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  1. This was my initial combo build until I decided I wanted to go the non-forceuser route, I do think this build would be super fun! It has awesome flavor too.
  2. All perfectly sound advice, gawd I love the underwater jetpack idea! I thought I had fair argument about having to use the hazards and difficult maneuver rules to zip around in enclosed places, that collision and falling damage where serious risks I'd have to consider, not to mention taking vehicle scale damage. However I lost the debate with my GM. He isn't a fan of the jetpack to begin with and a jetback specialist was too much for him.
  3. Thanks gentlemanscoundrel appreciate the advice, I like both of the specs you recommended and am going to try different build using those.
  4. Alternatively I'm also thinking about Dav Woodersun, the Rigger/Charmer who's signature vehicle would be his muscle-speeder and who has a disposition to glitterstim and 'age appropriate' women.
  5. Here's the dilemma that I'm facing. Our group is starting a new Knight level F&D game, however my last character was a smuggler pilot/exile/emergent so I've already tried the force thing, which was cool. I'd like to play the 'atheist aka non-force person' of the group this session. I'd also want to try out the Duty system. Finally I also volunteered to be the bus driver. My GM nixed my Ace Rigger aka Jetpack Rocketeer build and asked me to come up with an alternative to make his life easier, he's a new GM. I love my Wedges, Corrans and Dashs but I want to try something different since Star Wars is a huge galaxy. It was when I introduced my wife to the movie Heavy Metal last night that I thought I'd try to do a Beast Rider/melee build, or Taarna. I messaged my GM and he gave me the all clear and even said I can take on extra obligation to get a Ruping mount. He said it would make his life easier to deny a silhouette 2 creature in an encounter over a jetpack which is basically a glorified backpack. The deadline is looming near for our game and I'm trying really hard to find a class that works with beast master that has good melee. Is Marauder my only option or does another specialization offer better synergy. Thoughts?
  6. I'm wishing for source books for Bothan Space and Corporate Sector
  7. Love the explosives idea! Hmm, an Interior Broadcast Suite could work as speakers and would help recover strain.
  8. Thanks Krieger for the idea about Hotshot and totally forgot about vehicle weapon's silhouette requirement. There's enough personal scale weapons that could give me a shot against vehicles. I want this guy to be more Rocketeer and less Iron Man anyways.
  9. So I want to make a Rocketeer style Rebel Ace character for our new campaign. Obviously my signature vehicle would be a jetpack. I'd also like to add Gadgeteer for Tinkerer so I could add a hard points and maybe a vehicle weapon so I can mix it up with a speeder or a weak starfighter because that's what the Rocketeer does occasionally. My GM is balking at the idea because of how that would translate to personal scale encounters, I'd be a walking talking vehicle. Am I asking too much for my build idea or do I have a case?
  10. Blame it on the all the amazing FFG GenCon news plus the Awesome Mix Vol. I & tequila, but I feel so proud of how this little RPG and its community has developed. From the awesome online community that features Star Wars Wednesdays, Triumph & Despair, Begging for XP, GSA, and that fiddleback nonsense to the quality podcasts of Order66, the Sabacc Table, and Skill Monkey. To the endless debates on these forums that help shape the beta or how far we can push these CRBs. Extra special big hug to Zoe and her impeccable art selection plus those artist that are throwing down their inspiring works (this goes for all FFG art). Last but not least to all of us crazy players who are throwing those narrative dice hard and deciding how crazy we can make this game play out. I thank each and everyone of you! PS To anyone I may have left out, then point me in the right direction please
  11. I'm a player in a group that's been regularly meeting once a week to play D&D 2e for about 18 months. We have added another game night so we can play EotE every other friday which I GM. We are two games in and it's been super fun. Our group noticed a couple of difference between the two games. Narrative dice makes so many things possible, a simple attack action has the chance to influence the story or completely change the encounter imaginatively. The second thing we noticed was that EotE hurts our brain more. It's not a hurt that comes from deciphering rules and surviving battles, its a hurt that's in our creative and artistic brain. EotE is definitely more demanding on the player, which isn't a bad thing. EotE Isn't for players who like to pick a power to use, throw a dice, fail/succeed then move on. The third thing we noticed is that EotE has improved our role playing in our D&D sessions. Player's are taking more direct control of their characters and making more creative decisions during the session. Overall we are having fun playing EotE and don't plan on abandoning either of our games. I approve of how FFG is releasing supplements so far. The new products are more of an enchantment and not essentials to the core rules yet they are still interesting/useful enough to want to pickup. To me the only necessary thing you need besides the core rules, is the time to listen to EotE podcasts like 'Order 66' and absolutely listen to fiddleback's 'Skill Monkey'.
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