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  1. I wanted to let you know about a brand new Actual Play podcast! The "Journey to Madness" is a Seattle based role playing group that has recently begun playing Rogue Trader. The blog is located here: http://roguetrader-40k.blogspot.com/2012/07/introduction.html Currently 3 sessions are posted, and a new post will be added (roughly) once a week. In the first 4 sessions the Rogue Trader and his crew investigate and seize control of a Starship deep within the Koronus Expanse (homebrew). Once they return to Footfall they are presented with various endevours, and start by tackling "Vaults of the Forgotton" (from the Edge of the Abyss sourcebook). The plan is to play a few more endevours and then transition into Lure of the Expanse. Have a listen and I hope you enjoy it!
  2. Thanks for the ideas! Here is a summary of non-combat challenges I'm gleaning from all of this: - Figuring out how to gain entry into the spaceship portion of the space hulk (reading augry, piloting a small craft, using cutting tools) - Finding your way through twists and turns. To be accomplished by blocking the some primary corridors with debris. (navigation) - Figuring out how to repower the ship, repressurize it, and getting command and control established (navigation, tech-use) - Something they do triggers an depressization, potentially blowing the PCs or their hirelings into the void. (agility/strength) - A room they need to pass through or enter is filled with heat and radiation. Can they brave it, go around it, remove the source of the radiation? (role playing, toughness, tech-use) - A critical room (engineering, the bridge, a key control room) has a grav-plate malfunction. Anyone entering it gets thrown around until the malfunction is brought under control. (agility, tech-use) - Some still active radioactive material is slowly burning its way through the hull. It must be brought under control, possibly risking the health of whoever deals with it. (toughness, tech-use) - A member of the original ship's crew is preserved in stasis. If awakened they can get very useful information from him, but over the eons he has been corrupted by the warp, and he secretly wants to turn some of the PCs or their hirelings toward the dark gods. (roleplaying) @Darkwinds: I'm sure how the fire would start? Also I imagine the PCs will bring a full compliment of void suits, and they'll need them because otherwise entering the hulk would be very difficult. Thanks everyone, please chime in with any more ideas!
  3. As a lead-in to a Rogue Trader campaign I'm planning on having the players acquire their starship. Looking at the "past histories" and seeing "wrested from a space hulk" I thought a dungeon crawl through what will become their ship seemed like a cool idea. The primary objectives will be to power up the ship (restore the plasma engine) and restore command and control (connections to the bridge). In 40k tradition there will be some genestealers and other tyrannids hybernating on board. My question for the forum is, what are some other obsticles I could put in this type of adventure? I'm kinda coming up blank on thinking of other interesting challenges to overcome. Maybe some puzzle-like challenges or non-combat skill related challenges, since the Tyrannids will have combat covered? Thanks for any input!
  4. I thought that the rules worked reasonably well once you are using the -12 armor rule. While I do like your rules also, I wouldn't say the existing rules need to be overhauled. Of course how you want to play is totally up to you, and if you end up using/modifying your system let us know how it goes in case others want to try something similar. Best of luck!
  5. Overall your rules look decent. Your hull integrity nullifying crits will hurt lance weapons somewhat, whose purpose is to crit. To address that I would change the rule that says "all crits do minimum 1 damage" to 10 damage (in fact, that might be a pretty good change regardless!). If I understand how your crits work: when firing a weapon you first choose a component to fire at, then see how much damage you do. If it's not a crit, you do normal damage to opponent's hull integrity. If it is a crit (through a lucky roll or because their H.I. is 0) then you subtract the "protection" and if say 2 was left over you would unpower it. First off, it doesn't really work with the flavor of macrobatteries, which fill space with volley rather than target components. Also something I'm noticing is that you have no result for destroying a component outright, no matter how high the damage is. Maybe you should make it 4-5 on fire, 6 or more is destroyed. Also, I dont see how you are distingishing between depressurized and unpowered? I think the "protection" should really boil down to where it is installed (on the surface or in the middle of the ship) and not what type of system it is. Maybe: lance/novacannon: 0, battery: 1, sensors: 0, torpedo tubes: 1, bridge: 1, warp/plasma drive: 6, maneuvering thrusters: 2 ? Something to be careful of is whatever turns out to be the best value to target (meaning the least protection with the most impact if it is hit) will the component your players will always target. So unless there is something built into your system which makes some things situationally better to target, they will have the same action every time. My guess is they will always target the enemy's weapons, once those are offline they will have to flee or surrender. Why are you adding -10 to all repairs? Have you played out a sample combat (say against yourself) to test all this out? These are interesting rules, let us know how it goes when you get your game running. Don't get too impatient on responses, this part of the message board doesn't get a ton of traffic
  6. I was thinking of creating something like this also, to sprinkle in with rumors related to their next endevors. Great job, I will probably use some of them!
  7. I don't see a problem with allowing BFK or ItS additions. Generally those give the PCs more options rather than staight up increasing their power level. As far as balance, the book doesn't tend to tell you exactly how many opponents the PCs face, only general guidelines -- so you can balance any encounter by increasing or decrasing the number of opponents rather than "twinking" them. Having read Lure (but not run it) it looks well written, fun, and solid. The only scenario that I think is poor is the one with the Light of Terra battleship, I think I will either remove it or re-write it significantly. Also I think the final rewards need to match the level of effort the players put into it, so I plan on using the rewards as only a guideline and give them plenty of profit factor if they spend 6 months+ playing the campaign.
  8. My group will be starting up a Rogue Trader campaign in September, and plan on recording the sessions (we did this for WFRP a couple years back, and the results are here: warhammer-enemy-within.blogspot.com). This week I've been having fun making an intro that will be played at the start of each recording, and I thought I'd give all of you a chance to listen and comment on it. I made 4 versions: The Clint Mansell Version: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B8LajXjodgJCYnhBcUhrMEVHRkk The Prodigy Version: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B8LajXjodgJCWHpKWTV6RzNiNWs The Erdenstern Version: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B8LajXjodgJCb2NYOHJvdzBoWVE The Tool Version https://docs.google.com/open?id=0B8LajXjodgJCSEpGWC03RVprUzQ (I've been having some trouble with these links, so please let me know if they don't work for you) These were fun to make and I just wanted to share, so enjoy!
  9. I'm a little confused about how the Rogue Trader dynasties fit into the structure of the Koronus Expanse (and the Calixis Sector). From my reading, it seems that the Warrant of Trade grants a RT a license to operate warp-capable ships in the Expanse. Does that mean that there are no merchants or other non-RTs that are allowed to operate warp capable ships? If so that would imply every human ship in the Expanse either belongs to a RT or the Imperial Navy. If not, then what purpose is the Warrant? Another question is how many ships does a Warrent let you have? It seems from my reading that a RT can simply pick up an additional warp capable ship and add it to his fleet. If so, why doesn't he just allow a large fleet of merchant ships to operate under his warrant and pick up a % of their profits? Wouldn't RTs be bombarded with requests from merchants to piggy back onto their warrant? This type of setup would seem to undermine the uniqueness of the Warrant and of RTs in general -- in fact a RT could sit back, do nothing and just let others do all work. Finally, is the setup any different within the Imperium? Are there RTs there also? Thanks in advance for helping me understand this better!
  10. I'm looking for a map of Footfall, either official or fan-made. Anyone know of one? I've been reading through the Gazetteer in Lure of the Expanse, but I really need a map to help put the locations together in my head -- as well as to show the players. (Also I'd be interested in a map of Port Wander) Thanks!
  11. Overall sounds like a fine idea. Maybe instead of a ship full of servators it could be full of underhivers who long ago were made into hotel staff, that way they can be corrupted by their extended stay in the warp. Perhaps the PCs enter the ship/hotel and are greeted like arriving guests, even offered access to the casino and the spa. Then they quickly realize that the staff all have been driven completely insane and are trying to hold on to whats left of their sanity by playing out their jobs by rote. Clearly some powerful demonic entity is at work under the facade, and would like nothing better than some fresh souls to bend to his will.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I will probably take the advice for Macrobatteries and Righteous Fury. For the Explorator problem, I'm thinking of capping any skill at 75. Perhaps with an additional rule that says if you are above 75, then any test easier than challenging (+0) is automatically a success. Something I've noticed is that it seems pretty easy to get 5 TB and 6 armor, making for an 11 soak. That seems pretty brutal against most infantry weapons that are commonly available (D10+2 or 3). My idea for how to give anyone a fighting chance is to make Called Shot also add 4 penetration (you are aiming for weak points) which gives anyone a punchers chance albeit at -20 BS. Thanks for you input and I'd appreciate any thoughts on my ideas for fixes.
  13. I would say yes, you can definitely modify the vehicle. Have him make an acquisition for each weapon system he wants to have added or component to be swapped. Then he has to get them properly added, for that you could use the rules for adding starship components but reduce the time involved by say 1/3. I agree that you cant just go adding weapons willy nilly to your vehicle, or it will turn into a very orkish vehicle (penalties to speed and maneuverablility?). So unless he wants that, he can only swap out one weapon for another of similar size and weight.
  14. To the OP's question about having a huge crew that could solve missions for them: I think an important point that is easy to miss when you first read the rules is that while it is true that you control a crew of thousands, they are not adept warriors -- instead they are underhive scum, possibly press ganged into serving on your ship. Arming them all with weapons and sending them into battle is not a good option because they have no specific weapons training (or any combat training for that matter) not to mention arming your crew could make mutiny a real threat. Send them down to a nice hospitible planet, and they might never return If you want an army, you have to hire one through acquisitions, and make room on your ship for them.
  15. Thanks for taking the time to post these! Have enjoyed listening.
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