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  1. Thanks in advance everyone… 1.) Can a corporation place unlimited ice on a server as long as they have the credit to place it? 2) Stimhack timing question… As a runner, can I use an action token, play Stimhacker, use an action token, play another Stimhacker, then use an action to make my run… do both Stimhacker trigger?
  2. When the assassin picks his victim... that person loses his turn... does he still protection from the warlord?
  3. I have been wanting to play this game for awhile, but can never find a great deal / out of stock for the base game. Do you have to have the base game in order to play the game.... Eddy
  4. 1. Can a hero just go to town without buying or training... such as just retreating, or glyph-hoping? 2. When spending movement to buy, is it a 1 time payment , or is it for each time you want to buy something?
  5. Thanks guys for the help.... - If a hero is stun, can they use fatigue to move..... then make an attack? - Chest opening... when a hero gets what ever color treasure. Can they look at the card before discarding for the color treasure amount? - Overlord played 2 spikes traps in 2 different round in front a door.... how can they open the door? Is it just the movement to climb out... while still on that space where the pit token is at can they use the movement to open the door? What if they don't have enough to open the door. What if the heroes died when falling down the pits.... how can they open the door? - How does a big base monster leap over a pit? Can there large base be over a pit space? - Can a monster with flying end it's move on obstacles or pits?
  6. So a hero can say Battle Action (i think it's attack twice), but then use fatigue to move closer. Then attack twice...
  7. Overlord - At any time can the overlord discard cards to get threat tokens? -Can he discard as many as he wants to get threat tokens? Heroes - Before a hero declares an action, can he use as many Fatigue tokens to move, and then take his action? - If a hero makes an attack with his weapon....say a sword, does he exhaust it to show that he used it?
  8. This moves allows me to make 2 shots... now I have 2 questinos... I have line of sight and attack... if i kill it... can I then attack another creature that I have line a sight of? Or MUST I spend both attacks on the same declared creature?
  9. In the base game... is it really true that when the hero open a chest everyone gets that many conquest tokens and silver cards.
  10. This is our 3rd time playing the 1st quest... and we can't find how to unlock the red rune door that is locked. Can anyone help us, we are getting close to the door.
  11. Last night 3 of my buddies and I tried a test run on T.I. I got a few questions that hopefully may clear up some thing for us... We are playing a 4 player game, and we have everything setup occording to the rule book. 1.) Strategy Phase - does each player select 2 strategy cards during this phase? 2.) Action Phase Order- Does each player get to choose which Action they want to take, or does the person starting first select the action and everyone complete that until everyone can pass. Example: Player 1 has the speaker token, so he chooses to do a Strategic Action; once he has completed that action the person next (clockwise - player 2) does his Strategic Action, and so on until each player has complete his Strategic Action. Then it is back to player 1, where he then chooses Tactical Action, and ever player then completes theirs. OR Is it Player 1 has the speaker token, he chooses to a Tactical Action - completes the steps. Then Player 2 chooses to do a Strategic Action, Player 3 - Transfer Action, Player 4 - Tactical action. Now player 1 can choose either Strategic Action or Tranfer Action? And then each other player completes what they can if not pass? 3.) During the Action Phase - Strategic Action: a) Is the order determined by the numbers on the strategy card, or is it determined based on who has The Initiative Strategy card and then the flow of play is determined clockwise? Example: Player 1 has The Initiative Strategy card, Player 2 (who is on the left - clockwise) has Technology Strategy, Player 3 has The Warfare Strategy, and Player 4 has The Diplomacy Strategy. What would be the correct order of play - clockwise of the initiative or the number based on the cards? b) In a 4 player game each person has to grab 2 Strategy Cards... so does that mean each player can player can play one or play both? Thanks for the questions... and I think I may have more once these are answered.
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