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  1. Sounds like you've had the worst luck ever Maybe the stars are VERY right (or wrong depending on whose side you're on) Good luck /Å
  2. Thanks for the answer. I haven't tried it yet. But is the Deep one rising track fast enough for making any real threat during the game?
  3. insanepenguin02 said: I would agree that this game is a great two player game. My wife picked up on it quick and is really enjoying the simple yet intriguing gameplay. True! It's very interesting to see how much tactics there is in such a simple game as this.
  4. Just sat and read through the rules for "Innsmouth Horror". And concerning the Deep One rising track it says: "There are two primary ways for the Deep Ones Rising track to advance. Each time a gate is prevented from opening, such as by an elder sign token or an investigator ability, add one uprising token to the Deep Ones Rising track." Does this mean that every time a mythos cars tells us to open a gate where there allready is a gate (ie. gets a monster surge) we should advance the Deep one rising track? Because a blocking gate is also preventing a gate from opening a new gate.
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