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  1. Yeah, I've got friends on several continents keeping their eyes peeled for the one book missing from my Anima collection.
  2. I recently tried to find a copy of Those Who Walk Among Us and found a copy on ebay for $150+. Collectable? So I searched FFG's website, no Anima anywhere. Checked the forums, found Anima in the graveyard Forum Archive. Notta good sign. Checked Wikipedia and there's a mention of a 2nd ed in the works and translation has been suspended until the European publisher finishes the 2nd ed. So is Anima in perpetual limbo now? I missed the DriveThruRPG sale which by all accounts was a clearance sale. I'm keen to lay my hands on a copy of Those... but not willing to take out a second mortgage to do so. PM me if you have a solution to my quandry. Thanks! >>ReaperWolf
  3. Hey FFG, I'm enjoying DH and RT immensely and eagerly looking forward to Deathwatch. One thing I could really use is some "official" markers for Fortune Points for use in game. The quality of your boardgames is fantastic so cooking up a bunch of plastic or pewter tokens should be easy as pie. Maybe include a spiffy leather bag with the appropriate game logo? This way I could have my players spring for their own bags and tokens they could bring along with their character sheets and dice every session. If you wanted to flesh it out as a full on W40K rpg character pack throw in a couple of spiffy percentage dice along with a third damage die. Charge $10.00 -$15.00 for three dice and 5 tokens plus bag sounds pretty reasonable. For DH the Inquisition symbol would be ideal maybe mix in a two headed eagle Imperium token. Regards, >>ReaperWolf
  4. Squats live!! Sneaky sneaky DH developers. This is more or less my first post, hey ya'll! I'm almost too embarrassed to post as my W40K library has sat unread on the bookshelf since Christmas 2009. Sorry, GURPS 4e reading took precedence. Anyways, I found a vague reference to squat muscle-bound machinists living on the Latheworld in the DH core rulebook. Page number escapes me but it's in the planets of the Callixis sector part of the book. Based upon the description and personality provided I'd say these are the remnants of a Squat community taking refuge in the Imperium. What's next? Zoats hearding on some backwater feudal world? That would be too awesome!! Best! >>ReaperWolf
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