time you can only play this card when the damage has already been done to a certain degree, since it's a support card and you have to attach it onto the Khopesh or Temple. The new Yog event "Walk the Path" (or something like that) does the same as the Ward, but can copy any triggered effect, i.e. is more flexible, but costs you 2 resources to play (the Ward costs 0).
  15. It is unfortunately also the same weekend the French National Championship in Tours takes place, so I'll not be able to participate in your Brawl. But it's nice to see that there will be another AGoT tournament in Germany apart from Stahleck. Keep it up!
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