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  1. So do we know what the official ruling on this is? Because I always thought it was just the player's attack value, but now I'm not too sure.
  2. Kiro13 said: oh okay didnt know that I always thought Tarzan was a part of disney lol Umm I told you all of this lol. But I guess you didn't beleive me haha =^.^=
  3. haha yea I agree with all your picks. Except pirates aren't that amazing . But yes the new Jack Skellington in a Santa outfit is pretty sweet.
  4. haha I agree it just doesn't make sense to be able to put another FC ontop of an existing one because of many of the arguments already presented above.
  5. Yea there are always ways to get around different cards, you just gotta be prepared for 'em. LOL Trothael I just read your Signature =^.^=
  6. Well like I said I don't think I have anything you want, unless you want a Vivi, Fuu, Olette, Dusk, or Samurai.
  7. Like I said... you're gonna want to take the ten kittens deal... or else you'll never get this chance again =^.^=. Umm. I don't think I really have anything that you would want for those Leons. But I was kidding about the SRU's haha; I'm pretty sure I don't have anything you would want.
  8. Do you have Leons????? I have ten kittens for trade for whatever you're willing to trade (I'm hoping for all your SRU's, but if you give me an offer I'll see what I can do) =^.^=
  9. What about the new Kairi and Selphie?
  10. Anthony Rodriguez (Catmaninja) Recently I have come across this game and decided to give it a try because I loved the video game. So I searched for places to meet people who also played this game. I haven't found a single store nearby that has people who play this game or even sells these cards. It would be in the best interest for both the players of this game and the company if there was more support and advertising for this game because the company would make more money and the players would get to play and meet other people who share a common interest. Since playing this game I have made friends with some of the people in this community, and I'm very glad I did because that's the whole point of a card game to meet new people, develop friendships, and have fun. If this game had more support from its owner think of the potential friendships that could be made between players. It would be a great thing if this community grew so big that people could connect with others easily all over the country (or even world) and become friends through a card game.
  11. Cool! Yea the text doesn't matter much to me in determining whether I like a card or not. But Kairi (Set 4), Sora lvl3 (Set 4), and Yuffie (Set4) are pretty nice too =^.^=
  12. Yea that's nice, and I really like the art of the new one lol.
  13. Not really any specific card mainly just wishing that the card's texts were more specific so that there couldn't be 20 different possible interpretations of the same thing, of course there are always those occurances that are unexpected, but it's a little ridiculous when many cards are so misleading.
  14. Another card I really like is Alice, not sure why.
  15. Wow you did?! Awesome two from the same store.
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