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  1. I think the multiples of some and single of others works for me. I don't buy multiple Asylum Packs for CoC because I might not play the same factions as everyone else. If I have three of a card someone else plays, I'll trade it for his single that I do. Turn around and do it again with someone else. Now they have gotten three cards each without buying pack #2 and I have gotten three copies of a card I want from pack #1. Or just everyone buys a copy of the chapter/asylum pack and pass the cards you don't play to the guys that do. I might get fewer cards this month, but I'll get more next month. And in the end we all get what we play and remove the collectible aspect (which is THE reason I don't play CCGs).
  2. As with other LCGs, one complete playset would probably require one to three boxes (or, one per lowest number of unique cards included times the maximum number of copies allowed...which with CoC means three, but until we see the card break-down and the rules we won't know).
  3. Anyone in north Alabama (Huntsville)? I'd settle for anywhere in the state, just about. Anyone in Birmingham?
  4. Arkham Horror is the obvious answer. Race for the Galaxy (cards, in space...a little complicated to begin with, but very fun when you wrap your head around it) Small World (fantasy Risk done right, based on Vinci which I haven't played)
  5. I pre-ordered two of them as well. I like the idea of using the small ones as doom markers in AH. I think I'll do that too. The others will just go with my extras from my second core set. I haven't thought of anything good to do will them, but as already said, how could I NOT buy these?
  6. I have an extra set of the story cards from the LCG Core Set. Are those the story cards you want? If so, let me know how to send them to you.
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