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  1. Hey everyone. Joey Kreins here, aka Devastacia, from the Bay Area, California group. Much like John Deatrick/Fieras did months ago, I have decided to auction off all of the promo items that I have from the game. I will post pictures and starting prices on all of the items. The auction will be a silent auction and I will take bids at my email address of joeykreins@gmail.com. Please submit bids with "AGOT Auction" as the topic. The auction will run until Saturday April 5th and 12:00pm Pacific Time. Whoever submitted the highest bid for each item will win. $5 flat shipping will be added to every item within the U.S., but if you win multiple items I will combine them for the same shipping cost. International bids are okay, but I will have to calculate shipping based on location (I'll only charge exactly what the post office will charge me). Payment can be arranged when the auction is over, but I would prefer PayPal. If you have any questions about any items, feel free to drop me a note. Good luck to all bidders! 2012 Regionals Playmat (Has been folded/rolled but still in great condition) Minimum bid $15 http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/phoenixember_photos/20140327_171014.jpg Custom 2012 KublaCon Wood House Cards (Full set, all six houses) Minimum bid $50 http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/phoenixember_photos/20140327_170806.jpg Custom 2012 KingdomCon Wood House Cards (Not Stamped with KingdomCon 2012) Minimum bid $50 http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/phoenixember_photos/20140327_170635.jpg Custom 2012 KingdomCon Wood Baratheon House Card (Stamped with KingdomCon 2012) Minimum Bid $10 http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/phoenixember_photos/20140327_170843.jpg Official FFG 2012 Regionals Double Sided Wood House Cards (Greyjoy/Targaryen, Lannister/Martell, Baratheon/Stark, small crack in the Lannister/Martell one) Minimum Bid $25 http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/phoenixember_photos/20140327_170721.jpg http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/phoenixember_photos/20140327_170706.jpg Frameless Valar Morghulis and Daenerys Targaryen League Cards Minimum Bid $10 http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/phoenixember_photos/20140327_170909.jpg Custom 2011 KublaCon Martell Wood House Card Minimum Bid $10 http://i201.photobucket.com/albums/aa178/phoenixember_photos/20140327_170834.jpg
  2. It's not just Magic either. A YuGiOh kid recently got mugged outside my local store by one of his fellow players and got his cards stolen. They've actually had to threaten to stop holding YuGiOh events for reasons of theft, among other crazy reasons (one kid decided to throw chicken all over the store's gaming space).
  3. I can personally say that the California Meta is pretty damned amazing. The Midwest guys are pretty awesome too and i'm glad I've had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with many of them.
  4. /signed. I won't be posting on here again any time soon. It's out of control. Wish I could be in MN. Can't afford the trip this year. Don't envy the weather you'll have to deal with though.
  5. imrahil327 said: Having seen phoenixember's collection of kitten tails, I can confirm. I hate kittens. And if I can find the link, i'll happily post it. Unfortunately, I do have a life and a job, so I don't have all day to spend data mining the forums for it. If anyone else knows where it is, please by all means help me out here. I know i'm not the only one that's said as much.
  6. Bomb said: phoenixember said: dcdennis said: rings said: ….. but that doesn't give anyone some sort of right to make whatever [card] they want. …..isn't that EXACTLY what winning affords you? No, not "EXACTLY" the card they want. The card should still be balanced. Are you saying if I win a World Championship, I should be able to have something like Jaqen H'ghar printed without any power checking? It sounds like you are assuming designers do not check for power level of champion designed cards. I don't doubt that there is a lot of back and forth in an attempt to fit the card into the game and in an attempt to balance the card. Obviously if a champ wants to create a card that says "You claim 15 power. Cannot be canceled." then FFG will tell them to go pound sand and to submit a different idea. No, i'm not assuming that at all. I know the designers were part of the process. I also know the DC Meta has openly admitted in another thread to fudging the playtesting process to get this card printed as it is.
  7. dcdennis said: rings said: ….. but that doesn't give anyone some sort of right to make whatever [card] they want. …..isn't that EXACTLY what winning affords you? No, not "EXACTLY" the card they want. The card should still be balanced. Are you saying if I win a World Championship, I should be able to have something like Jaqen H'ghar printed without any power checking?
  8. finitesquarewell said: Very purposefully leaving alone the messy issues of opportunity cost and how to evaluate the printed and unprinted drawbacks on House of Dreams: (1) The most evident of the things I've learned in my time playing AGOT is that no individual player or group of players has any ability to consistently predict anything whatsoever about what the meta will look like more than eight or nine months from the present. And I mean no one: not the designers, not the playtesters; neither the world's most skilled competitive players and rules lawyers nor any otherwise intuitive collection of forums goers. From this viewpoint, the more predictive of the "worries" expressed about such a game-changing card as House of Dreams read as hubris at its most obvious. (2) Corey -- along with Dobbler, likely the most skilled player in the history of the game (and, outside of a brief period in summer 2011, likely the least caring) -- put immense effort into preparing for the 2011 AGOT World Championship, and his payoff was the game's most prestigious prize: an opportunity to design a card to his liking. He chose to create, in consultation with the game's designers, a card that attempts to push the game in a direction of his liking. If an individual finds the card he chose to design personally distasteful, I suggest that that player channel his or her displeasure into practicing the game, win a major championship title, and design a card that effectively counters House of Dreams, should the card be demonstrated to have a negative impact on the environment after the meta has a chance to adjust to its presence. Or, hell, even if it turns out not to be negative; win a world championship and work with the designers to take the game in some other direction that suits you. Attempting to sway the opinions of the tiny minority of FFG's AGOT customer base represented by us forums goers -- concerning a card that may very well be enjoyed by a less forums-vocal yet very large majority of players -- seems about as purposeful a mission as that of the truth-seeking troublemakers who started the Damon/Penfold thread. The already ridiculously lengthy and overwhelmingly positive discussion over on agotcards.org is some indication. Update: various edits for clarity TD;DR (Too Douchey, didn't read).
  9. I do think that having one more tiebreaker past the SoS would be good to specify for FFG, as this has come up in at least two major tournaments this year now…so either it's a major statistical anomaly, or it's a clear need. I think that with one additional level of tiebreak, you would probably cover 99.99% of tournaments. At that point, you leave it to TO's discretion.
  10. This is of course the best option only because FFG hasn't provided a sanctioned rating system. If we had sanctioned ratings, you could get into tiebreakers such as true strength of schedule, but that's not an option for us.
  11. We looked into this after this was an issue at KublaCon this year. This is what we could figure for the swiss tournament format. The first tiebreaker after SoS is head to head among players who are tied. This usually doesn't work in a large tournament because chances are those players didn't play each other. The next step is to do a weighted score for each player's tournament. Essentially the way it works is like this…you score points for each round you win, and you continue to score those points in the subsequent rounds. This gives an emphasis to players who win their earlier matches. For example… In a four round tournament, player A wins their first match (3 points), wins their second match (3 points, plus 3 points from the previous win to gain 6 points this round), wins their third match (3 + 3 + 3 = 9 points this round), and loses their fourth (3 + 3 + 3 + 0 = 9 points this round) giving them a total weighted score of 27 points. Player B wins the first round (3), loses the second round (3), wins the third round (6), and wins the fourth round (9), giving them a total weighted score of 21 points. Player A gets the tiebreaker with the higher weighted score of 27 over Player B's 21 because they won their matches earlier in the tournament. This is the system that chess tournaments using the Swiss tournament format use, and it's what i'll use going forward in any tournaments I run. Hope this helps. Joey Kreins
  12. Thank you for the support here ktom. I'm tired so i'll keep this short and simple. My decisions to re-seed were based on three things. One, FFG's rules don't explicitly say not to do so. Two, the sports I watch re-seed for playoffs. Three, Magic tournaments re-seed, and I used to be a Magic judge. As I've said, I've now found out I was in error and shouldn't have re-seeded. I won't re-seed in the future. But no, I dont think we need pages upon pages of rules how to do nine levels of tiebreakers. This isn't Magic. There's no pro tour. The biggest thing on the line in AGOT is a trophy and the right to design a card. Therefore, I think leaving it up to TO's discretion is more than enough of an explanation how to handle it at that point.
  13. Unfortunately, somewhere between the Convention Center and home, the deck lists from Kubla have been lost. This means I won't be able to do any sort of official tournament breakdown of the houses, agendas, restricted cards, etc. Sorry guys.
  14. Being the Kubla TO for the Joust, here's my response to this. A third level of tiebreakers shouldn't need to be announced beforehand. The chances of that happening were very miniscule. Should I have announced a fourth, fifth and sixth level of tiebreakers too? I went based on FFG's guidelines for tiebreakers, and then did the best I could with what was a very difficult situation afterwards. I think it worked out well in the end. All three players involved in the three way tie got their shot at it, and two of the three ended up in the final game. As for the re-seeding vs. bracket, yes, that was my mistake. I did not realize that was FFG's specific guidelines, and I come from years of running tournaments as a Magic judge where the procedure was to re-seed after rounds. In future tournaments I will run it bracket style. That being said, I don't think it really matters, because if you're going to be the champion, you should be able to beat whoever was put in front of you, as you did Fieras.
  15. I'll post a full tournament report tonight or tomorrow.
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