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  1. A new spot has opened. Hurry to your recruitment agency fast, the inquisition needs you.
  2. Yes, we do need another player. pls send me an email at captaincutlass-AARG!-Gmail.com The campaign with all its details is chronicled here: http://sezs.weebly.com/ Hope to hear from you soon.
  3. Thank you all righteous applicants, at the moment the embarkation deck is filled to capacity. Should room become available, a new missive will be posted. Meanwhile, the exploits of the Cadre will be chronicled by Sister Zita of the Adepta Sororitas at this location: http://sezs.weebly.com/
  4. The Calixis Sector, located in the Segmentum Obscurus on the northern edge of the known galaxy has always had a reputation as a hotbed of dissent. Some say the entire region is cursed. The sector is host to a high number of Inquisitors, drawn by the countless conspiracies and mysteries that afflict it. One such Inquisitor by the name of Irae Illustro Vindixus the 3rd recently assembled a new Cadre of Acolytes. Their purpose, so seek out the rogue psyker, the dissenter, the mutant and the heretic. For this purpose, he has requisitioned a place aboard the Inquisitorial Black Ship The Vengeful Wrath. A ship tasked with bringing in the tithes and unsanctioned Psykers for the Golden Throne of Terra. As the new Cadre boards this dark vessel they will travel to new worlds, fight xenos amongst the black ink of space, discover threatening conspiracies but most of all, burn the heretics! Crew needed: Loyal Citizens of the empire are wanted to complete the Cadre of Acolytes. No experience required. I have ultimate edition of Fantasy Grounds, the Voice over IP software. This means you can join with the zero cost demo version of the software. Play is weekly, Tuesday evenings from 8 till 11*. Requirements: A good headset with a mic, Teamspeak, Fantasy Grounds, patience and a willingness to play *The inquisition also recruits in YOUR area: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/belgium/brussels Contact your local recruitment bureau via CaptainCutlass arg Gmail !
  5. GM: "thinking on my next adventure" PC: "Oh! Make it about me!" GM: "Okay, I'll have a look at your background" PC: "Great, I'll send it to you next week." GM: "What, you still don't have a background?! No Go!" Or similar: PC: "I am an orphan. My village was boring so I decide to travel & seek adventure." GM: "Good for you, I can't do **** with that and its the worst background ever." In other words: "If you don't bother to make a decent background, don't expect the GM to come up with something that ties your hero to the adventure."
  6. Not sure if this been already said but the main houserule that I totally dig is that any social action that says "you influence the target" also deals one shame to the target.
  7. Well, apart from the above, the PDF's are abysmal. My PDF reader (acrobat pro!) crashes on them all of the time. It is a royal pain to skim trough them looking up rules. Lucky for me I own almost everything but there are still two thing that bug me without end: the social action cards (which totally suck) and the totally arbitrary unfairness of the stance dice (reckless is always better). Also, I have six players and myself so I decided to GM 2nd edition because otherwise the game is too chaotic (too many cards & effects to keep track of). Other than that this is still my favourite game which I would highly recommend to any new player/gm and despite it being currently out of print there are many websites that still offer the starter box. I suspect FFG will not think about a reprint so long as there are still so many boxes available at shops.
  8. I'll join, Always wanted to write out my Black Monolith campaign as we had good fun with it. Some info here; http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/the-black-monolith
  9. Check out the help wanted ads on this page for inspiration: http://altdorfer.blogspot.be/search/label/Help%20wanted
  10. Thanks both for your insights. I've decided on 20 LY per system tile, My newest prototype: Currently I'm trying to make a google API map of it.
  11. After several years, I've decided to revisit my custom made Twilight Imperium RPG. In the past I've used Spacemaster 2nd edition So I'll be using that again with some additions from Gurps and Traveller. I've also created a site for my players and (anyone else interested). There are no rules posted there so you could use it with any system you like, there is still quite some work to be done there though. Check it out here: http://spmti.weebly.com/ any ideas, comments, critique or other feedback is greatly appreciated. so please tell me what you think about it. At the moment I'm creating a galaxy map for my players so we can quickly figure out distances and travelling times. However I have no idea on how big it should be. I've always had trouble imagining such vast scales. I had the idea to have each system tile be 5 or 10 light years but perhaps this is a bit small? For larger distances my players would have their ship ride along with a carrier, just like in the boardgame. Here my current prototype of the map: Please help my figure out the scale? Thanks in advance, and also for any other ideas or feedback. Arr! PS: this is a crosspost from BGG: http://boardgamegeek.com/thread/992603/custom-twilight-imperium-rpg
  12. I would like to thank all of you for your wonderful insights, I've been reding this topic prior to our session from 2 days ago and they were really helpful. If you are interested you can find the results of our "social combat" in our latest session MP3. www.obsidianportal.com/campaign/the-black-monolith/adventure-log Session 4. I hope those of you with reservations or those that are apprehensive (like I was) can find some use or inspiration in it. Feel free to comment. It was difficult to prepare, but even though all the dice were in a bad mood we had a wonderful session and a great learning experience. I don't believe you need to choose between Roll or Role playing, you can do both. Even though I would like to see some more official or even custom fanmade Social actions.
  13. Last night we had a wonderful introduction adventure. The online RPG experience is working very well. We still have two spots open. Here's a recap: Guntram, an enigmatic Grey Wizard aprentice, Osric, an initiate if Sigmar and Hagen, a Zealot are part of the 4th Reikswatch company. The 4th has recently fought at the border of the Grey Mountains, holding back a horde of undead who were driven back from Parravon, Brettonia. Although suffering a large number of casualties, the Reiksguard pushed back the undead into the mountains with the help of a clan of Dwarves from Karak Norn. Our story begins when the Company is licking its wounds after the battle. After our heroes walk about the camp they meet eachother and socialize with some soldiers, They learn that The 4th Reikswatch Company, currently consists of +-150 men Commanded by Captain Jehannes Helmuttson and Sergeant Gotthard Steinmann. Also, a group of about another 100 people are camp followers, providing food and provisions among other services. The camp is stationed at the border of the town called Reinsfeld (pop. +- 100), near the ruins of Castle Rabensflug. Reinsfeld is a poor community that lives from agriculture & timber. Despite their attempts the heroes are unable to get more decicive information on the origin of the undead threat. While they are talking they are summoned by Captain Helmuttson who has commandeered the local tavern. He has been talking to the mayor who told him that the nearby Reikswald Forest is crawling with dangers, beastmen and greensins among them. Futhermore he has recieved orders to move the army towards the fortress in Merxheim. In order to avoid any possible ambush along the way, the captain is sending teams of scouts into the woods. Our heroes are one such team. After some preparation the heroes enter the forest and after a while they come upon traces of blood. Before they know it they are charged by a small group of Beastmen. A vicious fight ensues where Hagen loses a finger and Osric is wounded as well. With some effort and teamwork, the heroes manage to defeat the beastmen who make a run for it and dissapear into the woods.
  14. Hello all, Thanks for your applications! Currently there is only two slots remaining open, both for dwarf characters. Crazy Aido said: I'd like to express some provisional interest in that... I'm sorry but provisional does not work for me, either you're in or you're not :-)
  15. I'm slowly getting ready for my first WFRP3 game. I have three players already and have open spots for three more. My game will feature pregenerated heroes. I have: - Human Zealot - Human Priest of Sigmar - Dwarf Pit Fighter - Dwarf Scout What do you need? FG, full or demo version Knowledge about the system, preferably you own the game, alternative you have played 3rd edition before. A headset and teamspeak. A mature disposition towards gaming and a good imagination ;-) If there are enough people interested I will open a 2nd game. I would prefer to play in the week, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday would work best. From 20 to 23h Gmt+1
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