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  1. I am guessing you didn't actually read the article on the front page signed by the company president. They have to design the full game. The printing process to make the game unique costs 2-4 times as much for those components. The lower volume increases costs. There were huge upfront costs in programming an algorithm. There were costs tweaking the algorithm. So yes, you could find a game with 5 times the components for $0 more. Especially when the components are a pack of cards. This isn't my opinion, this is what the president wrote and openly shared. Unboxing here: https://www.boardgamegeek.com/video/194481/discover-lands-unknown/daily-game-unboxing-discover-lands-unknown-mild-sp LOOK FOR YOURSELF. Take Harry Potter Battle for Hogwarts, a licensed game, with massively more numbers of components, cards, custom dice and tokens, cards of four different shapes and sizes. $50 MSRP, $32 on Amazon. Discover: Lands unknown $60. But whatever this'll be my last foray into this game's threads. You want the last word you got it. (If my thread doesn't get removed by mods for suggesting there are other games out there in the world).
  2. The marginal costs for additional cards are not $5 in a game like this. And even FFG admits that they massively lose efficiencies of scale when printing and distributing subsets of the components. And there are massive costs to engineer and program the new systems required to do this. Just look at their own article where they lay out. It is still on their front page. This box will have $40 MSRP worth of game in a $60 MSRP box. My post that you quoted literally has FFG admitting that it would not cost a lot more than $5. It is from a whole article by FFG refuting your point. Out of curiosity have you ever played Arkham Horror? I even have most of the expansions. Now I also have the app on my phones/tablet. I pull out the investigators and randomly pick three (choose one to play, that is the way we roll), randomly pick a big boss, and toggle which expansion we are playing on the app. For AH it can be a pain to setup the mythos deck (the once a turn event deck) if I want to play with a specific expansion's theme. Can't argue with your third point. Just doesn't interest me in the slightest. The real question is, Imagine if this game wasn't unique and everyone had a desert survival game for $40, with a arctic expansion pack for $10, jungle expansion pack for $10, and two more expansion packs. Would that be preferable to you than what they are currently offering for $60? Could it perhaps be that this is just an inefficient process?
  3. A GOO is a great old one (or something) it basically changes the rules (one might make certain monsters fly, one might change the endgame, one might change the terror rules, one might destroy locations on the board throughout the game, etc.) and are the big boss. Honestly if you don't want to know what the characters do before you play the game, exercise some self control and don't look at them and pull one at random. Nothing says that you need to look at your game components ahead of time. You don't want to know all the events that can happen every turn, don't sit down and spend three hours memorizing the game before you play. In my case, my first game was like that because I was at a friends house playing with their copy. Then you won't "know who my survivor will be at my friends house until I sit down and play ther copy". Folks are really stretching to justify nonsense.
  4. OK, I can take out my copy of Arkham Horror and play it at my house. Then I can take it to my friends house and play, this time choosing different investigators and a different GOO. Next week I can pull it out again choosing a different GOO and the same investigators as the first night. Repeat ad nauseum. Weird that you cannot do that with AH. In their own latest article they hit as to why this is a bad idea. Namely that you lose production efficiencies when you print 1/5 of each of the components. Why don't they just print the whole game, raise the price by $5, and give us everything? **** it probably wouldn't even cost five bucks more as they have the additional costs of sorting, making an algorithm, and all that extra extraneous BS. We’d need to design and create 5-6 times the amount of content of a normal product (i.e. different boards, cards, scenarios, characters, etc). Consequently, if we printed the same amount of copies as a normal game, each interior item would be printed 5-6 times less than normal––significantly affecting volume (and thus price) of each item.
  5. For your Diala example, why don't you just retcon the strain moves to before the rest? The app doesn't track strain anyway. I mean you are just playing to have fun not to be a jerk to yourself. Honestly if I was playing as the Imperial player and one of my rebels did that I would just tell them to remove the 2 strain.
  6. I think in the past they have airshipped product that otherwise would have arrived late to sell at GenCon. It's far from uncommon to buy things at GenCon/Essen/Origins/etc, well before you can buy in a store.
  7. Is the other Nemesis Agent Blaise? Unfortunately I see campaigns go through three phases, 1. Rebels struggle to kill Imperials, Imperials struggle to bring troops on the board. 2. Rebels can one-shot weak Imperials, you need to bring troops with some durability. use red deployment cards. 3. Rebels can "melt Bossk or any large high HP figure deployed." Back to grey and hope to swarm. Nemesis deck needs to preplan for stage 3 and have either Jabba or Blaise as one of the two choices.
  8. Because accurate mechanics for hitting when firing a gun on the move wouldn't be fun at all. Moving targets don't hit other moving targets with single fire weapons all that often except at very close distances. Don't think if it like actual health, but more of a fate or luck pool. Only the wounding hit actually hits the target.
  9. choosing from twelve distinct and powerful heroes, split between four archetypes—healer, warrior, mage, and scout. These archetypes are further diversified into different classes that your heroes can pursue as your power grows. Looks like they are taking the Descent character build model and using it with Warhammer Quest. I'll consider that a refinement. It already has more than WHQ out of the box. This is one of the things I like about Descent that I don't about Imperial Assault is the character builds being set in stone and allows for more variability.
  10. Oh and the other thing that should have never made it through the first pass is the bonus rewards for winning. While in theory it is neat in that it provides an incentive to push hard and win, if every mission is theoretically balanced (which should be the design goal) then extra XP for winning, bonus credits for opening crates, etc causes the Rebels become overpowered after two or three back to back wins. Extra influence/XP for Imperial wins does the same for the other side. The rewards for win/loss should be equivalent. If you are going to give one side a unique item or upgrade (hero specific side mission for example) the other side needs to be compensated with a fair-ish counter balance. Side missions should also be one chance to accept, not a persistent choice, flush the choices every time with no repeats. If the cards come up for Diala's lightsaber, Mak's stealthsuit, or a 3 Influence mission the rebels must make a hard choice. As it stands they can soundly defeat the Imperial mission, then get Mak's suit, lastly get the saber. As it stands though 3 Influence imperial missions aren't worth the cost anyway as the villain is already "properly" costed.
  11. I could do with the class system from Descent. For example if a character is a healer they can choose from Apothecary, Bard, Disciple, Prophet, Spiritspeaker, or Watchman. Basically their character sheet would be the same, but they would be able to swap up XP card or even multi-class (sort of). Other than that I would also be happy with recosted cards and a full campaign book. One thing I am not a huge fan of is the Agenda cards. Every agenda card that is a deplete (once per mission) is far and away much more powerful than all of the other types. Rather than the influence system I think the imperial side should have both a class deck and a "dirty tricks" deck full of one use sucker punches. The agenda decks don't do a good job providing flavor. For example I could do the military might class deck and a Weiss' pursuit trick deck. The Weiss' pursuit deck would allow me to bring more vehicles. Or I could bring a subversive tactics paired with an Agent Blaise deck that gives the Imperials a spy theme. Or mix them up. Problem is the blister pack approach doesn't really support this and leaves the villains really feeling shoehorned in or vital to the core campaign and other villains awkward (a la Dengar in return to Hoth).
  12. First play it is really great. With small kids it's also alright. However for adults who are actually competing to win it doesn't hold up at all. Both sides have an optimal strategy (Imperials non-stop fleet attacks, Rebels Endor track, Skywalker/Vader duel is a waste of resources for both sides) and are hobbled if they try to do anything else. The game has three aspects, but you are better off ignoring two of them.
  13. I did a dry run of the first mission just to see the deployments, then test activated a few. I'm curious as well as I interpreted it the save as Spidey and think it doesn't make much sense.
  14. I disagree. Do whatever you want, but "A hero can use ONE medpac when it performs a rest action," implies one per rest. Also the sentence doesn't work if you remove the word a "A hero can use medpac when it performs a rest action,". Also there is no limit on using the supply card emergency medpac either, you can pop two or more medical items during a single action.
  15. Right. If move three wasn't enough to get an attack, then clearly moving two instead of three would also not get an attack. Think of it as a double move instead of a move and attack.
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