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  1. This thread has people I like in it.
  2. 40 views and no bites? Oh come on you know you want to.
  3. Anyone looking to part with either the stone/glass Greyjoy house card and the Greyjoy wooden counters? I know there are many requests like these, but figured I'd try here anyway. I'd be willing to buy or trade.
  4. We actually just started playing again, gonna get up to date on cards and such.
  5. Still not dead....schools back in....we're poor. All that stuff. lol.
  6. well were about 20 minutes away near a town in florence ky, so really like a 45min to an hour drive to Lexington, just keep us posted Casey and we could arrange something. I still don't know how to message on these new boards but if you can figure it out, id be happy to give you my number so we could bypass the boards as our only mode of contact.
  7. well now that they announced princes of the sun, it gives all those who are undecided about a house yet another option, and it give William 3rd house to play lol.
  8. Hahah, well, i feel the same as you Jim. I just didn't think that thing, this "constitution" existed anymore lol.
  9. Thank you good sir. I was pretty positive it couldnt work, but it doesnt hurt to ask.
  10. Sooo.....Let's say that my opponent plays an event to kneel my character during the marshalling phase. Is it possible for me to use To Be A Kraken to stand the character that was just knelt to cancel the event?
  11. Lol i didn't realize we still followed that thing.
  12. Lol yeah, that's way off base Rogue...I realize that no one aside from my meta and anyone who attended the regional tournament here in KY a few years back know me personally, but I'm a fun loving guy, laid back, and really don't pick any fights, and I think I project myself online the same as I do in real life. As Nine said, I was just stating fact, not everyone laughs at the same thing, some people like slapstick, some people like dry humor, and others find humor in things that aren't really "supposed" to be funny. I'm sorry if you thought I was attacking you, I assure you I wasn't. I wasn't trying to rub salt in the wounds or anything like that, I just wanted Nine to know that his attempt at humor wasn't completely lost.
  13. I pretty much love everything about it, aside from the fact that I'll have to buy 3 of them to complete playsets. Aside from that, I have Winter Euron back. My most simple answer can be- I have reason to play the game again. The thrones revival here in KY has been going strong, but I had a hard time really getting fully involved in it knowing that the only house I had ever played wasn't really a viable option in the metagame (yes I am aware there were some successful winter GJ decks, they just weren't for me), so pretty much, even if the set was 60 bucks id still be happy as a clam. lol
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