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  1. Are there any good Dust themed podcasts that talk about Warfare? Been needing something new to listen to while painting.
  2. Looks like the pictures are broken…
  3. What is the Rattler like? I do not have Zverograd so I didn't even know about those.
  4. I'm curious on what is in that airdrop list as I knew about pairing Rhino with a unit of Hammers.
  5. So I have been looking around the forums and I cannot get an idea what average Allied lists look like at 300AP. I have a tournament coming up and I was hoping to get some ideas to see what is competitive for the Allies. Aside from a Heavy Walker what are people using? I'm open to ideas as I have played very few games and would like a fighting chance.
  6. I walked away with a handful of each earlier this year from a local convention that Mack attended. I'll try to find them.
  7. I'm a veteran mini gamer with more years than I like to admit of gaming but running a campaign for this games is causing me some problems. Since I cannot seem to find any campaign rules and the fluff is far too lacking for me to make something up, I'm in quite a bind. My friends and I have wanted to do a campaign of some kind but just cannot figure out how. I'm asking for any advice from the community on trying to pull this off. Any tips or ideas are welcome.
  8. I went with an organization because I play games for fluffy reasons. I chose Empire and so I picked up Janus Faith, Yuri Olson, Danielle, Lillian Virgil, Claire to go with the models I first bought. I started with a light starter and Kujaku Hime because she is a really cool model. I managed to pick a few others from an event, Alis Testarrosa and Fallen Angel Dinah. My best advice to start is to pick a faction(light, dark, unaligned) and buy what you like.
  9. I have Dinah, Lillian, and Danielle if you really want them. Just let me know and I'll post them for ya.
  10. With the quick start rules in the starter and the two addendums it is enough to keep the game playable until the full scale rules are released. I'm more interested in the fluff and other goodies than some optional or expanded rules. While the more complete rules are very important the web extras have satisfied me for now. I demand my fluff!
  11. He pretty much summed it up. As to why do certain models cost more well It has more to do with the molded detail and pure pewter content. I have worked for several game companies and that is what it boils down to. Most companies don't raise the price on a model because it is powerful rules wise but effort and material.
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