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  1. Wouldn't 90,000+ mind controlled people be as much of a problem as holds of xenos beasts? Is that why they go throught the beast holds rather than the regular corridors to avoid the army of minions? You could always throw a tyranid lictor into the air ducts to discourage that means of moving. DH's The Creatures Anethama has a good grouping of xenos beasts with stats and fluff. One races in there is a group of yellow humanoids (their name escapes me at the moment), but they have a dislike for the Aquila from past dealings with Harlock and tend to cut the second head off the eagle when desecrating imperial imagery. Have one of these guys on board, and if the players rescue him and bring him home they could regain faction with them and posibly set up a trading contract for their xenos weapons . Or perhaps have one of the digi device making apes in power armor to save. Basically you could flesh out another corridor with an escort mission to get one of these sentient xeno guys out alive. Have them being harrssed by storm crows perched on statues that line the surrounding coridors. If you want to add more moral choices for the players, have these xenos being attacked by some of the more aggressive xenos there (or trapped by a collapsed support structure) and see if they help out. Success gains them an ally or if they use it as a distraction to move on to another coridor, then have the xenos show up later for revenge. Loot beasts from movies like the human sized vampire bat people from the Never ending story. Have them kill one of the mind contoled guards by wrapping his wings around him and then have a pile of bones the the ground. Make the players avoid grapple attacts or have a random piece of their armor disolved by digestive acids. Throw in some scar dragons that breathe fire, or venomous insects that inflict fatigue. Have a large coridor set up like a labyrnth that is psychicly shielded and has electronic scrambles so make data slate maps get interfence. make them navigate the maze with a serries of int or navigation checks. Put some sort of artifact at the center that is guarded by mutant bull men that have unnatural strength x 2.
  2. Two other elements are mood and pacing. There is a lot of detail in the setting that helps set the mood. The bussle of a mid hive city contrasted with abandoned hab blocks in the underhive. Gilded opulence in the noble spires and the ragged squallor of the gutter trash. Forge worlds full of technological wonders and the most primitive of feral death worlds. You can play up these extremes in the setting with coresponding music. If they are in an abandoned hab block say they feel like they are being watched, or have a chill run through them if they step too close to the shadows away from the light add in a creepy banjo score and the pc's with be edgy and waiting for something to jump out at them. I like to use background music, but not stuff with a lot of words in it as players will stop paying attention to sing along. Midnight Syndicate has lots of sound tracks to non-existant horror movies that are good for this. Really, any music can work if you think it fits the mood of your scene. Pacing is a little more difficult; as some times, there needs to be a lull in the action to give the characters time to reflect on what they've learned, but other times they run into some sort of dead end in the plot and need to get moving again. I'm a bit too cinematic at times, and I often have explosions occur when the pc's break character or get bogged down in the rules. There is nothing like a good worker uprising or group of cultists that sneek up on the characters when they aren't paying attention and arguing over something trivial. Time clock management is also esential. Know how long you have to play and try to manuever them to a good stopping point by the time you have to stop playing. I like them to to feel like they've accomplished something, but be excited to play again and try out a new skill or follow up on the a new lead from the data slate they found last session.
  3. I once ran a story arc only using a magic-8 ball. If what the characters wanted to do sounded plausable and they had the skill to back it up I let them succed without a roll. If it was an implausable idea or something they were unskilled at I'd shake the 8-ball. Reply hazy try again. At the end of the day I think it's important that everyone has fun. I also know a lot of people enjoy the rules and min max for optimal dice rolls, so when I play with them I let them roll. I just don't like when the game stalls out to look up something, so I make a decision and we move on. I make it a point to remind them it's their job to know the rules of what their character can do. That way they can't complain if I make a ruling that's different than what's in the book. Most of my players are also Gm's so it works out ok.
  4. "Whether or not he's (the Emperor) actually fighting daemons in the Warp... that's a matter of debate and propaganda." Isn't the Emperor siting ontop of a warp gate preventing deamons from invading earth? Well, that and burning out psykers like fuel to use the Astronomicon like a lighthouse. My take on why weapons technology is in hands other than the Preisthood of Mars, is because the imperium is an empire at war. It has a seige mentality that every Imperial citizen is part of the war effort even if the war might be billions of light years away. They produce what their plannet can and ship it off. If you keep people naked and almost starving they wont rebell. You give them an enemy to hate and work against and more importantly to fear. Tools for control to keep billions of billions of humans in line fighting the dreaded xenos. Look at Metallicus Hive with Gunmetal City. It producess massive amounts of ammo and small arms to protect the imperium from the Alien, the Mutant, and the Witch. The Number of Forge worlds are very small in comparison to the rest of imperial plannets, so it would be logistically imposible to arm all of humanity with just the tech preists alone. Thus guilds make weapons to arm the greater imperium as a whole. They follow the rote procedures and make the various patterns from the scraps of data from STC fragments they have recovered, traded or coppied over the last 40k years. Most ideas for modifications or upgrades ect have already been thought of at some point so one merely needs to find the vender with the right pattern or serries of patterns and assemble them. It seems to be important that every plannet or even region has it's own look and feel thus weapons from a different worlds will have different design asthetics or construction materials, but the same underlining mechanism are there from the standarization of the STC's. Thus your weapons are availible throughout the imperium for defense against the enemies of humanity and your parts are largely interchangable. Tech Preist would come into play when they make NEW patterns based on centuries of research, bio medling and experimenting. They have a captured necron god (the dragon of mars) to consult with for the advanced stuff right?
  5. I like the idea of removable mechadendrites. You could invent a quick change mount so he could swap in different mechadendrites without surgeries for each. Thus he could requisiton the right mechadendrite for the job on each mission. Also, at some expense you could add camoline to the mechadendrite, and thus make it invisible. Or go on "night" missions and blacken all the mechadendrites and give him a black robe. Posibly opt for an elite advance of the move silently talent so he can skulk around in the shadows. Have someone else in the group be a little bit more flashy so no one notices what's going on in the darkened corner. Some of the flavor text on mechanicus implants discribe smaller potentia coils that are crystal stack affairs, possibly just a bit bigger than Iron Man's core. The cyber mantle is mostly subdermal hard points you wouldn't notice it under bulky robes. Cogwheel all his gear with ganger style electoos that can be turned off.
  6. Is there more info on the Malfian Bloodsworn other than the splat in the player's guide? In particular is there a description of the Guild Badge that chartered members get? If not, what do you all think a Bloodsworn badge should look like? Also, how much authority should Bloodsworn be able to wield outside of the Malfi sub sector?
  7. The recoil gloves certainly won't break the game. If it becomes unrealisticly unbalanced, alter the npcs with better armor, or have the machine spirits make the gloves not work due to, "spiritual neglect," durring a key encounter. Then make the character do a favor for a tech priest to get the spirits back in harmony and use it as a plot hook.
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