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  1. I know a lot has already been said, so no point in repeating ideas. I will say this. I am greatly impressed by the overall attitudes of X-Wing players. I have been playing games for many years, and have played in World Level Tourney's in a few CCGs, I have seen many types of players. Congratz to all of you that show wonderful sportsmanship. If its a bad shuffle in a CCG deck or the roll of the dice in X-Wing, you have to control your fate. You will NEVER eliminate the element of chance. That is what makes it a game. That lucky shot, your the life saving evade. I am by far NOT the best player. But I play with Capt'n Scrappy and Hothie and I learn every match from them. They beat me pretty bad, but I get better each time. And that is what you should do, learn from your loss. I teach my son that losing is more important than winning. Don't get me wrong, winning is the goal. But if you keep winning, you have less of a chance to grow. And then sooner or later, you will be beat. But if you take a loss and really look at what happened, you will soon come face to face with Paul and blow him apart. I know I have my sights set on Sunny, but that is personal. Keep flying casual, boys. Remember, it is only a game if you are having fun, then its work.
  2. Saw the News package. Great job, Sunny. Sorry I could not be there. I love events like this, shows that people can use what they love to try and make a difference.
  3. Excellent Epic play. I do enjoy Epic. But I still prefer my Doom Transport. just need to find a better way to protect it.
  4. To clarify, If Lt Blount fires a Ion Pulse Missile, is he sure to get his target ionized? The Missile states that if it hits, the target receives 1 damage the ion tokens. So even if all hits are cancelled, Lt. Blount still hits.
  5. Just to throw this in as well. What if a Huge ships overlaps a ship with APL? The Huge ship rules use the work "immediately". Would the APL get a shot off before the ship gets demolished? I know what i think, just want to get a ruling as well. This is waht I get for using a Medium Transport as a battering ram.
  6. Having played in many tournaments for many different games, a subtle but good way to help prevent this activity is to inform the T.O. that you suspect a player of cheating. Suggest he watch a match with the suspected player. This will either catch the offender at his game, or make him really nervous that someone is watching him so he stops. Also, if this is a regular player to your tournaments, as a Judge, I always found it fun to state at the beginning that cheating is not tolerated and anyone caught doing it would be given 1 warning only then removed from the game on a second offense.
  7. Ok, coming from somone who flies Kyle, Roark, and Garvin; I think my head just popped a little there. I do have to say that Kyle with Recon Spec and a Blaster Turret on the Crow, Roark with a Blaster Turret and Saboteur, and Garvin with Adv. Protons is a nice combo. Assuming that I get to use my focus tokens. CURSE YOU NEW TIE INTERCEPTOR!!!
  8. Well, I am trying to get a league going. So maybe we can get some tournaments going as well.
  9. Well, I will give you my memories as well. As stated, I flew against CommanderScrappy first. Yes, he feared my missiles. But considering that my Adv. Protons only scored 1 hit, I was not off to a good start. Halfway through the game, he remembered how I flew. We had a 3 turn bottleneck between 2 rocks, with his Firespray trying to push through. Game 2 was against Lynn. She flew well. I got off some good hits and had my B-Wing chase down her Firespray. While our other ships began picking each other off, her Y-Wing came from behind my B-Wing, Ioning it into oblivion. Seriously, 5 or 6 turns in a row. Could not turn to get away. Game 3 was against Marty. We had a bomber fight for a while. Had to dodge his proximity mine. But my B-wing finally scored a 5 hit attack with his Adv Protons right in Marty's B-Wing. Jousted him into rubble. That may have been the turning point in the game, netting me my only win of the day. All in all, was a blast. But Kyle is waiting in the Crow. Waiting for Store Championships. Who will face him??
  10. Come and fly with us. Just don't follow me to close. I tend to run into things.
  11. Have a store that is looking to start an LCG Game night. Any Players in the Ames & Des Moines area?
  12. We need to practice. Without that, I fly into rocks.
  13. Sounds like a plan to me. See y'all there.
  14. Yes, it is on a Sunday. Have you been to Ames before? Let us know if you need directions.
  15. Would love to bring my fleet to Iowa City sometime.
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