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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to ak-73 in Watch Fortress Erioch organizational chart   
    As mentioned, Erioch has significantly less than 200 Astartes on-board at any given time unless unusual circumstances apply. Page 328/329.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Errant Knight in Watch Fortress Erioch organizational chart   
    I once tried to catalogue the marines in the books.  I found the Master of Vigilance, 5 other Watch-Captains, 1 Chaplain, 3 Apothecaries (1 is also one of the Watch-Captains and 1 is a lone Kill Marine), an Epistolary (it is, however, stated that most Deathwatch Librarians are Lexicaniums), and 2 Forge-Masters.  One of the Watch Stations has 40 Battle Brothers assigned to it but most have a single kill team.  Some Watch stations have a single Battle Brother or none at all, being entirely automated.  There are supposed to be many more Watch Stations than are illustrated on the map.
    Off hand, I recollect reading that a few score marines are at Erioch at any given time, though it has the facilities to house an entire chapter.
    While kill teams might be customized for a mission, efficient deployment demands that multiple kill teams deploy from a single voidship and kill teams are chosen from those 12-20 battle brothers.
    Given these numbers it would appear that Erioch is home base to at least 200 marines and quite possibly 1000.  And these are still stretched ridiculously thin covering the hundreds of thousands of systems that are located in the Jericho Reach.  Keep in mind that the galactic disk here is approximately 1000 light years thick, and that wouldn't include all the halo stars.  It's easy to forget that 3rd dimension on the maps.
    It doesn't seem unreasonable that the Ordo Xenos has requisitioned an entire chapter worth of marines.  The Ordo Malleus has a chapter dedicated to its service.  Of course, the Ordo Xenos has a lot of other places to cover besides just the Jericho Reach.  This alone leads me to believe the 200 figure the most accurate, and that's assuming the Jericho Reach is of utmost importance in the galactic scheme of things.  Given that the Deathwatch maintained a presence here for 5000 years while the Imperium wasn't present, it seems that's also not an unreasonable assumption.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to ak-73 in The definite Squad Mode rules reference   
    I suppose he could, provided he is in Squad Mode. I doubt that you are excluded forever once you leave range. But there is no official ruling as far as I know, so everything is a house rule.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to pearldrum1 in Centurion Armor   
    It happens to the best of us. No worries.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to ak-73 in Watch Fortress Erioch organizational chart   
    There's much more Watch Captains, just counting the official ones, I think.
    Also, the Librarians are not part of the Kill-Teams but form a cadre under the Watch Commander. Probably the same with the Master of the Forge. And then there is Chamber of Vigilance. And the Inquisition. And the DW Keepers. And the Dreadnoughts.
    It's not simple.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to professor_kylan in Statline for a Primarch   
    Roll a 01-05 to not die, each round. If they're playing with you.
    Your players cannot beat a primarch. Your players and their watch house cannot beat a primarch. Angron was once in the basement of a fortress that collapsed down on him. He punched his way out. Magnus the Red was attacked by an Eldar titan. He telekinetically crushed it into a sphere. Roboute Guilliman was ejected into space, catapulted across the void, punched his way into an enemy battleship and only didn't kill the entire crew because he got caught up in fighting a greater daemon. Sanguinius broke the spine and banished the king of the Bloodthirsters. The only primarch to have been killed by something that wasn;t another Primarch or the God-emperor himself actively desired death. Those that WERE killed by other primarchs are, in some cases, getting better.
    They have no statline. They don't roll dice. They just win. If you're not personally chosen by the chaos gods? You lose. If your players decide t push their luck? They lose.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Plushy in Stats for a Custode   
    Take a regular Space Marine. Add +10 across the board to his characteristics, save for Willpower (which gets a +20). Give him Best-Craftsmanship Artificer Armor, a Gladius (Best-Craftsmanship Power Sword) and a Guardian Spear (Best-Craftsmanship Power Spear with a mounted Best-Craftsmanship Bolter.) Count all of his weapons as blessed, make him immune to Fear, and then erase everything you have written down because Adeptus Custodes never leave the Imperial Palace on Holy Terra and are probably the strongest non-psykers around.
    You'll never be fighting less than a few hundred of them at once, plus a ton of Sisters of Silence and the Terran PDF (the best armed in the galaxy), a multitude of Temple Assassins, two Titans, and a couple billion zealous pilgrims.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Shambhalawar in Bored players, boring combat?   
    These are good reminders to mix narrative with actual combat rules. I was doing this to some degree in the fight that became boring, but I could have embellished the actions of my players more. I think after 3 hours of playing I became a bit overwhelmed by trying to hold the vast number of rules and all the circumstances of the situation. One important thing I am learning, is that I have a 3-4 hour time limit atm at which point my mental capacity for leading a game starts to diminish fast. In the future I might try to schedule a mid game break for 15 min, so i don't fall in a slump. I think this lead to not having enough mental endurance to continue with good exciting narratives (I hope this gets easier over time as I feel it will). When we recently played the narrative helped the situation become soooo much more exciting.  
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Vehem2 in Question about ammunition   
    Calonnau said:
    The issue I’m having is how much clips of standard ammunition should cost. I know the Errata says that in general a character should have 3 clips per weapon, but I think it’s likely players will want to requisition more (especially if they think they are going to be facing a long or combat-heavy mission). How much should be charged in requisition points per extra clip? I suspect this will come down to the weapon and how gritty you want the mission to be. A lot of GMs run weapons as being "infinite ammo unless I say otherwise" (i.e. if ammo-restraint is a factor for the current mission, they'll be briefed as such and have to plan accordingly).
    For a general campaign running a more realistic ruleset (ammo tracking etc), 1 Requisition for 2 extra clips should cover bolters and other basic weapons, with 1 per clip for Special/Heavy Bolter/Missile Launcher and 2 per clip for the more exotic heavy stuff. This way allows them to plan for a little extra sustainability, but discourages carrying huge amounts of ammo for no good reason.
    The other way to go if they're planning for a long, hard battle is to allow them to requisition an Ammo Cache. 20 Requisition for a number of large ammo crates with enough spare ammo to keep them going. The crates are bulky enough to make moving them under combat conditions impractical, but if they're stashed inside a Bastion or in a bunker on an Aegis Line, they may be a vital source of mid-mission refills. This is especially true if you're throwing waves of attacks at them or if they're facing a Last Stand situation. The crates contain enough ammo to refill all weapons up to Distinguished rank indefinitely, as well as a healthy supply of Frag/Krak grenades and other standard issue consumables. Of course, if the Ammo-Dump were to come under fire (pretty heavy fire, given this is an Astartes Ammo Crate - not a gunpowder keg), it could provide for some interesting moments of its own.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to ak-73 in Bored players, boring combat?   
    Few girls like the topic of warfare. Deathwatch might not be the right setting. That said, I hope she does understand the importance of combat in a RPG - it raises the stake to the highest (lives are at stake) and thus providing tension. Also, trying to outfox someone in combat is generally more exciting than, say, successfully climbing a mountainside.
    Of course, it might just be overwhelming. DW isnt a beginner's game. It has many rules and can overwhelm beginners easily. I have listened to a number of DW podcasts recently and none of them played the game correctly. Most ignored like 30% of the rules, probably being totally oblivious of them. They still seemed to have fun although they didnt run it correctly.
    But this is why I like DW: it's a veritable art to be learned. Just as the marines hone their skills of 41st millenium warfare daily.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Calgor Grim in Bored players, boring combat?   
    I recently threw five marines against a Bloodthirster and a dozen bloodletters. With so many wounds that could easily get into a load of rolls really fast.
    The key I found for keeping combat interesting was to keep it amusing. For example:
    "Ok, you have a greater daemon of Khorne, not looking overly amused. He seems to be aiming at...*GM rolls a dice*...you! *points at victim*
    "Oh joy!"
    "Yeah...tough luck with that."
    "You don't like me do you? You have been throwing things at me all day."
    "You're a librarian. He hates everything you stand for. Do you really think he WONT want to kick seven shades of...out of you?"
    "Good point."
    *At which point a collective mock and laugh occurred as it dawned on him*
    In the end the player made a dodge away from a brutal charge of the daemon. Now technically the rules stop there and the charge was missed but for fun, I said he kept going...

    "Ok, you narrowly dodge a daemon, however considering this thing is moving like a freight train, it won't be stopping soon. You watch as a creature with all the agility and reflexes of a brick on legs goes hurtling forward..." *GM rolls a 1D5* "...and smashes a good 3 bloodletters out the way. *quickly rolls some more random numbers* Two of those won't be getting back up again. Congratulations, the dozen bloodletters are now down to 10."

    "Wahey, daemon of Khorne is incompetent enough to kill his own side!"
    Bit of an extreme example I'll admit, but a bit of light humour and just generally enjoying when things go wrong or spectacularly right allows the players to make things feel a bit less "samey".
    A second good example was when I was a player we were also up against a Khornate daemon. It basically went to take a swing at me and I went to Parry. Now we actually House Rule that Parry should be somewhat of an opposed skill since only a pass to parry versus possibly a dozen DoS on the "To Hit" roll seems imbalanced. So basically the thing went to cleave my Librarian character in half with his axe. I opted to parry. Perhaps not wise considering the GM rolls 05 to hit against his WS99. My parry roll however results in a 01. 01 to 05 is in our books and probably somewhere in core, such a glorious success that you get the pass irrespective of DoS and under that circumstance, the GM just made my day:
    "You manage to swing your force sword up into the air in the path of the great blade. With a deafening crash, his massive axe slams down upon your blade, the sparks fly as the metals collide. However your sword remains unbroken, you buckle a little at the strain due to the immense force he brought down. By the will of the Emperor, you're still standing." At which point half the group were just like "Duuuuuuuude"...and that was before I managed a counter attack doing something like 63 damage
    Basically, abridged version of the above:
    Make some special shots and lucky rolls (01-05/righteous fury) feel truly epic, sod the rulebook for five minutes and just say that their pinpoint accuracy and success get them that perfect shot and make those catastrophic fails (96-00) that little more amusing or disruptive to just let them enjoy their glory and be wary of their failures. The backfired grenades, the weapon test which fails so badly they lose their weapon grip. Fate smiles on some and shadows fall on others...is it in the rules or the fluff? Not always. Does it make for a good laugh though? Hell yes! Try watching an assault marine spending two turns getting across a gunfight battlefield to recover his sword which got knocked out of his hand when he fluffed a WS test
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