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  1. Deadlands was a terrific CCG and would be a fantastic LCG, BSG will always be very much in the second rank of Sci Fi.
  2. God no. Any thing but.
  3. Would love to see this return as a LCG, great background, depth and scope.
  4. Will organise one as soon as new phone sorted.
  5. Hi, I have an original Ghost promo from the CCG, it was the first AGOT CCG promo, excellent condition, never played, was wondering if there would be any interest, any offers?
  6. Thank you for all replies. Slowly getting in to the game.
  7. Thanks again and apologies but can you tell me how many North agendas there are, ive got a few but not sure if there are more i need. Thanks in advance. Alan
  8. Thanks folks. Will look into Illyrio's Gift etc.
  9. Hi, Quick ? Are agenda cards, other than the first , shuffled into the deck or in case of Nights Watch can more than 1 Agenda card be chosen to start with. Cheers Alan
  10. Hi, Was wondering if there was a house card specifically designed for a Nights Watch or Wildings deck and if so in which expansion it is contained? Thanks in advance Alan
  11. I'd think the damage would only apply if the Hummerhorn engages, not if you choose a player engagement.
  12. The original game, Jyhad/Vampire, was excellent but i lost track after many many expansions. Loved the clan set ups, sabbat etc. With a back to basics storyline Vampire could make an incredible LCG. Praying to the powers that be.
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