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  1. ...Ahem... So I am willing to tone down "most" to "many". Yes, many children died from childhood illnesses, but many also died from common living conditions. I recall, very well, that while visiting the historic, Salem homes in Mass, they had poles to leash children so they wouldn't play too close to the large cooking-fire. Also, before indoor plumbing, many people would gather water from local ponds and rivers. They could slip in the muddy shore and find their wool clothing weighing them down in almost, freezing water. So, water was an easy place for people to drown. Finally, speaking of children putting things in their mouths, naturally, bright colors on plants and animals is frequently a sign of being poisonous! So imagine a small child who finds bright berries or wild mushrooms and then to poison themselves because Mom nor Dad was not directly watching their children.
  2. You laugh now but if you are a kindergarten teacher, and you have a child with undiagnosed pica ( see https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pica_(disorder)), well you can feel grateful of child safety laws when you discover that the said child pilfered a crayola markerin order to sneek off and suck out the ink. Sigh... Go on and feel morally superior, but remember, a few generations ago, most humans did not make it to ten years old before dying of something we would find shocking.
  3. Ooooooooh! I want to buy another box set, JUST to do that project! That was a great head swap.
  4. Have you thought about buying the Privateer Press Trollblood paint line? That is my plan.
  5. I have not painted Han, but whenever I paint blonde hair, I always start with a yellow oxide or ochre. Then, I mix it with some yellow and then some ivory. Funny enough, if I skip the yellow, this makes a decent linnen color pallette: This is perfect for Luke's clothes. I should post some of my own figs. None are as good as Sorastro
  6. Meanwhile, teachers are getting paid less (per hour), than an In-and-Out employee. This is also considering the fact that their unions are constantly fighting to get a cost of living raise after 10 years of stagnant wages. ...Because we all know, teachers are lazy slugs.
  7. On a slight tangent, if you are stunned, and it is that model's activation, could it remove the stun with the first action and then move or attack on the second action?
  8. I am eagerly awaiting a Jaba set. I would probably squeal like a 7 year old girl if I could see gamorean guards, rancor monsters and whatnot. Inspired from the opening scenes in Episode IV, we should see boarding missions and tiles. Also, I would get pretty excited to see all the odd aliens from the bar scene. Finally, I want to see several more wookies!
  9. eldiablito2


    Check amazon. They list the most popular purchases if you look at any x-wing model
  10. As a kid who grew up on Star Wars, I have never seen a military victory for the empire. The closest thing equated to a military victory was the battle of Hoth. ...yet was it the perceived victory? I am surprised no one has mentioned the Wired articles on Star Wars: http://www.wired.com/2013/02/battle-of-hoth/ What do you all think?
  11. As a HUGE fan of Ultima I, II, III, IV as well as a fan of Wing Commander 1 and 2, I'm a little surprised about this. When was it announced that fuzzies, Exodus, and the Avatar were in the same universe as the Kilrathi? Please show me a link that proves the connection? That said, I too recall how Ultima 1 had a tie fighter dogfight. Ahh the memories of my days in the mid to late 1980s.... Playing Ultima all summer long and listening to New Order or the Pet Shop Boys... Wow! That makes me OLD!
  12. Spoken like someone who never customized his/her car. Do a quick search on hot rods in the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. For that matter, search the bootleggers of the prohibition era. Even today, all those 4-banger coupes can become quite fast with some new camshafts, or a changed gearbox. Just removing some of the "nice to haves" like a back seat can reduce the weight and make the car faster.
  13. eldiablito2

    Fleet scale

    I would love to play a fleet action game with stands of fighters representing an entire wing or squadron, and not an individual pilot. Oh how cool it would be to command an Imperial Star Destroyer against a Calamari Cruiser.
  14. Back when I was in college, we played "the most SUGGESTIVE lines from the movies". Here is a link of the best lines: http://www.killermovies.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-336530-sexually-explicit-star-wars-quotes.html Don't click if you are easily offended.
  15. Okay, I want to see HOW that cockpit rotates and the ship can mount at any angle. I read the description, but I still don't get what you did. Very cool!
  16. ...or just put the shield tokens on the card for the specific ship. Tis requires you to use the numbered tokens for the base and keep an additional, identical number on the proper card. No more fuss about which tokens are set for which ship and nothing gets bumped nor interferes with movement.
  17. Sigh.. I had not intended to step into this debate… Oh well… South Africa and apartheid is onesuch case where international pressure helped the local people to rise up and take down a political situation that was harmful to the indigenous Africans. I am in no way saying that the USA was responsible for the African liberty. However, when Coca-cola and several other companies were pressured to stop their fiscal support for the powers of South Africa, the fight for freedom became pretty inevitable. Also, if you believe the FBI, of the 1920s through the1960s, then many of the pro-worker, pro-union protests were the work of forgein comunists. I cannot believe I'm refering to J. Edgar Hoover to show that international pressure has an influence in a country's domestic policies…
  18. I was such the B5 fan that I would probably squeel and dance if FFG released a fighter game for tha tol' universe. I already have Fully painted fleets from Mongoose's capital ship game, A Call To Arms: vree, Brakiri, Vorlon, Minbari, Shadow. Then, I also have the lead for Earth and white star fleets. The only reason I never got Centauri nor Narn was my gaming buddies had them covered in spades. Come to think about it, I would still buy one or two of the iconic Centauri and Narn ships if the price was right. Sigh… Also, if any other universes were released, them I'd give them a try, but only if the points and ships were compatable; just imagine my imperial tie fighters fighting someone's cylon raiders! I'm not going to build 100 point fleets for every darn sci fi series in existence…
  19. Thanks for the heads up! I now am the proud owner of 6 tie fighters (total). Now if I can only get a second starter set and my tie fighter list will grow to the sweet spot of 8!
  20. I got my own Amazon order and they shipped, accidentally to me, a single case of Tie Advanced instead of only 1 Tie Advanced: 2 X-wings 1 Y-wing 3 Tie Fighers 6 Tie Advanced Sigh… If they only shipped me a case of Tie Fighters instead…
  21. Well, I played against my first Y-Wing today and that 1 defense die was pretty lame. Even with all those shields and hull points, the thing was taken down too quickly by concentrated fire from 6 tie fighters. Mind you, my opponent thought that he was going to shove the Y-Wing straight through the center and hope that the hull and shields would hold until it was behind the line. Perhaps my opponent was relying too much on that turret of his.
  22. SteveSpikes said: I also picked up the Plano 5231. I'm also looking to get the double-sided Plano close to the launch of "Wave 2" -- mainly for general storage now, and using the 5231 as a "squad transport". i am mostly posting this to bump the thread and to encourage the lucky few who own Slave 1 or the falcon to post on their transport solutions. Namely, how do these enviable individuals carry large tie fighter fleets and their larger ships too? Would the "blue Plano box" hold both bigger ships, roughly 20 Wave 1 fighters, the tokens, and a little more space to spare???
  23. Another way to think about it is the units of measurement: 32 ft/sec/sec or 9.8 m/sec/sec This the foot (or meters) per second per second is an acceleration expression. So every time you accelerate or decelerate, you feel some sort of simulated "G-force". That's because you are changing the speed or direction of the vehicle while your body "wants" to keep going the previous direction (see Newtonian physics). That's why certain roller coasters create wacky experiences with gravity and why sharp turns in a car means the car goes one direction and you seem to slide or are pushed against the car door. Now onto X-wing, or any space or air flight… Any time you accelerate or decelerate, you will feel something akin to gravity: That's just the change in speed over time… Meh, the previous posts said it better…
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