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  1. thank you very much, that greatly helps
  2. thank you, this would be a very nice start, my appreciation
  3. alright, id like to try a tech-priest, but with all their implants, they seem to be very confusing, how does it work? do they HAVE all those implants? because the trait merely says 'suitable' for them, if you could sum it up for me, that would be fantastic, thank you very much
  4. so what possible stat line could be used for Tau? curious myself
  5. alirght, im going to be running a Dark Heresy game here relativly soon, and i was curious if anyone has home-brewed rules for playing the space orks we all know and love. It would save me time, and i really need just an idea i suppose. any help on this would be fantastic, and thanks ahead of time.
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