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  1. We're playing a FaD campaign. Everyone in the party is a force user and has a light saber. We can be worn down by fighting lots of advisories (whole camp of pirates) for example. Also things can get difficult when the goal is not, "kill everyone". Instead rescue the prisoners from the pirate camp. BUT, if you want just a few individuals to challenge the party, then you pretty much need them to be other force users with light sabers (like say inquisitors). That's pretty normal and dare I say realistic with the Star Wars universe. Light sabers are super powerful. As others have mentioned depending on timeline, socially you can punish them for using them in places that would draw too much attention. All your ideas on how to nerf the use of lightsabers would IMO detract too heavily from the fun factor of what a light saber is suppose to be.
  2. Honestly it is much more complicated the RAW... I think I much prefer RAW.
  3. eldath, that sounds like a good way to do it. Our problem, is that none of us like the D10 roll. I do understand that RAW makes the assumption that everyone is good and working towards having high morality and this takes away the burden of having to track good/moral deeds and lets the GM focus on just the moments that cause conflict. But a single dice roll is very swingy, so that alone bugs me. On top of that it puts a ton of pressure on the GM to continue to come up with easy (conflict) and hard (no-conflict) hooks into the story (x the number of players if they're all running jedi/morality). Not to mention with a 5.5 average roll on the D10, means that everyone is getting 90+ in just 7 sessions (assuming you start at 50) -- which to our group is a super fast amount of time. Needless to say, our group is still debating on what we're going to do.
  4. Alternate Morality System: Goals: Remove large passive gain (D10 with a 5.5 average gain, for doing nothing does not feel good to our group). Our group was contemplating dropping it to a D4, but want to avoid using new/additional dice to the game. Reduce burden on GM having to constantly pass out conflict just to keep morality gain down (they should be free to add it when it's appropriate) Have the amount of Morality gained per session not be based on a core attribute (The most logical choice seems to have it based on current amount of Morality). Maintain that doing bad things (or using dark side force) is a RISK but not a guarantee loss of Morality. Roll is made at the end of every session (less book keeping, if you have long play sessions, you can do the same thing most groups do with EXP -- give bonuses). Positive dice rolled is based on current morality rating: 40 and below: 1 green 41-70: 2 green 71+: 1 green Fastest gains are in the middle but once you get too high or low, it slows down Morality gain -- Star Wars universe feels like a polarizing place, you are either a Jedi or a Sith, but rarely are you in the middle ground. Add purple dice for each conflict point gained -- if you start running low on dice, can upgrade purple to red, just count red as x2 purple (Despair can count as 2 losses or 1 depending on if you want to make it a thing) Dice results cancel each other, just like normal. Every success = 1 point morality gained. Every 2 advantage = 1 point morality gained Every failure = 1 point morality lost Every 2 disadvantages = 1 point morality lost Morality gains with this system, should be closer to a D4 roll. Our group wanted rising up to paragon to be a slower process and this also helps out GM by allowing him to avoid constantly adding conflict, just to reduce the massive D10 gain (5.5 average). For us, the reduced the amount of morality gains has the added benefit that doing something that causes conflict is now more meaningful. Of course if your group wants bigger morality gains, you can always adjust the green dice to be more/less etc. All the things that are listed in the book that generate conflict remain the same. Thanks for taking time to read!
  5. My group personally hates the idea that doing nothing increase your morality. So if we have sessions that have a bit more down time (less Starwars but most of our EoE chars are training in the ways of the force). I'm not sure what the right answer is, but it feels like it should take effort to go Paragon. With a D10 (average 5.5) means it's not that big of a deal to use a couple of dark side points for for powers or doing so conflicting things... Currently I think my group is thinking of changing the gain to be a D4 (2.5 average), so it's much smaller gain and does not force the GM to have to constantly come up with morality conflicts if it does not fit in the current story/action. Also having the reduced gain, makes flipping dark side pips for force power uses-age much more harsh/meaningful along with just general conflict gain. It makes it a bit more okay if during a session the GM does not give you conflict (if you had none).
  6. Thank you thank you! It was posted on Reddit, but the link is now bad. Thank you!
  7. Hi all, I know there is a pretty amazing fillable PDF Character sheet for EoE where it auto updates if your base stats increase, etc. I was wondering if one of these fillable/smart PDF's have been made for the Force and Destiny character sheet?
  8. So if history serves us as a guide, the core rule book will be released ~2 months after? Does anyone know WHY FFG does a staggered release? From a non-beginner stand point, it's just annoying. Release both the beginner and the core at the same time would allow users a choice as to which one is for them. It sort of feels like they hope some non-beginners won't be able to wait and therefor they'll make a little extra cash -- which is annoying.
  9. This in my mind is such a common ability I associate with Jedi, that locking it away in a single style means any Jedi I've ever see do it had trained at least that much in that spec... Seems unlikely. Also Force/Jedi is already a pretty huge EXP whole, does it really need to be even more so?
  10. So one thing I've been thinking about is in F&D more so than the others books, is that 3 careers specializations for say a Sentinel form what a *Sentinel* should be. Take any one of the Sentinel Career Specializations by them selves and they feel lacking. Compare this to the other books, take Ace Driver as an example from AoR. He really does not need to pick up Pilot or Gunner unless he really really wants to. But in F&D any single career feels less of a stand alone career because of how they have broken out light sabers to be a tree/career specialization of it's own. I'm wondering if this issue would be helped/fixed by changing the price of EXP it costs to acquire Career Specializations in F&D so that if you already have one of the specializations it then becomes cheaper to acquire the others of that Career. What I would suggest is treating any further specializations in the same Career as Universal for that character. I sort of feel that the Jedi classes are a huge black whole of EXP, and I think adding something like this would help dampen the EXP hole, if ever so slightly.
  11. Is it just me, or is it a little weird that this skill is only available in a single tree (Shien Expert)? Personally I wish it was in at least 1 other tree to provide greater options for players.
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