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  1. The Flesh Tearer Ass-Marine charged the Sorcerer after a little skirmish, then the Techmarine went full-retard shooting with a Krak Missile to the Sorcerer, muttering that "the Flash Tearer is a bit of an heretic anyways, so who gives a ****" The Salamander Devastator parted the game of life for its Player defected: I made him immolate himself defending the Apothecary.
  2. Made it with the sorcerer from core rulebook plus a couple tzeentch's powers 2 marines down. ...the assault marine killed by the techmarine krak missile, btw. i hate my party ;C
  3. Oh yeah almost forgot: he will be against a party of 4 rank 3 marines with no librarian, and will have a couple chaos marine as elite guards I need spell and equip, mostly
  4. I need a Thousand Sons' Sorcerer in about 30 minutes :3 Tips or sheets much appreciated
  5. what about some apps or html pages to keep track of talents, and skills i find too much time wasting to look for them on the corebook, and I have the PDF and the hardcover :C
  6. Isn't Demolition available at general marine advances rank 2?
  7. not upgrading your favorite weapon is BOOORING
  8. flame weapons are so hard to upgrade. no craftsmanship, special ammo or add-ons :c
  9. You should see how trained operators fire in melee, you'd change your mind
  10. Exactly. If hordes could have the power to drain Wounds slowly and steadly, kill-teams would at least put some effort to wipe them. Why spend Req in metal storm bullets if they serve almost solely to kill threatless uncountables? This House Rule wouldn't apply to effective hordes, capable to deal real damage to Marines - like heavy weapon teams or high penetration clawed monstruosities.
  11. well it could solve the problem of marines stage diving their way through hordes
  12. You own your life only to spend it in service of the Emperor
  13. I personally hate roll20, too slow and cold :\ I am very very grateful to have a group of friends with such a passion for roleplaying. Not to mention that my wife lets me host once or twice per week without complaint after work. My campaign has swelled to 8 players after the first week. I am sure one or two will drop due to scheduling, but roleplaying twice per week really makes the story go so much faster! 2 session\week *_* awesome Got last night the first session of *my* first mission, with 6 marines, after completing Final Sanction. They will **** nails
  14. AWESOME, ISN'T IT? Uhm yes, but what then? Stay invulnerable but with 0 Wounds?
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