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    Lucius Valerius reacted to WalkinDude in Forbidden Lore: An unofficial supplement by Nathan "N0-1_H3r3" Dowdell   
    To anyone still scouring the web in search of the supplement: I found it.
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    Lucius Valerius reacted to Terraneaux in Request: Update the darn Errata   
    So, now that what is likely to be the full suite of books for the line is out, there are still a lot of things in the *core* book that could use clarification or rulings.  Here's hoping someone can do that work.  
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    Lucius Valerius got a reaction from [S]ir[B]ardiel in [Heresy Inside]Redeem tools   
    In theory it is. Both the Gauntlets of Ultramar and the axe Morkai were both taken from Chaos Champions.
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    Lucius Valerius reacted to Radwraith in What OW Supplements would you like to see?   
    Looking at the "Shield of the Humanity" thread got me thinking...(Yeah,yeah..I know it's hard to believe! ) What OW supplements would we like to see?
    For me a couple come to mind:
    The Imperial Navy: Not so much rules for starships (Though RT tie-ins would be useful) but rather rules for IN fighter and bomber squadrons, (Marauder and thunderbolt fighters,) cleaned up rules for dogfighting and aerial combat and finally, Actual rules for waterborne vehicles.
    The Adeptus Astartes: Not so much DW but rules for taking the characters from Initiate (Scout typically) up through Veteran (Where DW takes over.) Additionally, Updated rules for OW compliant SM vehicles (The DW versions are way OP compared to OW) and Ideally, RT stats for SM Starships.
    What else?
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    Lucius Valerius reacted to Morangias in Dark Heresy 2.0, or Dark Heresy 1.5?   
    Can we please not delude ourselves into thinking this poll has any meaning at all?
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    Lucius Valerius reacted to borithan in Sniper Rifle seems a little bit broken   
    Since Deathwatch (and maybe ROgue Trader) Called Shots were changed to their own Full-Round Action, rather than just being a -20 penalty. They seem to have wanted to continue making Called Shot's harder with this version then, However, that change made Called Shots terrible (particularly in Black Crusade and Only War, where standard shots were +10, and all attack actions were otherwise half actions).
    Of course there will be. It is an FFG game, and to make matters worse it originated from a game developed by GW, the two worst major games companies for rules inconsistencies and proof reading.
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    Lucius Valerius reacted to SublimeShadow in [First Impressions]: Negatives   
    Its easy to House Rule (as I'm sure most will) but the idea that rolling a 9 on the damage die with a sniper rifle head shot and having talents like Eye of Vengeance and Crippling Shot still doesn't kill a human is silly. The operator-type characters who double tap in the upper torso with precision fire are overshadowed by low skill characters who just spray.
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