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  1. So any news on the expansion ?? Looks like it has been canceled...
  2. So I´m just dreaming, but wouldn´t it be great to get a big box with all investigators in a special hardcover design ... So it would be easy to store and transport the minis... My custom made box for the game and it´s expansions just hasn´t enough space for all components and the minis ...
  3. I agree with Bitva ... How could you possibly include an hobitt ?? Something like a lone wanderer who leaves the shire (just like bilbo) to battle foes ? If they don´t want to waste the game that charakter would be rather weak ... I however wonder if there aren´t any hobbit NPCs ... They could include some hobbits you meet in the Shire or even Bilbo somewhere on his one quest ... Your charakter then could aid his party for some nice bonuses ...
  4. count me in ... get the game from the boat
  5. I however fear that FantasyFlight will waste some of the story ... it would have been the best to wait for Gears3 ... just think of the end of the second part ... that way I also could save some money... There are so many hot games coming ... (Middle Earth Quest, Chaos in the Old World ...)
  6. How about a game like Tannhäuser ?!? No one mentions it here ?! I would prefer something rather new (no Doom and Descent) So why not make it a squad game like Space Hulk ? And Avalon Hill also got some 3D games like Star Wars The queens gambit. Although not a really good game it got a really nice idea with the three boards. Why not use it for Gears. While the heroes have to go underground like in the game there could be another board where humans battle locust rather with armies than single models ...
  7. Actually there is such a game It´s called "Zombies!!!!" from Twilight Creation. And they recently added an expansion /stand alone version called "Humans!!!!" where some players play zombies and others human survivors ... just like left for dead ... just without the license
  8. I completely agree. Just like the idea we had in the Fortress America Post in this Forum. There should be a modern warfare game. Why not make it a global conflict like in Tom Clany´s Endwar. Or make it a game police vs terrorists (yes I admit that would be Rainbow Six... so please Fantasy Flight Games give us a Tom Clancy Boardgame !! I also remember the great Red Storm Rising set in an alternative 80th world ... so its not too modern to cause some trouble ;o)
  9. Count me in !! I loved Fortress Amerika and always prefered it instead of Axis and Allies .... But I don´t think that MB is going to release any remakes soon ... Hope also for a new release of MB´s Shogun (later called Swords)
  10. Thanks ColtsFan. That makes sense !!
  11. Got here a rather stupid question .. But what is the sense of manning a viper and flying with it when you can control two vipers from the command center ?? What the frack am I missing ??
  12. I remember there beeing an expansion for the old GW Talisman where your hero travels in the future ... (featuring Space Marines and co ...) For my part I like it when the games stay in there time (of course with the exeption of games like Civilisation or History of the world) How about a Halo Game ??
  13. Are you for real ?! A Gears of War game ? Now that sounds interesting. Hopefully it won´t just become a DOOM-clone ...
  14. Man´o War !!!! But taking it from the table and putting it on a nice large board !!!! Of course featuring plastic miniatures (smaller than the original ones) so that it all goes into one big box and some expansions !!!
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