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  1. Except for the fact that Talisman as it is released currently is pretty much finished up for expansions. All the main sections have been released and the small box stuff is mostly their own in house brews.
  2. Heads up the expansion is back in stock at cool stuff. For anyone else looking for it. http://www.coolstuffinc.com/p/152425
  3. That version being made illegally still is in limbo though. It's a stick situation with how they are doing it base don copyright laws and infringement. Honestly though there are plenty of great games out there now that are spiritual successors to Heroquest and are just as good if not better. Hell there was a recent KS that put out a game that looks and plays just like HQ but is a little molre advanced and has a ton more content. Hell Dungeon Saga is essentially just a slightly more advanced version of Heroquest that has a ton more content and is more readily available.
  4. There's really no point to doing a reprint of WHQ as the game as it is with no overhauling is inferior to many others successors that are currently in print. It's doubtful they want to put any redesign effort into a new version and considering how lazy they were about the Space hulk and Dreadfleet reprints in the passed few years I'm glad they don't. A card format seems more realistic from a design perspective and it's vastly more cost effective. Not to mention if they do it right it will be a smoother more enjoyable game that can be distinctive from anything else out there. I'm personally looking forward to pure card based dungeon crawl game that removes the fiddly parts of today's dungeon crawlers. FFG turned one of my favorite GW game Blood Bowl into a fabulous card game. There's every reason to think they can turn WHQ into a great card game version of itself.
  5. For the record MMTobin Kosmos has translated MANY games from German to English and done a fantastic job with it unlike the translation that FFG did for Andor which has numerous issues. There is also absolutely zero chance FFG will publish any expansions for Andor since Kosmos is going to do them all and already has two done. FFG certainly has put out many good top quality games but they do drop the ball on some and this is one of them. However on the up side anyone that has a FFG version isn't SOL as the Kosmos expansions have already been confirmed to be 100% compatible. The major difference in the main game printings will be the better translated rules book in the Kosmos edition.
  6. What company? I NEED to know! I neeeed to know !!!!! Awful support by FFG ! Kosmos Games is going to release the game and all of its expansions in English. Here's a link to the BGG listing for Andor. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/127398/legends-andor You can see that the base game in the picture now has kosmos Label on it. They are releasing it around November 2015 along with the expansions New Heroes and Star shield. They will eventually translate all the expansions over to English. Hope that helps.
  7. Seeing as how ANdor is being reprinted by another comp[any now and they are actually do the expansions I would guess FFG gav eup on a winner. The Witcher although a brilliant property and computer game is a complete failure as an adventure BG. They tied the designers hands to much in making it a mass appeal game to stick in every big store. It just isn't worth your time to play. Hopefully this will convince FFG to put out a 3rd edition of RB.
  8. Not likely to happy anymore since it was announced another company is publishing this in English along with all the expansions. I guess FFG didn't see any profit potential in the game. Kind of sad since this is one of those hidden gems that is better than most games out there.
  9. Only thing I have found broken in this game is the lack of available product to buy. It's pretty much killing the game in my area since we can't get anymore and it's still months out for a reprint. Why did they not print as much as ususal knowing people would have to buy 3 sets for competitive level??
  10. Where are you located at? I'm in the York/Dallastown area and I am looking to try and get a league started at CSW in York but haven't really found many who play the game yet in the area?
  11. The game is utterly boring and this says something because I play Talisman all the time and even that game has more interaction. This is what you get when you have people that don't play Board Games dictating to a designer how they want their game to work as opposed to making a game that flows well and is playable by board gamers. The only thing I can think of worse to play would probably be monopoly. They made a huge mistake with a game that could have been so much better.
  12. Lilikin said: I obviously mean from the GM's perspective, I personally hated the first edition for that reason as the overlord you had to pull all the tricks out just to have an even chance. is there any news on this? you sure you were playing Descent? i cannot remember a single time when the OL was ever in a bad position to not utterly crush the heroes. Hell, they had to add a mechanic later just to help with this problem when the campaign system was introduced.
  13. In case anyone is wondering Roberto Di Meglio has stated that Ares games is in talks with possibly picking this game up from the now defunct Nexus. Nothing is concrete but Robert used to be a lead guy at Nexus (he's now a lead guy at Ares Games) before it all went to hell and his brother is a Co-designer of Battles of Napoleon. So there's a strong possibility that they may get it reprinted and expand on it. He also says the games was more successful than most think but because it came out when Nexus was fallign apart it never got the support it was due. I personally think these guys can get it and will. They got War of the Ring from nexus and there's no reason they can't get a beautiful game like Napoleon as well.
  14. Runewars is a mess of a game with AoC a little bit better. If you have 4 players get CiTOW and never look back, it's an amazing game.
  15. yewsef said: Mordjinn said: I at least put all the different little markers (door key cards etc.) in a small tackle box. It makes finding them while playing A LOT easier and faster. I do agree that ER box is one of the best when it comes to storage solutions. Are you serious???? I use 3-4 little bags that comes with the box. One for the keys, one for the timer, one for the command points/dmg market and put them on top of the upper right section of the box. Seriously using plano box for this little chits is just uncalled for you are just storing too much for too little you add more junk when you dont need to. Most of these chits are used BEFORE the scenario anyway and the bank of damage/command points should be placed somewhere as a pile before the game starts anyway. I honestly don't see how you justify adding a plastic box in Earth Reborn insert. Check out youtube and find out how to store Earth Reborn I am just shocked how you burned your box even more when everything is easily stored there without any extra plastic besides the bags which come already with the game. Sandwhich bags look TERRIBLY unpleasing to the eye. I prefer to have asmall plano box fitted with all the smaller pieces and the minis so i can store them neatly. Quick and easy access is also a big pet peeve of mine as well. then again you are looking at someone who spent a great deal of tiem and money to create a carry case for AH and all of its expansions which also allows the game to be played from the box without ever unpacking it.
  16. Not sure where you are seeing that line at on page 12. My rulebook only has 12 pages and the last page finishes telling you how to combat the Goo. Nowhere in that description does it say that.
  17. Steve-O said: ilikegames said: The OL cannot create his own dungeon for the heroes (aka other players) to go through. Says who? There may not be a formal system for creating homebrew dungeons, but you can still wing it. Maybe you'll need to makes some adjustments after a couple of plays through, but that's not biggie. If you're hardcore about the idea of only playing a dungeon once for some silly reason, just go online and look for other people's homebrews which have already been played and tweaked. Honestly though, I don't find that the game loses very much just because the heroes know what's coming. Unless they're playing the same quest six times in a row, of course, that would probably get annoying. I gotta laugh at that as well. My group has used almost NONE of the adventures that come with the game sicne our OL doesn't really care for them. The ONE strength Descent retains over all the rest is its flexibility to create infinite dungeon crawl experiences tailored to your own groups tastes.
  18. It's fairly clear it's a carry over from playtester wording about "adding a task" to a monster. His ability, as i played it with the designers at Gencon ADDS to a mosters complete task. Thusly, all monster with Shub as your goo will have an extra Terror result added to them in order to complete the task. The games definition of a "Task" is all the DIE results you need in one of the horizontal rows on an adventure card. The die results are not tasks which is why Shub's wording is clearly a printing error most probably from an editor missing it during proofing.
  19. Having played through all of the goo's now i can safely say that the difficulty is directly related to the Goo you are facing. Some of them are ridiculously EASY to beat and there's a couple , like Hastur, Ithaqua and Nyarlathotep who will eat your face off. We had one game where we were totally stuck and doomed because of Hastur's trigger. I like this though because you can teach the basics to people and add more difficulty to the game as you want it. Removing all of the "1's" fromt he adventure deck could be tough but i tried one recently where i left in ONLY the adventures that have "At Midnight" and "Terror" effects. That's a pretty unforgiving game if you have a couple bad dice rolls.
  20. Baenre

    Solo play

    pwvogt said: I've only played a partial solo game once to learn the rules and teach to my group. I'm looking forward to trying it again, but my first impression is that it's not as fun solo-wise as Lord of the Rings LCG is, but playing with bigger groups is better and quicker than LotR LCG can be. We played a six player game, and it felt tense and quick. I'd love to see a single player focused expansion for the game that makes it a little more dynamic for solo play. Are we both playing the same game here? Uhm i can beat every scenario in LoTR LCG solo with one deck that is unbeatable. With the random factor in this game EVERY game is different and is a great deal of fun. I cannot wait to see what they have planned for expansions to this game. Group play is also very good and scales very well. So far this weekened we got in about 20 games with varied groups and everyone had a blast.
  21. magicrealm said: you cant say anything about prices half a year ahead. economy actually crashes, so pray there will be any ffg in half a year at all and you re not running to the townsquare for a soupe. Not all of us were losing our shirt while the market took a dive. It's about where they culd price it for the minis they were going to include. Seems about right seeing as how we knew the original game could never get reproduced at the price it was originally.
  22. Kartigan said: I think the chance of FFG doing this for 2nd Edition is 0%. I really wish they would though, it get's expensive buying Planos for all their games. That and Earth Reborn proved to me it is very possible to make an organized storage solution ship with the game even when it is chock full of components. I really wish FFG would take a page out of Z-Man's book there. That's kind of funny you mention Earth Reborn. Even after looking at that storage setup and packing it up it still needed a plano box to hold all the smaller components and minis. It's not really all the expensive for tackle boxes when you think about how much you have invested in a game with so many pieces.
  23. What's more interesting is that if you allow Slaanesh to place in any phase and not just per round they end up winning the game using the Horned rat expansion almost 90% of the time. Why? Well you see their dial is stupidly short and the keeper of secrets upgrade is ridiculously good, which allows them to just pile up advancement tokens on their dial. Not to mention Fall from Grace and Rise to glory have very strong synergy with the Keeper upgrade. Normally you would lose your factions steam as you go along but because their dial is so short when they hit that 2 x tick that allows them two upgrade cards it's like the nail on the coffin. Even playing it as once per round our group is beginning to suspect that there's something missing from the playtesting of the expansion that hasn't translated well onto the rules of the game as they are now. It doesn't seem balanced for the other three gods to be forced to all work against Slaanesh to give us a chance at a win. I say a chance because even actively working against Slaanesh the whole game doesn't mean they won't win. Their card pool is well suited for a stall game which is all they really need to do anyway. The only games where we have seen even a relative balance is when we had a 5th player and used the skaven. In this case the skaven provide enough disruption over the entire board to reel in a run away player somewhat. We have about a dozen games in ATM so obviously more testing is needed and we are actively trying to see where the Slaanesh weaknesses are with the new set but so far they have a very good setup for this expansion.
  24. I'm confused as to why people don't understand the Legolas /Blade question. The rules SPECIFICALLY say that the cards break the rules when there is a discrepency. Legolas and the blade place on the quest plain and simple. The only time you place tokens meant for the quest on a location is during the quest phase when you have more influence than shadow and when a card specifically says to. IE Rangers and such. Now if they come out and say the opposite they are contradicting themselves. Legoals is designed to help tactics decks which have notoriously LOW influence keep their deck moving along on the quest. If you want abilities that place on quests instead of locations play with Rangers and such. I do however disagree with the Stand Together ruling. If you play it and keep it to the letter of the rules they should be allowed to spread the dmg out form whatever wasn't blocked. This is actually a pretty dangerous ruling considering the rules aren't very tight in some sections. It certainly doesn't make the card bad or worthless but it doesn't justify it being a one per box. IE Rare. They also set another dangerous precedent just arbitarily changing the wording on cards. I certainly hope these were all answered by the games designer but looking at how little info we got form a FAQ i am skeptical about that. They need to be very careful how they proceed form this point forth or they will sink their own game before it even get soff the ground.
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