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  1. Recently we've ran into situation: - Player uses the "Charge" class card to move and attack - In the middle of the hero's movement, Overlord plays the "Pit Trap" card What would you expect as the outcome? We've played this as: - Player's character gets the "Stunned" condition (due to lack of movement points to lose), but completes the action. I.e. finishes his hero's movement and attacks Did we miss something in the rules/FAQ? Or we played this correctly?
  2. Missing search spots will maybe hit my players, but I think it is more than logical - not to give something that they did not fought for.
  3. 1. If the heroes won the encounter, but did not search the search spots, do they allowed to do so after meeting the victory conditions? Same question for the situation when OL wins the encounter. 2. Syndrael ability: "If you have not moved during this turn, you recover 2 fatigue at the end of your turn". "Have not moved" refers to ANY movement, i.e. if this hero moved by fatigue, it counts as movement for this ability?
  4. RussianDM

    Turns order

    There seems to be a massive advantage to be a first player in this game. You may get to the enemies from the Event deck first and claim them as reward, you may get the most profitable neutral cards, etc. And the last player have all of this as a HUGE disadvantage, because him/her may be not able to get anything useful from neutral/enemy cards at all. Is there any rule that balances this mechanic? Because a little 'bonuses' from event instants are too small to balance this right. I suppose that possibility to shift 'first player' counter clockwise each game turn may do the trick. What do you think?
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