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  1. They not level up in common way we are used from RPGs. They just recieve XP points after each finished dungeon and they can spend these XP for new skill cards. Thats all
  2. They state a "late summer" in their last preview… well, that give a hint (dont expect june)
  3. Ok, big set of questions What are Cave Spiders? New monsters? We have Bane Spiders and Cave spiders now? hmm…. Iam also dissapointed, there is no splig figure on the picture
  4. NIIIIICE One speculative question…. how many spiders will be in monster group? 3+1? Iam just painting all monsers from descent and iam somehow lazy to paint them all.
  5. I think you are not alone I live in middle of europe and i am pretty sure that i will have to wait like a ordinary guy. Also, iam pretty sure that my local shop, even if they try reeeealy hard, will not recieve promo game due to the fact that my country is not on the list of distributors
  6. Beren Eoath said: Malicain I hate to admit it but Youre right. I told You all it's going to be this way. A couple post sooner I posted a news from publisher of polish veriosn of the game and the release date is between 3Q and 4Q 2012. I know it feels like a big kick in the … from FFG. And like You all I don't like it but it FFG. They do what they want. You will see the game will be avaliable after GenCon (a few copies will be there to buy for sure). So maybe we will see it in September or November (when You live in Europe). Cheers PS. I really don't like the new politcs of publishing form FFG. They announce games give them release date and then move those release dates the way it suits them. As good they could just make an announcment of a game ant then give it the release date 2012 or 2013 that would be more honest. And the way the upcomming section is treated looks like they don't care about fans and players. Now there are tons of games that are not updated. The PR and customers support form begginning of this year is going really fast down. Thay should do something about it. Polish version > Polish language > Translation + Print…. Poland will experience a great delay. I hope that english versions will be avilable sooner
  7. My gaming season starts in June and ends in Middle of August. Release date of Descent 2E is torturing my soul. I deeply hope in late June release date. Otherwise there is little reason to buy this game this year
  8. My guess is standard monster cards. Hero sheets due to their size and thus bigger cost and little bit difficuilt handling are not so good idea Some story around them could be in quest description but heroes dont have it so why Lties But if Fat Goblin Lt. is our "Fat Goblin" from Fat goblin quest, then some kind of story will be present
  9. IMO, there is no other option than that pierce is reducing number of shields you will get on defense dice. Pierce is Pierce
  10. Me too iam just concern, what kind of heroes will be forced into the role of healers despite the fact that they are typical representatives of other clases. Iam very very very curious about the upcoming necromancer class. If he will rise my dead minions, i will be pretty pissed of. (Those are my skeletons! Give them back!)
  11. I know, my thoughts are coming exactly from this hero. In 1E, Okaluk and Rakas were typical scout class. They have Stealth and 6 movement. They were fast errand boys Now they are fast mass healers. So iam full of fears, which characters, which were originaly W/S/M will be reformed and reintroduced as healers. Vyrah the Falconer? Sure, he must know how herbs works. Sir Valadir? Sure, he must study at least first aid on some noble school!
  12. Well, iam afraid that Berserker for example, will not be able to equip or fully use Bow. When you look at "Sling" weapon card on last preview, its stated "exotic" under its picture and also, there is a green gem symoblizing that it is a ranged weapon. My guess is that there will be some kind of weapon limitation or weapon type oriented skills or cards (If your weapon is exotic, you gain 1 surge etc.)
  13. Lets summarize all things we know so far W: Knight (Syndrael) X Berserker (Dwarf) S: Thief (Tomble Burrowell) X Wildlander (Jain Fairwood) M: Runemaster (Leroic of the Book) X Necromancer (Widow Tarha) H: Disciple (Billy the Mace) X Shaman (Elf Girl with a Staff) We all know now, that Syndrael can be Knight or Berserker but she will never be a Wildlander (elf that cannot use bow? ) I was also wondring about which old heroes will be Healers because most of them were suited for Warriors, Mages and Scouts. If they force Steel horn or One Fist to be healers, i will laught my ass off If i think about Runemaster and Necromancer, i can imagine they role in a game but when comes to Disciple and Shaman… Disciple as paladin and shaman as typical healer (priest)?
  14. Well, you can be sure that descent will not get out in next 14 days because they are talking about how we get more info in next previewS not preview. My guess is around end of june
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