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  1. Check out this one as well if you haven´t because...."they´ve got a Cave Troll!!" http://www.bornofhope.com/FilmDailymotion.html Seriously, amazing what some people can do out of their love for this books.
  2. conykchameleon said: Everyone else: It looks like we lost the greatest LOTR LCG player there will ever be. And before he could enlighten us about his amazing techniques. Honestly, I would have loved to read some more details about how he made it. I still give him the benefit of the doubt, which seems it might stay for ever now that he left us. Definitely not the game for him, I guess. @Servant of the secret fire : When resolving shadow effects ignore everything but the shadow effect. I believe I got that pretty clear watching the introductory videos, if I remember correctly.
  3. Claiming to have won the three scenarios in a row with the same deck the first time you try the game sounds like an impressive strike of luck to me or some inportant rule being overlooked, according to my own experience with the game and the reports I am reading from everyonw trying out this game solo. Noffense on my side here, really. Just a bit skeptical. It would be great if you could post a little bit more detail After Action Report of how you beat the third quest. Which event cards you used to beat the Nazgul so fast for example? How to quest so fast at the begining with just two heroes and a limited resource pool? Maybe we would all learn some tricks we have been overlooking, who knows...
  4. scottindeed said: I just beat this quest ligitimately with a solo deck! I used the pure Lore deck (with three Gandalfs). With the imprisoned hero, I figured it best to go with a single sphere so that the effect on your resource and card play isn't as severe. My imprisoned hero was Denethor, but we eventually managed to get through to rescue him. I gave Gandalf's map to Beravor to get to the second quest card, which ment she would be used purely for questing from now on. Once I had Denethor (and a few allies by this time), I was using his ability every turn to look at the quest deck. Most of the time I would keep the card, but use the knowledge he provides to plan my questing and defending strategy. I saw off the Nazgul in short order thanks to Gandalf inflicting 4 damage and my heroes seeing him off in combat. Luckily he didn't draw any Shadow Effect so he didn't pick off an Ally. Once I had done all 15 progress on the second quest card I had to decide who to give the remaining Objectives to. Luckily Glorfindal had Self Preservation by this time, so he could off-set the damage done by the Shadow Key every turn. Denethor got the Torch. In the final stage of the quest I had two Forest Snares to trap the two Dungeon Jailors that were hanging around. I had to just commit to the Quest as best I could (still using Denethor to peak at the deck). The Torch Objective ment I only had about three more turns to win. The Orc tokens that appeared I absorbed either undefended or with an Ally card. I also had Protector of Lorien, but I insisted on playing how I think it is intended, as once per round. Congrats!! Great to see someone finnally made it. Interesting. The time I made it further in this quest was also with full Lore deck and Denethor as prisoner. I am afraid if you get Glorfindel as Prisioner you might as well reshuffle and start over.... I agree with you that a mono sphere seems to ease the burden of the prisoner mechanic a bit. And Protector of Lorien can definitely be played as many times as you spend cards on it. Higher difficulty if you limited that way. Kudos to you. One or two core sets, by the way?
  5. Defnitely random prisoner is a huge impact to a solo deck. So much, I actually end up chosing which Hero is the Prisoner since otherwise is a sure loss as you point out (not that I have managed to beat this scenario at all anyway). Wish they had another mechanic, but cannot think which. It works fine for multi player though, since the impact is not so final.
  6. Entropy42 said: Acererak said: There is only one way I am aware of to beat this quest in solo mode with just one deck : play the nightmare level challenge. I'm still trying to get this cleared up, but I'm fairly sure you don't get to keep things that you've played to the table. When you find some form of official answer please let us know. Until then, it´s open to debate, I guess. Since you don´t reshuffle your card deck, it would be next to impossible if you also had to discard your allies and attachments. Which on top of that, would not be very consistent with having to keep your wounds and threat level.... I am playing NOT drawing a new card hand of six in between adventures and keeping my Resources, although neither of this is covered in the rules. I tried it with three players and all three adventures were a cake walk. Solo, it´s a different story, and highly recommended. In any case, this mode needs some reworking and clarification, as I can see great future once new cycle starts coming out. Probably some special rules will be needed as well.
  7. Fieras said: I havent even seen victory points yet. Guess I havent been looking hard enough. Check the Troll card, for example. And one Location (Gladden Fields) does give them too! Missed that one myself!
  8. There is only one way I am aware of to beat this quest in solo mode with just one deck : play the nightmare level challenge. If you do well, you will arrive to the last quest with Allies and Attachments on the table which will be crucial to survive. No easy feat (specially managing Threat), but with a good deck constructed, possible. And loads of fun. Of course, there is some debate about what to reset and whatnot in between quests, since rules are a bit vague in explaining this mode. Hopefully, more details will be added in the future, since the game enters a whole new level, believe me. Your Heroes actually evolve! Otherwise, the huge penalties for a solo player that the prisoner mechanic, the Objective cards penalties and the Surge monsters put on you are by all means unbearable.
  9. pumpkin said: Right, that's it. I quit! Seems this one will run and run until the official FAQ is released. I'll leave the answer as it is in the unofficial FAQ, because currently in English, both cards say After, and so both effects should occur at the same time, in theory. I bet at some point in the future we'll end up playing with the German version of the cards, though.... On the other hand, Spanish version says exactly the same as English one. Both cards use the same wording, so we have exactly the same confusion.
  10. wookie78 said: Finally plucked up the courage to attempt the Escape from Dol Guldur scenario solo and got absolutely nailed!! (Think I'll be leaving this one well alone until I get a few more super useful player cards via the monthly adventure packs). Whilst playing however, a couple of questions arose with regards to the handling of objective cards. 1) What happens to an objective card when an enemy guarding it engages a player? Does the objective card remain in the staging area or remain attached to the enemy (and therefore considered to be no longer in the staging area)? I assume the latter but the rules are not explicit. 2) The Dungeon Jailor card (can't recall exact name / spelling) can result in objective cards leaving the staging area and being shuffled into the encounter deck. What happens if the objective card is later drawn as a shadow card? Does it go in the discard pile (therefore a long wait until it can be claimed) or does it go into the staging area? If you feel better, I have tried countless times and failed miserably every one of them. This mission solo (with just one deck) is next to impossible. Hoping to hear differently from anyone. I have a plan that might work, but yet testing it. Your questions : 1. Rules cover everything about guarded cards in p.24. They keep attached to the card guarding it until you eliminate it, when they go to staging area to be claimed, according to their own rules in the card. 2. I had the same question a while ago when started trying and general consensus semed to agree that the Objective card, if drawn as Shadow card, goes to Discard Pile, so this is something you definitely want to avoid. If you have Dungeon Jailor on the table, better claim those cards asap.
  11. Apophenia said: Hummerhorns suck, I suggest calling upon the aid of a great wizard to deal with them. Or from the Rohirrim Dunhere, if he happens to be around.
  12. CAlexander said: Titan said: Not at all, in fact, Legolas killed a bunch of enemies. He is one of the reasons the play area was cleared of them. But there were a ton of locations out. I had to keep exploring them, to lower the threat on the staging area. I had one Gondolin Blade on him, but never drew the other. Unfortunately, he mostly spent himself on the locations. But if he hadn't, my threat would gone up even faster. Response: After Legolas participates in an attack that destroys and enemy, place 2 progress tokens on that current quest. Unfortunately that doesn't work - per his card text Legolas only puts progress tokens on quests. Rules, P.15 Travel Any progress tokens that would be placed on a quest card are instead placed on the active location. The "any" part seems to override Legolas ability (and his text does not mention an exception either), so I would say they do go to active Locations first. Still, with the Blades, some help from Thalin and Gimli questing when available (if allies can handle the defense job) Tactics might progress in questing with Legolas ability when soloing. A unusual surge of Locations might drown them in Threat, that is also true.
  13. Titan said: By the time my threat had rose to 50, most of the encounter deck was spent and the playing area had been cleared of all enemies. You had Legolas on sick leave or something? With two Gondolin Blades on him he can place 4 progress per round on quests. About the only way Tactics can properly quest at the moment.
  14. I think your decision is quite valid, and from a gameplay perspective auto balances itself, so to speak. You have less cards in your deck which is usually better (your combo cards will come faster and more often) but on the other hand, you have less copies of each and thus, less chances to play them during a game. So I don´t see a major need of getting both cores unless you really like to start deck building with tournament rules in mind. For a four players games I also think the same. The game escalates in difficulty backwards as well, the more players, the easiest it is. So having less powerful decks (one core mono sphere starter decks) balances this fact a bit. The problem might come if you would like to deckbuild (multi sphere decks) AND have three or four players. Then I would strongly recommend getting the second copy of the game.
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