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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to InquistiorCalinx in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    When you make a pact with the Ruinous Powers to gain the power to warp reality ONCE, and you use it to turn the promethium deposits on one of your worlds into recaf to save money on waking up the crew.
    When Creed shouts YOUR name.
    When you try (and succeed) at getting a "Licence to Commit Heresy" from the Inquisition, which you whip out whenever they try and bother you.
    When the protest you making copies of the licence and selling them, you whip out your own, smile, and point to the Line on the "Rules and Regulations Regarding Usage of the Holy Documents  of The Adminstratium" stating that "bootlegging government documents is heresy", and point to the title of your licence.
    When you spend dozens of profit factor to find a way to separate Tyranids from their Hive Mind simply so you can have a Trygon as a pet
    When you get a (12k long) Mass Conveyor simply so you can house it and play fetch with it. 
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Egyptoid in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    you host an auction for some archaeotech and & people bring these things as trade bait:
    ITEM of RENOWN   ~PF
    Source of the Finest Coffee (Secret)  57
    Exact Coordinates of all 13 Stations of Passage (Secret)  48
    Mobile Inquisitorial Academy (Starship)  65
    Hereditary Title of Commander,  Protac. I.G.Division  52
    Gas Mining Transport (Starship)  60
    Deed to Kenov Star System  92
    Platinum Thrones {15,800} ₤  45
    15% Stake in the Junos Clan,  Halkazi Cartel  45
    Psi-Sword (Artefact)  56
    Deed to the moon Hadarak Six  40
    Yacht/Cruise Liner (Starship)  55
    Six Xeno Toenails  32
    Finest Attorney in the Sector (Person)  48
    7500 Certified Slaves  38
    the Haunted Tank   88
    1 Robotic Xeno Carcass  34
    Super-Tanker (starship)  55
    30,000 Kroot Hounds  54
    Hover-Craft Mech Infantry (Battalion)  70
    275 Melta Cannons with Ammo & Tech Crews  46
    Golden Thrones (250,000) ₤  75
    Continental Fiefdom on Tygress 2  52
    Rak-Gol Plans (Secret)   64
    Sculptors and Architects School (University)  56
    Membership in the Tyrantine Cabal  90  
    Wreck of the Cruiser Balaclava (starship)  61
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Redbeard in You know you're playing Rogue Trader when…   
    ...the Rogue Trader looks over his cargo manifest and asks "Don't we have ANYTHING legal to sell?"
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Tabularius in Warhammer 40kRP Armory   
    Both of the previous updaters have apparently disappeared, so I guess it's my turn now. All previous disclaimers still apply.


    There's been some changes with this version. Data grouping (the + on the left) doesn't subdivide by sourcebook anymore, because having all those fiddly little buttons worked a lot better when there were only 15 books to deal with. This also means that sources and page numbers are now listed per row. The new system has some problems of its own, mostly because certain categories are obnoxiously long - looking at you, Exotic Weapons - but I think it's still an improvement.

    The other significant change is that several sheets now have data filters enabled. For example, you can set a filter for "does not end with -" in the RoF column to only show guns that have a full auto fire mode, or "contains Tearing or equals " (with the second box left empty) in the Special column to show the results under their usual headings. It's pretty handy.
    Credits: unnownrelic for getting this thing started, eBarbarossa for keeping it going, and FFG for making some pretty cool games.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel got a reaction from Suigintou1 in Master crafted flamer   
    not upgrading your favorite weapon is BOOORING
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to craftomega in Deathwatch Character Sheet Generator   
    We still love you tricky!
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Misha in Storyteller aids?   
    I agree with SirBardiel. It's annoying when you have to rifle through your book to get the information you need. Some apps can really help. They made some for GW they can make some for FFG.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to RogalDorn01 in Watch Fortress Erioch organizational chart   
    I am also looking into making a dramatis personae of all the listed Deathwatch marines in the Jericho Reach.  I only made up one Watch Captain in my campaign so far, and he died last night in a heroic sacrifice that saw the destruction of a hive ship.  So now we can get back to the ones in the book.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to ak-73 in Issues with combat.   
    Why would shooting an individual be a called shot? Wouldn't that imply that he would be easier to hit if he was in a bigger crowd (size modifier of the horde)? Why not treat it as attack without horde rules, possibly the NPC getting cover by the horde to certain locations.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to ak-73 in Is it time?   
    Not to mention lack of Demolitions training (not even available at Rank 1) nor with the Astartes Sniper Rifle nor Pilot skills.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to ak-73 in Is it time?   
    LOL. Jesus, stop being so German, you're giving us a bad name.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Adeptus-B in Grey knight shunt packs   
    There are rules for Grey Knight personal teleporters in the Dark Heresy supplement Daemon Hunter. That said, I wouldn't recommend allowing them as standard gear in DW. From the way you describe it, it sounds to me like your friend is laser-focused on being a party-dominating Mary Sue 'special snowflake'. I'd put the brakes on that mindset a.s.a.p.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Calgor Grim in Ping damage   
    Better reason to reconsider this then:
    Go with your idea and it means the Imperial Guard laser pointer with twin linked torch Las gun can now damage a Space Marine rather than slightly tickle them and having it laughed off like what it should be. It would allow a group of guardsmen to somehow fell a Tyranid Carnifex solely by getting through its however many armour points and somehow felling it with ease rather than relying on heavy stuff like what they are supposed to...
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Lynata in Ping damage   
    I think this is a question of personal preferences (how superheroic do you like your protagonists?) rather than mechanical issues. But hypothetically speaking ... if I were to implement this suggested houserule, rather than rebalancing the excessive resilience of the player characters together with other aspects of the game, I would probably have it apply only to combat between "solo" characters, not Hordes - simply because (iirc) attacks by a Horde cannot be dodged or parried, thus turning a merely potentially dangerous encounter into one with a much higher chance of leaving you severely weakened, if not actually killing you as a result of continuous Wounds-deduction coupled with the occasional burst damage.
    I think if it were just the series of pin-pricks or the damage spike, it'd be okay. The combination, however, might be too much.
    That being said, an alternative might be to use this suggestion to re-work the game's Horde rules, by replacing the controversial and dangerous, even anti-immersive damage spike of the bonus dice with a minimum Wounds damage that is probably a lot more reflective of a barrage of shots hitting weak spots than fourty lasguns suddenly morphing into a single multi-melta.
    You can even have Magnitude factor into this: a Magnitude bonus of +1d10 could become a minimum damage of 1 Wound, and +2d10 would become 2 Wounds. If this sounds like a lot, you could also couple this minimum Wounds damage to a minimum damage roll: a Horde must roll 6+ on their damage die to trigger this effect?
    ... that is, if you think Hordes are too weak for the gameplay experience you are aiming for, of course.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel got a reaction from RogalDorn01 in Mission too easy?!?   
    I personally hate roll20, too slow and cold :\
    2 session\week *_* awesome
    Got last night the first session of *my* first mission, with 6 marines, after completing Final Sanction.
    They will **** nails
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Adeptus-B in Deathwatch Character Sheet Generator   
    I'm late to the discussion, but I'll point out that one of my players is an unemployed graphic designer who came up with his own DW character sheet. You can check it out on his gaming blog.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to MrSoopavillin in Deathwatch Character Sheet Generator   
    Is this still being worked on? I would love to see Carharodons be added to the Chapter list.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Tricky110974 in Deathwatch Character Sheet Generator   
    Just a quick message to say I'm still around. I feel guilty when people thank me for the work knowing that there's so much more that I can do if I had the time.
    I checked out my latest development notes and my next task was to look at the new advanced specialties from First Founding. These can be a little challenging and need a little planning that still leads to some trial and error. This means I need adequate time to code or a loose my rhythm and end up having to start over.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to ak-73 in Ping damage   
    Until a real wound gets through? Yeah.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Kshatriya in Ping damage   
    Meh. I think the system is plenty lethal.
    This actually doesn't affect (dangerous) hordes as much as it does solos. Though it does make whittled-down hordes still somewhat threatening and not just a thing to waste ammo on til it stops annoying you.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Adeptus-B in Fear in DW   
    The 'Copy/Paste' I was referring to was between rulebooks:
    Fear comes into effect when the Acolytes are confronted with scenes of atrocity or horror, or when they are called on to battle against terrifying aliens, insane perversions of science and nightmarish entities from the warp. When an Acolyte is confronted by such a frightening event or adversary, they must take a Fear Test; this is a Willpower Test, modified by how frightening the thing is. If the Acolyte passes this Test then he may continue to act as normal. If he fails, however, he succumbs to Fear.
    -Dark Heresy Rulebook, page 232
    Fear comes into effect when the characters are confronted with scenes of atrocity or horror, or when they are called on to battle against terrifying aliens, insane perversions of science and nightmarish entities from the warp. When a PC is confronted by such a frightening event or adversary, they must take a Fear Test; this is a Willpower Test, modified by how frightening the thing is. If the PC passes this Test then he may continue to act as normal. If he fails, however, he succumbs to Fear.
    -Rogue Trader Rulebook, page 295
    Fear comes into effect when a person faces unnatural horrors and mind-bending foes, or when he is called on to battle against terrifying aliens, insane perversions of science and nightmarish entities from the warp. When a PC is confronted by such a frightening event or adversary, he must take a Fear Test; this is a Willpower Test, modified by how frightening the thing is. If the PC passes this Test then he may continue to act as normal. If he fails, however, he succumbs to Fear.
    -Deathwatch Rulebook, page 277
    The above paragraph was Copy/Pasted into the DW Rulebook from the previous WH40KRP rulebooks, with minimal alteration, to illustrate Fear in general; it then launches into the separate Fear rules for Space Marines.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to RogalDorn01 in Mission too easy?!?   
    I am very very grateful to have a group of friends with such a passion for roleplaying.  Not to mention that my wife lets me host once or twice per week without complaint after work.  My campaign has swelled to 8 players after the first week.  I am sure one or two will drop due to scheduling, but roleplaying twice per week really makes the story go so much faster!
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Lynata in Fear in DW   
    The rules in Deathwatch are very generous to the player characters. Space Marines break and fall back due to loss of morale even in the TT, they just regroup automatically due to their indoctrination, which kind of turns the whole thing into a "tactical retreat due to a momentary fear-induced lapse in judgement".
    They're not robots - if they'd be entirely devoid of any emotion you wouldn't still have Marines fall to Chaos right up to M41, such as the traitors of the Space Wolf strike cruiser "Wolf of Fenris", who turned on their brothers to save their own hides when it became evident that Huron's boarders would be victorious.
    And it is perhaps worth pointing out that it's called "and they shall know no fear", not "and they know no fear". 
    As with all things in 40k, though, such details are a matter of interpretation and personal preferences, so FFG's version is certainly just as valid. I just find it fascinating how the original fluff of the Marines' inventors seems to be so much less popular with the players.
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to RogalDorn01 in Mission too easy?!?   
    So last night I put the Kill team through a close quarters space hulk-esque fight to reclaim a fortress that imperial guard forces had lost contact with in advance of approaching Guard forces, there was only a small window to get this place operational before the swarm (Which had been directed to attack this position once the genestealers had done their bloody work.)  Against a five man kill team I put forty genestealers and a broodlord in this place.  The fortress had several tightly cramped corridors connected to much larger rooms like shrines/barracks/ ect.
    Well once again I didn't successfully kill any of my players, but I sure did try.  The almost the techmarine during the initial ambush from the broodlord.  Hit him in the surprise round, then went full lighting attack on him, bringing him into crit damage.  Unfortunately the squad leader (Tactical Marine) was very adept and had used his Imperial fist ability to make it so that overwatch isn't done at the -20.  Then bolter advance was called...Needless to say, my poor broodlord never got another turn and the 8 genestealers in the room tried to disperse to set up other ambushes, but the marines had mined the ventilation ducts with cluster mines  coming from the command room as a precaution.  A heavy flamer burst followed by a pushed Smite ability pulped the rest, as the one survivor from the room tried to go to ground he was caught in the booby trap and incinerated.  Once contact was made initially I pretty much just pretended I was playing spacehulk in my head as far as tactics goes, so lots of "blips" moving about on auspex, blips congealing together in places that the kill team couldn't see, then coming in as wave of 15 or so at once from multiple directions.  Genestealers dropping into thier ranks through ventilation ducts...pretty much stacks on stacks of Ichor.
    Overall, I think I am getting a better feel for balance.  My players were mostly wounded, one was in crit damage, the apothecary was a godsend for them.  The most important thing is that my players had a blast and so did I.  So I think that's about right.  Pretty much I just take what would by a good fun fight in my head, then increase it by 30-50%
    Though I think my favorite part of the night was watching the kill team conduct an investigation under pressure into how this place was breached and what happened here.  They successfully figured out that one of the tech priests was a GS cultist, downloaded the encrypted communications data from before the blackout, repaired and restarted main power, unlocked the command and control systems, brought the automated defenses online and dealt with the one survivor of the initial attack.  Referred to the commissariat for Dereliction of duty and cowardice.  He his in his footlocker and soiled himself.  The 4th Castobel Reborn are on the scene and it looks like it's time for their next mission.
    But to me the craziest thing that came up to me was that one of the marines used his Space Marine ability to sample memories and skills by consuming the genetic material of the broodlord.  He used this to actually get an image of the high ranking cultist behind the whole conspiracy...****!  (Gave him 1d5-1 insanity for this)
    This mission backtracked in the timeline to when the kill team first arrived in system to commence their watch, but just before the signal came down from the moon to begin the "Extraction" mission from the main book.  Sunday we pick back up where they left off and we will see how they do against the swarm that is trying to cut off their escape...
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    [S]ir[B]ardiel reacted to Visitor Q in Inquisitorial missions for Kill teams   
    Death Watch Missions
    Suspected Head of the Xenos Blood Sport Criminal Organisation the Beast House has been finally captured by Adeptus Arbites.  The prison ship transporting him has been boarded by Wolf Pack raiders who are now piloting the ship out of sector.  The Ordo Xenos orders the DeathWatch to recover the vessel.
    A plagues begin in a Hive World.  300 years before similar plagues erupted as a result of classified xenos activity.  The Death Watch are ordered to go into the Under Hive to discover the source of the plague.  It transpires a Hive Gang is worshipping an ancient xenos warrior that is in fact possessed by a daemon of Nurgle.
    An Obliterator Chaos Space Marine has been sighted amongst the Xenos ruins of a quarantined moon.  The Death Watch is sent in to destroy the creature or even better bring him back alive.
    A Thousand Sons Chaos Space Marine Sorcerer greatly desires an ancient but seemingly harmless xenos artefact held in the personal museum of an Imperial Governor.  An Ordo Mallues Inquisitor has passed this information onto the Ordo Xenos who orders the Death Watch to lay an ambush for the Traitor Sorcerer.    But why do the Thousand Sons want the artefact in the first place?
    A Rogue Trader is involved in delicate negotiations with an Eldar Corsair clan.  The Death Watch owes a blood debt to the Dynasty and have agreed to act as bodyguards.  It is also a good opportunity to ensure that the Rogue Trader does not overstep the authority his Warrant grants him.
    Two Space Marine Chapters are confronting each other over an ancient piece of archeotech that both claim is a relic of their Chapter.  Unknown to both the ‘relic’ uses xenos technology.  The Death Watch must intervene.  Either expose the truth and risk dishonouring both Chapters or else sneaking the relic away from under the noses of both Astartes forces.  Or perhaps the Kill team can find a third way?
     A Space Hulk has just re-entered real space in a heavily populated Imperial System.  The Death Watch are ordered to enter it, recover any archeotech of value and then destroy the entire vessel.  Unfortunately a powerful Navigator Family has just laid claim to the entire Hulk.
    An Epistolary of the Death Watch has plotted the last 100 Dark Eldar raids in the sector and has determined a pattern.  He is confident he knows where the next raid will come.  A perfect time for an ambush or is the Kill team walking into a trap.
    An Apostate Cardinal is preaching the value of friendship with the xenos.  The Death Watch have been requested by the Ordo Xenos to destroy the fool with extreme predujice.  There are two problems, first he has hundreds of thousand of armed followers devoted to his message.  More worryingly there is an Ordo Hereticus Acolyte cell on the planet already and for some reason they want to keep him alive.
    Orks have attacked the Hive Planet of Thralla IV.  They’ve brought a Mega Gargant……
    A non Imperial civilisation has been discovered.  It possesses technology comparable to the Imperium and it is presently unviable to launch military operations.  However the civilisation is open to the idea of accepting the God Emperor as their supreme Lord.  The way is set for a relatively peaceful annexation.  There is one snag, the civilisation is allied to a minor xenos race.  A radical Inquisitor doesn’t want the Non-Imperials destroyed off hand.  But manufacturing a war between the humans and xenos could be a useful way of resolving this problem.
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