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  1. Ronin_108

    Capital Boards (homemade)

    Man, they look awesome! Would you mind providing the digital template and files? I'd like to give it a go myself. :-)
  2. Ronin_108

    Doors of Karak Hirn

    What effect do you exactly mean – possibility to attack or inability to attack? I'm also curious, if I use For Ulthuan! and one part of my units burn the second zone, can I attack the protected one? How mechanics of Karak Hirn work? I cannot declare the zone as attacked or else? And basically, what is the point, if your other 2 zones are burning - you loose. You don't loose if you're playing multiplayer, cataclysm style.
  3. So essentially you'd never have to sacrifice any development with Alith Anar. Seems kind of pointless to have the sacrifice option there at all...
  4. Ronin_108

    Doors of Karak Hirn

    As soon as you play the card I presume. Or did you mean something else?
  5. Can we look at our developments any time we like? Some cards seem to allude to the fact that you shouldn't be allowed to look at your developments. i.e. Alith Anar Action: When this legend attacks, turn target development you control faceup. If it is a [High Elf] unit with Ambush, trigger its ability as if it just ambushed and declare it as an attacker. Otherwise, sacrifice it. I just don't see the risk here if you're always able to know what your developments are. In the past I thought you could check whenever you want...but I'm not so sure now?
  6. One more time this is not hydra's effect which lasts until the end of the turn. Anyways let's wait for an official response like we did for GtW and repair the waystones. I would have though that we're missing the all important "comma" in the sentence. It says quite clearly that when the Toxic Hyrda comes into play, all units in corresponding zone get -2 HP. The way I read it is that the trigger for the effect is when it comes into play any exisitng units will suffer the -2hp but after that it shouldn't matter beacuase the initial trigger point is not going to happen again. i.e. the hydra won't enter play again but the end of turn effect will apply to all the existing units that were there at the time Hydra entered play. My 2 cents :-)
  7. Does anyone know if the new release format of 3 expansions a year instead of monthly battlepacks that is happenning to Warhammer Invasion is going to happen to any other Fnatasy Flight LCG's? I really like the new format and if it happenning to others, I may be picking up a few more LCG's from Fantasy Flight!
  8. So just to make things clear. The above posted rules are the official rules from FFG or not?
  9. Ronin_108

    The Glittering Tower

    There's another thread on this issue and that one still doesn't have a ruling on it. (Lots of opinions though...) Our group plays it as the trigger being the unit being healed, so each unit healed regardless of how they were healed gets to assign a point of damage.
  10. Basically in a free for all game it's just clockwise in terms of gameplay. In a 2v2, let assume P1 and P2 are in team A and P3 and P4 are in Team B. The turn order is P1, P3, P2 and P4. First turn rules: P1 can't draw and can't attack as per the normal rules. P3 can draw and can't attack P2 can draw and can't attack P4 can draw and attack We applay the same rules to free for all as well with regards to drawing and attacking. Basically the first player can't draw and attack, the last player can draw and attack and everyone in between can only draw on the first turn. Also the in 2v2. we require that 4 zones in total need to be burning before victory and if three zones are burning for one of the players, they still keep playing. In free for all, the standard rules of two zone work fine still. The cards are really well designed for multiplayer games and we're working on trying to get somegood multiplayer formats going. I think FFG did mean to make a multiplayer format but they just haven't gotten around to it. Hope that is of some help. Ohh and the toilets flush in the direction that it sprays out in. The Coriolis Effect doesn't make any difference to something as small as a toilet...An Urban Myth that has gotten out of control! :-)
  11. What are your guys thoughts on being able to use Mortella to play a High Elf Disdain tactic to cancel another tactic just played? High Elf Disdain does say to cancel a tactic "just" played. Technically speaking after you use Mortella's action, you've added another event to the stack of actions. However Mortella's action isn't a tactic so the last tactic played could still be cancelled maybe? The only thing I can think of is that it wasn't "just" played so you wouldn't be able to cancel it?
  12. With our group we've also done the burn 4 zones for victory in a 2v2 situation. We also make sure that the team is either order or destruction. Having order and destruction decks in the same team leads to really powerful situations which unbalance the game a bit. In a 3 or more free for all scenario we've approaced it via the attack to the left defend from the right only. This way we make sure no one gets picked on. With regard to spells, tactics, forced effects etc, anyone can targert any opponent as long as it's legal targets etc. We have found the above method works really well. Although I have to say that I hate it when I'm sitting on the left of an orc or scaven player!
  13. Hi All, Any warhammer players in Hamilton, New Zealand that would like to expand their group of Warhammer Invasion players? Or any new players in Hamilton wanting to find some games? I'm trying to see if any warhammer Invasion players from Hamilton skulk around these forums. We've got three or 4 people at the moment and talking to our local store (MK1), there are couple of other groups that buy Invasion cards as well in Hamilton. If anyone from Hamilton or (Tauranga) is keen then send me a message or email and we could try to organise something.