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  1. @ Keithandor I would actually be careful not to play a 3-cost card, but rather play a 2-cost card (firefight for instance). That way you let your enemy hit the refresh space for you. He won't be able to use it, but you will in your next round.
  2. Ok thanks:-) Hmm, will have to figure out some way to prevent overcrowding. It seems easy to limit the Reich and Union, as you can simply limit them to 3 characters each at a time. But the Matriarchy might be harder, as such a large part of their strength resides in 1 character. Limiting the number of voivodes they can have might not have the same impact as limiting the characters of the Union or Reich...
  3. Me and a friend have been thinking about picking Tannhäuser up, but we are undecided about the expansion. Can you play with the Reich, Union and Matriarchy in the same scenario? Like 1v1v1 scenarios?
  4. Hem said: Right, and if you tell me about comparing the weight of a Human with the weight of a Duck to see if it is a Cylon, I'll answer you I feel some kind of deja-vu... ...and not because I am a duck. Hem and James are both wrong. You weigh the human, and if it weighs as much as a futuristic toaster, the human is clearly a cylon. Duh.
  5. Yes, unless you use a card or something to move the figure you have to pay the cost, and for all intents and purposes moving a figure from your supply to a region is the same thing as moving a figure from one region to another.
  6. Without a doubt, Tzeentch. I like him being unpredictable, there is nothing more satisfying than watching your friend/victim believe he is on the brink of victory, only to ****** it from him with a few well-placed cards he didn't know existed:)
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