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  1. For those interested, I put my LE Celia up on Ebay here: www.ebay.com/itm/220839598395 $69.99 for the starting bid, so feel free to check it out.
  2. I'd just like to note that on #2, you regenerate 1 Ki per stat per hour, so its technically 6 Generic Ki, 1 Ki in each stat, unless you use the unification of Ki optional rule, then its 1 Ki every 10 minutes (AKA, 6 Ki per hour).
  3. You don't have to buy Unarmed at all, Pakration itself is enough. (Martial Arts basically supersede Unarmed). That said, I already went over the math, and along with adjusting Griever's Wear Armor down to its natural level, fixes his Combat DP problem.
  4. Elric of Melniboné said: I believe I read on the Spanish forum (where Edge Entertainment members post regularly to clarify stuff), that she allows YOU to re-roll anyone single die (but it must be a roll YOU made, not other players) once per turn. Yes it's pretty much less powerful than how it's written on the card. Still, you can re-roll your exploration, anyone combat and so on... Yes, I just checked it. It allows you to re-roll a single roll per turn, anyone roll you made. Only one roll per turn makes her significantly weaker, and I was hoping Lucanor and Millenium finally had some competition as best Arcane character. I was pretty sure it only worked on the controlling players dice rolls, but limiting it to a single dice roll per turn is pretty meh imo.
  5. Think I figured out what Arma Distina is. It is just a Weapon Module "Different Type" in English. It is likely Griever took Pakration as his natural (half cost) then picked up Different Type (Two-Handed Sword).
  6. To be honest, the first time I used the translator on that, it came out as something close to that, but now it comes out as "Distinctive Weapon" and I have no idea what they would actually be. So that is still up in the air. As for Elan, by that logic, almost every character would have some amount of Elan. Also, just because they have Elan doesn't mean they have enough to utilize the advantages related to it, or they simply have it but don't utilize it. Griever and Noah is a bit far-fetched to me as well, he was trained to be a soldier since he was young, but he doesn't actively battle for the sake of battle, or to challenge himself. He does it because its his duty and nothing more. As for Nerelas, just because he is the Chosen of C'iel doesn't necessarily mean he is synchronized with any of the Beryl, C'iel herself is blessing him, which would explain his absurd talent and power, but lack of Elan gifts.
  7. Just because someone has a personality relating to the Beryl + Shajad doesn't necessarily mean they will have much, or any Elan at all. I also already linked a thread with all the stuff translated (fixing stuff as I find errors).
  8. You should post that on the Cipher forum, I know several forum members there would be happy to see this.
  9. My attempts to translate all of them: cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php
  10. hellgeist said: Its probably been cut, so that the game design team can perpetuate a hopeless no-win scenario for characters to struggle in. Seriously, the most you can hope for as a player is for your character to become a slightly useful pawn in the godlike lives of the feature characters, Powers in the Shadow, and various Organizations. I realize this is dark fantasy, but.. as a GM I've moved off Gaia and am building out Lunaris for my own use, in a way that seems more sanely balanced for fantasy RP campaigns. Wow, some over the top drama in this post. Are you saying that every campaign you have ever played in your characters have shaped the world to their will, completely dominating every established Organization/Major NPC/gods within the setting? I don't get why people hate on the established powers in Gaia, similar entities exist in almost every "official" setting I have read for any RPG.
  11. You'd think the relatively few changed would mean it get translated faster, but nooooooooooooooooooooo.
  12. Anyone know if FFG will be hosting another Anima Tactics tournament this year at Gencon? They have ran one the past 3 years, so hoping to see it again this year, but don't see anything planned.
  13. Azur Alliance is easily the most difficult Organization to play due to their glass cannon nature. While a lot what you perceived as "broken" really isn't, the Azur Alliance is much more fragile then other Organizations. That said, the following two lists I find are tournament worthy and should be a challenge to even the best teams other Organizations offer. Alastor, The Colonel, Kirsten, Reinhold, Kyler, Ligori. Plot: Les Jaeger team card. Organization Advantage: Absolute Control Arkeid, Adolf, Frey and Freya, Ligori, Claude/Alius (to your preference). Plot: Puppet Master team card. Organization Advantage: Absolute Control I choose Absolute Control for both lists because it allows Arbiters (and The Colonel) to spam some of their basic Orders at longer range. For example, in the first list. it is possible to have Kyler generate a huge number of attacks in a turn (2 from Alastor, 2(4 if you spend AP) from The Colonel, and Kyler himself can either attack twice normally, or 3-4 times with Dancing Mad. The Sheer volume of attacks will fell most non-DR characters, or at the very least run them out of AP. If you want more damage per swing, Ligori is capable of one-shotting a majority of the characters in Anima. Add in the fact Alastor + The Colonel can generate more attacks for him, and very few people will look forward to seeing Ligori on the table at all. In the second list, Frey and Freya serve as "assassin" missles, and if your opponent fails to kill them in 1 activation (quite possible if you stick Clocks on them) you swap places with Ligori using Arkeid's ability. Arkeid also offers some "free" dodge orders and the ability to Shield some of your characters, increasing the durability of the fragile Azur Alliance. P.S. I highly recommend going to the Official Anima forums for tactical advice, the community is usually quite happy to help. cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/
  14. There seems to be some misunderstanding with how Magical/Psychic Shields work going on here. Supernatural Shields have an LP amount, they take the base damage of an attack they successfully defend against, so Shield that Blocks a 100 damage attack will lose 100 LP. If they fail their defense roll, they are hit as normal, taking the same damage as if they had failed a dodge/block roll. So if the enemy attack succeeded enough to do 20% damage with a 100 base damage attack, the defender would take 20 damage, provided they aren't wearing any armor. Psychokinetic Shields is certainly strong, and yes, they can be recast so long as the Psychic has the Psychic Potential to do so (if they spent it all on an attack earlier in the round, too bad for them), but Shields are far from invincible. If the Shield breaks (blocks too many attacks and runs out of LP) the Mentalist better have a good dodge roll, or he is going to be losing a lot of LP very quickly. Not to mention Energy based Attacks completely bypass the Psychokinetic Shield. Also, keep in mind there is a cap on projection, just like there is one for Attack/Defense, it is 1/2 the Psychic Primary, so a Mentalist can only spend 30% of their total DP on Projection. This is still a pretty solid amount, but Fighter archetype classes generally have bonuses to Attack/Defense per level as well. P.S. I don't know where the whole "elemental damage will go through it" came from, but Elemental Damage does not = Energy Damage, so it would not bypass the Psychokinetic Shield.
  15. Dominus Exxet (not yet released in English) has a chart that details how Projection should work. Here is a partial translation: Failure level Str 6-9 Str 10-12 Str 13-14 Str 15-16 -1 1 - 3m (D1) 5 - 10m (D1) 10 - 15m (D2) 15 - 30m (D2) -2 2 - 4m (D1) 7 - 15m (D1) 15 - 30m (D2) 30 - 50m (D3) -3 / -4 3 - 6m (D1) 10 - 20m (D2) 30 - 50m (D3) 50 - 100m (D3) -5 / -6 5 - 10m (D1) 15 - 25m (D2) 50 - 80m (D3) 100 - 200m (D4) -7 / -8 7 - 15m (D1) 20 - 35m (D2) 80 - 120m (D3) 200 - 500m (D4) - 9 or under 10 - 20m (D2) 30 - 50m (D2) 120 - 150m (D4) 0.5 - 1km (D4) D1-4 specifies how much additional damage (10-50 I think) a person takes if they hit something while thrown by Projection, this can be reduced by Acrobatics or Jump like falling damage. For rules questions, you should go here: http://cipher-studios.com/AnimaBB/index.php That forum is a 100x more active then this one, since FFG barely pays attention to this game.
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