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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to jabberwoky in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    -The ship's unofficial nickname is the "Adeptus Culinaria"
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Mordechai Von Razgriz in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    -When your Rogue Trader, captured by her sworn ennemy, got  "sold" to Dark Eldar as she is so tough said ennemy can't torture her as planned.

    -When the Dark Eldar, wanting to succour the desesperation of their current batch of slaves, taken from pilgrims dedicated to her, decides to crucify said Rogue Trader to a Rhino in the main arena of the Nexus of Shadows, so that an hunting pack of Fleshwrought Drake can have some fun as a starter.

    -When the reaction of the Rogue Trader to her predicament at first was " I don't give a ****".
    -When she enters an epic rage, breaking the chain holding her to the Rhino, and started flinging the bloody tank as a improvised flail thanks to her augments AND faith powers, for the unique reason one carnosaur eat her hat.
    - When she is currently single handely, conquering and cleaning the Nexxus of shadows with her Rhino-flail, street by street, wall after wall, to make them pay for her hat.

    - When the rest of the crew, instead of trying to help her as they were going to, just stay in orbit, to shoot down those that manage to flee, and to record the whole onslaught.
    - When the Astropath broadcast this directly to the High Lords of Terra, with juste the following text "Why we should have our official crusade to get the Koronus Sector, damni
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to htsmithium in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    when the ork wierdboy is introduced during the exorcism to remove some minor demonic  incursion because the missionary accidently prayed to gork.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Stevetassie in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    -When your Rogue Trader decides the best way to punish the leader of a failed mutiny is to put him in a voidsuit, reel him out past the reach of the Gellar field on a towline and jump to Warp.
    -When that same Rogue Trader grants an audience to some upset clergy who don't want him "Warphaul" anyone ever again, and he agrees that it would be terrible indeed if anyone ever made him do it again. Audience. Over.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to jabberwoky in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    -When the players realize that their protagonists from the last campaign are the antagonists of this campaign. With the same equipment and dirty tricks they pulled off.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Mordechai Von Razgriz in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    - When one of your player, from the very beginning of the game, plan, in game, her mariage, and how to get children, so that her Warrant can be safely kept in her family if she died.
    - When said planning included, on Scintilla, 16 potential grooms, from the mad son of the Sector Admiral to a famous painter, including famous corsairs and captains, and a chief accountant from Prol IX... with shotgun.
    - When the wedding "endeavor" included a Conquest galleon with a macro-gift pink ribbon wrapped around the hull, stolen afterward and a stern chase inside Scintilla star-system, boarding attempts, tanks fights against the gold plated train of the Rogue Trader on her ship, and an assassination made under contact from the Inquisition. And an assassination attempt against her with an autocanon sniper on Tarsus Cathedral's steps. Which she survived easily.
    - When the grooms offers gifts to be selected by the female Rogue Trader as the groom, going from a new gun-cutter to custom fitted implants...
    - When the chosen one is the chief accountant, who came with a nice bouquet, a whole Profit Factor worth of clerical errors corrected concerning the dynasties taxes, and the head of the responsible of saids errors bottled up inside the bouquet.  Get nicknamed "Bank-manager with Shotgun".

    - When the groom needs a  recaf-cup  cut in a Basilisk shell with the stamp I NEED THIS MUCH to begin each new day, thanks to her wife antics
    - When the equivalent of a yearly production income of a hive is spend by the Rogue trader on genetic selection, artificial uteruses and experiments, to keep  her ovaries safe, and to be sure her next in line will be at least as badass as her/his mom.
    - When the Rogue Trader got 2 twin boys, so facetious and fearless, that they make Dennis the.Menace looks tame, and that all the bodyguards and officers -including all the others Player characters- carved their own I NEED THIS MUCH recaf' cup.

    - When, at age 3, said boys, thanks to the relentless trainings from the others players,  are considered to be the ship's Tenebro Maze, after going all Grimdark Home Alone on a freakin' Slaught & heretical rogue RT boarding team, When they also  manage to steal Bastille's own cruiser under his nose with an other Player Character help, two cherubs, two laspistols, a rope, a hook, and bluff. When all the officers consider theirs predicaments from those two smiling devils beforehand "worth it" after this.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Sebastian Yorke in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    - When fighting room by room for the control of a hulked Grand Cruiser against a large force of Chaos makes the battle of Stalingrad look like a daily riot in Greece.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Cranmer in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    - And that Void-master is an albino non sanctioned mutated psyker, with white feather wings - hidden by srocery black arts learned with help of his mutated flying pet
    - and his closes friends are slaaneshi daemonettes posing as 'normal' people
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Sebastian Yorke in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    - When a simple space battle takes over 12h of combat, half a million dead overall and about 60 megatons of debris.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Boaventura in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    - The Void Master's first thoughts upon finding a Carnodon. "I can drive that."
    - He succeeds.
    - The Void Master's first thoughts upon finding an Imperial Walker while riding said Carnodon. "I can drive that, while driving this."
    - He succeeds.
    - Your Rogue Trader feeds tribal populaces of two different planets with high-tech guns and cross-planetary batteries not for the profit, but because the Arch-Militant placed a bet that "The Red ones will win."
    - Your Rogue Trader re-enacts the Horus Heresy last Showdown with every detail, including vat-grown clones that look like the Emprah, Horus, and everybody else in exact replicas of Horus's ship, because "Holo-movies are boring".
    - The Seneschal convinces the clergy Emissaries that said reenactment not only isn't heretical, but what's actually heretical is to doubt the Rogue Trader's good intentions and thus, they should self-immolate.
    - The Rogue Trader builds a graviton gun inside his hat, not to use it as a weapon, but to make his hat have a gravitational field of it's own.
    - The Rogue Trader has to buy the elite advance "Forbidden Lore: The word 'No'" to know what the heck that means.
    - The Rogue Trader starts using his gold as weapon, by literally burying his enemies alive in gold.
    - Said gold avalanche ends being cheaper than sending troops down the planet.
    - Or teleporting troops to the enemy vessels.
    - The Astropath starts sending Abbadon prank calls for fun.
    - The Explorator of the group starts receiving visits of Astartes that wish to become Techmarines, since Mars "Doesn't have the technolgical Edge anymore."
    - A group of Grey Knights team up with a group of Deathwatch Marines just to raid the Rogue Trader's Trophy room.
    - Said Team Up is never heard upon again.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to CaptainStabby in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    When your Explorator has tanked himself out so much that his Mag-Lev Transcendence movement is almost higher than his actual movement.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Elios in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    -When the Explorator runs down the corridors of an Eldar ship wearing his red robe and a giant sack attached to his back, all the while screaming "Ho Ho Ho" and smashing eldar with a blast door he ripped off his own ship. 
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to The Glen in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    - You ask the tech priest how to put engines on a planet so you can use it as your new flagship.
    - He has an answer in under an hour.
    - You can afford it.
    - Three chapters of the Adeptus of Astartes use your homeworld for recruiting.
    - One chapter uses decks 3-12 of your flagship for the same thing.
    - You consider any ship under light cruiser as ordnance.
    - The item you chose for your one free item was booze.  Really good booze, but still booze.
    - All the upgrades on your ship has made your crew more loyal to you than your servitors.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Tantavalist in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    - The Rogue Trader's player has min-maxed his character's Fellowship stat so high that he has earned the epithet "Wytch-Tongued" amongst the Void-farers of the Koronus Expanse.
    - The Rogue Trader himself is somewhat offended by this epithet, because he's never once used warp-sorcery to increase his powers of persuasion. He's always had more concrete things in mind when he dabbles with forbidden magics. Like raising a warp-storm to cover acts of piracy committed inside the Calixis sector (fuelled by the sacrifice of unsanctioned psykers).
    - Such is the awe that the Wytch-Tongued one's persuasive powers are held in, that when some of the crew mutinied they sealed their ears first lest his voice bewitch them. Rivals now conduct negotiations through the medium of vox-servitors to attempt to defeat his sorcerous tongue.
    - The Rogue Trader tries to seduce an Eldar Warlock he's just met in a potential combat situation, and after looking at the social rules and how high his Fel and Charm are, the GM realises he's got a 20% chance of succeeding. And he's willing to spend the entire session's budget of Fate Points to keep trying.
    - Plot hooks designed to bring the PCs to dangerous places are utterly pointless, because on hearing a name like "Processional of the Damned" the Rogue Trader immediately proclaims that this place sounds interesting and commands the Navigator to plot a course there. No attempt is made to learn more about this place beforehand, as "That would spoil the fun!"
    - The Rogue Trader actually sacrifices a full point of space on the starship to make room for a giant church organ, because he's decided that playing this during battles would be the most effective thing he could do. And then Battlefleet Koronus came out with rules for the Melodium component, making this concept official- and giving yet another +10 to his social rolls for having it.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Mordechai Von Razgriz in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    -When a good way to open the campaign is not " you met at a tavern" but " you gather all to the ruined hive city of Agropolis on Sinophia so that you can make a stranded cruiser there take off from a millenia-long slumber."
    - When your rogue trader make a point to sculpt herself the face of her flock of cherubim pets, so that they look exactly alike of her ennemies.

    - when your rogue trader goes everywhere followed by a fifty-men marching band, including standard bearers, incense bearers and choristers.
    - when your Rogue trader considers worth it to spent enough on her marching band on uniforms, best quality armors, hidden weapons, jet-packs, individual force fields and implants, to create three whole Guard Infantery regiments.
    - When your Rogue Trader, after her bridge has been opened to the void thanks to a teleported bomb-run, is more upset of her ruined uniform than of the mayhem around her.
    - When your Rogue Trader alone, almost casually, drive out her Ship out a warp rift with said bridge open to the void.
    -When, considering said instance, she is still having regrets about her choice of undies that day, because Scintilla blut satin does not mesh well with the red emergency runes light on the propaganda pics.
    -When your 1m45 tall Rogue trader is so heavily augmented that she no longer need to breath, have a daily inspection walk on the hull on her ship, and she almost alone freed a Rhino stuck in the mud with her small arms.
    - When the Rogue Trader weaponize her bicorn hat, with a miniaturised gold replica of her ship strapped on the cocardn the whole hidding a MIU-linked micro archeolasrifle, on the sole purpose to be able to say " My hat is an imperial cruiser, your argument is invalid."
    -When your Rogue Trader, with her uniforms, her marching band, and her flock of cherubs, is still NOT able to be more stylish than the magistral Navigator.
    -When the Navigator has enough clothes and shoes in her luggage to fill up the equivalent of Notre Dame de Paris.
    - When the only thing that can scare the unflappable Senechal is not orks, not deamons, not a Yuva'th ship, but this sentence :" The Navis Primari and the Lady-captain have gone down to do shopping".
    -When the Navigator is so good that when she tries to find the Astronomican, every single time, said light is as strong as if the ship was on Holy Terra orbit.
    - When the Navigator fight in a duel against Nostromo in the void above the destroyed Monarch of Whispers, catch her ennemy with her and send them altogether inside the Monarch plasma drives, creating in the process a very small star that reflect the Astronomican light in her death throes.
    - When the arch-militant name is whispered in terror all accross the Expanse, thanks to her current kill tally, including 33 frigates or equivalent, 19 cruisers,a Yuva'th Whisperer, The Monarch of Whisper, and Haarlock's frigate Spear of Destiny.
    - When the arch-militant is the only one eager to face Haarlock again, in his cruiser this time, so that she got both on her list.
    - When you have Jack Sparrow under an other name as your Master of the Helm.
    - When said Pirate manage to steal two whole starships above Scintilla, one to the Imperial Navy, one to an ennemy dynasty.
    - When your starship himself - yes, its a he-, is called "His Majesty", first by the crew, and then even ennemies...
    -When your starship is so ladden of riches from his nine millenia long history that every single deck is decorated with gold, marble, sculptures and master paintings, including the crew quarters. Ostentatious Display of Wealth indeed.
    - When your Rogue Trader travel inside her ship in a gold plated armoured Steam Train named the Profit Express, and always make a point to offer a tour to her guests inside it just to show off, including a ride on the hull.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to CaptainRemiVandigrath in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    After gutting a Chaos cruiser from range, the Rogue Trader's response to needing information from the captain (still sealed away in a reinforced bridge w/ auxiliary power) is not to board the ship, but to use his flagship's prow as a battering ram to open a hole in the bridge "safely".
    When the Chaos Captain ends up being a powerful Champion, and starts running up the prow of the flagship towards the Rogue Trader's bridge out of the giant tear caused by the ramming attempt in a display of resplendent Chaos, the Rogue Trader decides to personally duel the captain on the exterior of the flagship because the champion "Is asking for it."
    The Rogue Trader's idea of "Duel" is to then have a macrocannon battery aimed at the Champion, and an Arch-Militant with a Lascannon as backup, just in case.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to DarkForce2 in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    - You are attacked by a warband of CSM and answer "I pay double, be it sacrifices, slaves, thrones or weapons of mass destruction."
    - You buy every single bar on every single planet just to have leverage on the population.
    - You barely fought off a few Necrons and saying to yourself "****, nothing left to sell..."
    - Your Explorator then starts to search for a way of jamming Necron-Teleportation so you're able to salvage something.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to jabberwoky in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    -When your Rogue Trader's hit-and-run party ignores destroying the enemy's void shields in favor of stealing everything they can carry from the enemy's trophy room.
    -When the Arch-Militant's battle scars stop being a detriment to his Fellowship and instead begin giving him the Fear (1) trait.
    -The words "Astropath" and "Lady Gaga Costume Model" become interchangeable.
    -The Explorator, for all his lunatic ravings, mad experiments, intolerance for failure, low charisma and sociopathic tendencies, is the most polite person you'll meet in the Koronus Expanse.  And also the scariest.
    -The Missionary has become jealous of the Astropath's fashion sense and is desperately trying to create "Anti-Psyker" copies.  So far it hasn't impressed the Calixian nobility, as they still buy the origionals.
    -The Navigator refuses to come out of his room and continually orders coffee and pastries.  Although the Rogue Trader and Arch-Militant talk about his percieved cowardice, they speak of the Navigator only when they are off the ship and even then in a barely audible whisper.
    -The Seneschal convinced a group of Space Wolves that a plush toy with the tag "Property of Leman Russ" was a relic, and donated it to the chapter in exchange for services rendered.
    -The words "Void-Master" and "Adeptus Mechanicus Test PIlot" are interchangeable.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to htsmithium in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    you pull into port wanderer and get charrged two docking fees. one for your ship and one for your hat.
    you decided to not get your nova cannons purged of deamonic taint because it saves on ammo and labor cost.
    some tribal world has a myth about your ship that roughly translates as destroyer of worlds.
    between your arch-millitant and seneschal you some how have a squad of riptide suits on board, but they are legal because of the giant " we love the emperor!! " stickers all over them.
    one of said suits has disapered, as has the resident mek-boy.
    said mek-boy and magos have a long running bet to see who can fit the most shooty and stabby bits on a murder servitor.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to MorioMortis in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    - When your flagship is so filled with archeo/xeno/daemon/Explorator home brewed tech, and covered in so much bling, that it is not recognizable as Imperial, Martian or Xeno, and the Imperial Navy doesn't believe you when you tell them it's yours.
    - When said ship is perfectly legal according to your Warrant
    - When the Imperial Navy, the Mechanicus and the Inquisition would love to seize your flagship to inspect it, but they are afraid you might get angry and destroy half the sector fleet with your multi-barreled nova cannon broadsides and swarm of phase-cloaked vortex torpedoes.
    - When entire Ork WHAAAGH! have tried to invade your planets, only to bow down to your might because of the clear superiority of your hat over ever the greatest of Freebooters. That, and your complement of murder-servitors outnumber them 3 to 1 since the Explorator "improved" production.
    - When your Explorator tries to convince you to go to the Jericho Reach and get a few Tyrannids for his latest bio-engineering experiments, and you are happy to do so because it might keep him distracted from his other plans for a while longer.
    - When your Arch-Militant is giggling like a little girl at the idea of the Explorator's insane cross-breeding of Ork and Tyrannid genetic material inevitably become uncontrollable so he can have the honor of being the first person to kill one ever.
    - When your Explorator's insane cross-breeding of Ork and Tyrannid genetic material inevitably become uncontrollable, and he resolves that forcibly inserting (possibly Warp-Tainted) necrodermis into their structure may result in a sufficient loss of reproductive instincts to make them somewhat controllable. Any related omnicidal pulsions would be an added bonus.
    - When Necron Tomb Lords are afraid of your Explorator, not only because he has agreed to worse pacts and contracts than they ever have, but because his army of pariah gened servitors are a positive evolution over their immortal forms.
    - When all three major inquisitorial branches are bickering over who should have the responsibility of dealing with the clearly heretical acts of your Explorator, and everybody is trying to place the responsibility on someone else because they don't want to get whipped out by blank, chamelonine coated murder cyborgs.
    - When your Senechal manages to convince the Ecclesiarchy and a bunch of Puritan Inquisitors that the daemon weapons he's selling are absolutely devoid of Chaotic taint.
    - When your Senechal, through clever manipulation, liberal legal loophole abuse and clear disregard for the law, is theoretically a fully legal, ordained Inquisitor, with full access to the Tricorn, all the while having never conducted any operations for the Inquistion.
    - When your Void Master insists on buying a new Universe class transport to carry his vehicle collection.
    - When your Void Master routinely goes around in a Warp Spider suit "because it's AWESOME" and allows him to teleport to the cockpit of his vehicles without opening the doors.
    - When your Void Master is a better jetbike pilot than both the Wild Riders of Saim-Hann and Kabalite raiders, and has customized his jetbike to allow him to ride it while also wearing his jump pack.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to jabberwoky in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    -When the Void-Master wishes to be a master of all vehicles and modes of transportation, he gets huffy when he learns that the new, smaller, faster ship doesn't have room for his collection of dinosaurs.
    -The words "Seneschal" and "Ferengi" become functionally interchangeable.
    -When the rest of the crew, by mutual agreement and cybernetic safeguards, bans the Navigator from saying the word "Oops" over the ship's PA system.
    -The Missionary becomes displeased with his various flamers and melta guns and becomes obsessive about topics of geology.  No one bats an eye when it's revealed he's doing this research only to weaponize volcanoes.
    -When the definition of Explorator changes from "Seeker of Archaeotech" to "Archaeotech Implant Specialist"
    -Second most frightening thing on-board a ship: an Astropath with a pair of googly-eye glasses.
    -Most frightening thing on-board a ship: a summons to the Arch-Militant's "rumble room".
    -When the Rogue Trader swears he will not rest until he finds the legendary treasure of a Xeno tyrant known only as "Scrooge McDuck".
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to MorioMortis in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    No hate, but it's the sheer scale and old school lunacy of RT that makes it so zany. DH is all grimdark, DW is all "holier than thou" superman angel of death, OW is all grimdark, but in the trenches, and BC is like RT, except you do crazy stuff because of Chaos, not because you can.
    But back on topic;
    - When you seriously consider petitioning the Mechanicus to make one of your worlds a forge world so they can produce more stuff for your empire, and they agree, with a discount on future purchases.
    - When people still want to deal with you favorably even though associates of yours tend to meet an untimely end because your enemies tend to meet a quicker death. Even the Inquisitors. **** Inquisition, always snooping around where they shouldn't...
    - When the Inquisition knows you have killed (or facilitated the death of) a dozen of their Inquisitors, but still deal with you because you have also helped eradicated dozens of chaos incursions, and your associates are experts on daemonology and Warp studies from their respective fields.
    - When the Ordo Xeno accepts to work side by side with your Kroot bodyguard Cadre and the freeloading bunch of Ork Freebooters who follow the Explorator around (because "Ez got da biggest dakagun and ez da meanest and da biggest. Ez probably green unda da red and mechanikal bitz!") because your expertise with fighting wars in space and on the ground against uncommon xenos is unheard off since the Great Crusade.
    - When you find a stash of ancient nuclear missiles, but decide to donate them to the Mechanicus as relics of the past because half your enemies don't care about radiation, and you have enough issues with mutations from Warp that you don't need more of them. Emperor knows the Navigator is already looking dubiously human.
    - When the only reason you don't purchase Exterminatus devices from the Mechanicus is because you know that the Inquisition will bother you to no end over them, and a ship's weight of nova cannon shells is probably cheaper anyways.
    - When you have to routinely remind your Explorator not to develop Exterminatus level weaponry because he has a tendency to "accidentally" test things he wasn't supposed to. 
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Morangias in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    -Your personal chef makes you toast by cutting bread with a power knife that most noble houses would consider a priceless heirloom and AdMech would simply call "Archaotech".
    -When the Dark Eldar conduct slave raids in your general area of operation, the first thing they hear from the locals is "Thank the Emperor, for a moment we thought it might be (your name here)!"
    -When said Dark Eldar learn of how you deal with people that dare cross you, they suddenly grow respectful and try to avoid crossing you.
    -When a scammer sells you the ownerhip of a summer house in Commoragh, you simply go and claim it, and the Dark Eldar prefer not to make a fuss.
    -When you negotiate with Great Fabricators, "... or I'll get it from the competition" is a valid argument for you to make.
    -Your Arch-Militant has more weapons than your Explorator has mechadendrites.
    -Your Arch-Militant has a custom-built servitor just for carrying all his weapons and magazines.
    -Your Arch-Militant spends more time deciding which weapon to use than using them...
    -...yet his kill count still qualifies him as a living WMD.
    -In battle, enemies are afraid to shoot at your Arch-Militant from a hundred meters because they fear exploding all the munitions he carries on himself.
    -Even the Orks believe your Arch-Militant has "just enuff dakka".
    -Trazyn the Infinite is envious of your personal trophy room.
    -Blood Ravens bolt things to the floor when you pay a visit to their battle barge.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to antijoke_13 in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    - the smallest ship in your arsenal is a few kilometers long and requires a crew of 20,000 to function properly
    - the best fighter in your party is the blind, frail old astropath wielding the staff and pistol he started the game with
    - you are considered poor if your holdings *only* consist of the wealth of an entire world.
    - it is socially acceptable to wear clothing and bear weapons of obvious xenos manufacture, but you execute the inhabitants of other planets for doing the same thing
    - your job is to bring the light of the emperor to heathen stars, which you interpret as destroying entire civilizations so that you can seed the planet with your own colonists. this is in fact exactly what the High Lords had in mind.
    - if you deny an inquisitor his demands and then immediately flee to uncharted space, there isn't a whole lot the inquisitor can do.
    - you are charged destroying xenos wherever you find them, but your closest advisor is a kroot shaper, your bodyguard is an Ork Freebooter, and your Morale officer is a Dark Eldar Kabalite.
    - it's cheaper to give every crewman a personal hooker than it is to feed them
    - you can't commit crimes. you just make choices that are "frowned upon"
    - its better business to take another Rogue Trader's planet than to find and colonize your own.
    - the more people want to kill you, the more popular you are with your peers.
    - taking the young women of an entire village as your own personal playthings is encouraged, but if you choose to learn how to read in a dead language, you've "gone too far"
    - attempts on your life by another rogue trader is considered grounds for war, but attempts on your life by Eldar Corsairs is considered a rare business opportunity
    - what your crew does in the name of good would make blackbeard look like a pansy
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to ak-73 in Watch Fortress Erioch organizational chart   
    I wonder if even Mordigael knows.
    I guess significantly less than chapter-strength. if every 100th marine is fit for the deathwatch, we have 10,000 across the galaxy.
    Personally, I think between 200 and 300 is sufficient with numbers being ramped up recently by Mordigael as the Jericho Reeach is set to become one of the hotspots of the galaxy.
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